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Comment 30 Dec 2019

I'm guessing the reason for #3 was due to the fact we weren't scoring when we got closer. Take your shot when you have a higher probability of getting it. That's also how Day has called plays all year. Once they get past the 50 and it's 1st down he takes a shot. Still have 3 downs to get a 1st. You have a point with the time but ultimately you need points to have a chance.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I get it for other schools to pull the views but for OSU they're going to get views no matter what. If it's the best game of the day people are going to watch let alone if it's OSU playing in it. Plus when you can't hear the announcers because the stadium is that loud it brings a smile to my face. You don't get that with noon games unless it's THE GAME.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I am well aware that they are not legally affiliated. I was referencing the fact that I think almost everyone comes here to read about OSU. I also understand that in this specific article he was referencing Bosa being in GoT. I wouldn't have an issue with it if it wasn't referenced in other things. Such as on the dubcast where they spend 20mins just talking about it. Yes I turn it off when they start into that but I rather hear them talk about OSU sports or sports in general than a show that I don't care about.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Happy he had a good showing. Like I told my sister though(who's a Cards fan) I wouldn't pick him. Between his family history of injuries and I didn't care for how he left after TCU. I know it's not a well liked opinion but all well. With how many good DL there are in this draft why take the chance. If you're going off straight production yes pick him. If you're looking for someone you'll have for 10+ yrs then I don't see it happening with him.