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Comment 01 Aug 2019

There’s nothing wrong with this kids character. He has never been in trouble for anything. He lost his grandfather who was his father figure not too long ago and is working through that pain. His first interest is art not football but he understands he can secure his financial future through football and puts the work in to be elite and does fine in the classroom. He is interested in going away for college and the people around him seem to think that will be the case. His Alabama comment has a reason behind it. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Just wanted to share something I heard today concerning the rb situation. If Bijan goes with Texas, tOSU will very likely get an official this fall from Zach Evans. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

If I recall correctly, ZS actually retracted the “done deal” statement in a subsequent podcast and stated he didn’t know anything other than UM getting certified mail from USC and a certified letter mailed to USC. Zach grew up in Dublin and everyone almost literally knows everyone else that grew up there so knowing someone that works for the local USPS is pretty normal. 

Comment 04 Jul 2019

OMG the sky is falling! What could we possibly do with a three star OL? Oh wait two 3 star OL went in the 1st round of this years draft and both were lower rated then any tOSU OL recruit this class. Same thing with the 2018 draft. And for all those who are saying “Urban would’ve never taken a chance on these guys” you are full of sh!t. Brady Taylor, Marcelys Jones, Tim Gardner, Pat Elflein, Branden Bowen, Kevin Feder, Grant Schmidt, Jack Wohlabaugh and Gavin Cupp were all 3 star OL that Urban recruited. How about Chris Olave? Also 3 stars. Sometimes the ignorance on this sight is astounding (I’m not trying to call you out specifically bb1968). Clemson has only signed two 5 star OL since Dabo has been there and still has 2 nattys. The area where the recruiting services are least accurate is the OL. Development is the key not stars. Happy 4th everyone!

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Read some of Jordan James’ past articles. You’ll eventually come to the conclusion that he is a complete moron who doesn’t know anything about sports and then wonder how he came to be employed at 247 instead of writhing about how gingerbread house recipes for Martha’s Living. 

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Antonio Brown was taken in the 6th round. What do think was his “projected ceiling”? His ceiling is whatever he is willing to work to reach not anyone else’s imaginary limit or ceiling. Because you or anyone else is unable see past that doesn’t mean he cannot. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

When did I say technique is based only on effort? Don’t cherry pick my statement mid sentence. You had no response to the beginning of the sentence when I stated he routinely showed a lack of effort in games because you know it is a fair assessment. I agree people learn and develop at different rates but Rashan rarely goes to any move other than a bull rush in passing situations. The fact that he has not developed a spin, swim, uppercut, elbow control, etc. show that in three years he has not developed his technique. That comes down to one of three things; coaching, comprehension or effort. That is a paraphrase from a friend who works for the Buccaneers organization, it’s written in their scouting report on him. I’ve never said he lacks work ethic, I don’t know him and have never been around him, so it isn’t my place to judge. I do, however, know that his lack of progression is a concern and the people in the NFL will question everyone who has interacted with him to determine why that is. That said his athleticism is incredible and if he puts it all together he will be a force. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

The biggest issue with Rashan Gary is that he should be the best player in the draft but no one outside of his mother & himself actually believe he is in fact the best. Besides DK Metcalf he might be the most physically gifted athlete in this years class. I don’t know what kind of effort he puts in behind closed doors but he routinely showed a lack of effort on game day in college and from season to season did not show the kind of technical improvement that is expected of someone with his physical gifts. That is indicative that he didn’t put 100% effort into his college career. Perhaps in the NFL things will be different. If his technique and motor (which is not a gift but a testament to a persons effort, drive and will, which are self controlled not genetic “gifts”) were equivalent to Nick Bosa’s then I don’t think there would be any doubt that Gary would be the first player taken in the draft. As physical as football is, it is truly a mental game at its highest levels and to be successful your mentality on and off the field will dictate your success. 

Comment 16 Feb 2019

I like where your heads at 67. Grass causes cows to fart but it’s actually the feed made from corn (which they don’t naturally eat) that causes them to produce methane. Keep that under your hat though. I like my bourbon & don’t want them to try and get rid of that too.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Used Kids Records on Summit St just south of Hudson & Lost Weekend Records on High St in Clintonville just north of campus. Your welcome & welcome to the family.

Do some serious homework on Kendall Milton btw. My stepfathers best friend (both RIP now) was a scout for the Buckeyes from Earl Bruce to Urban Meye,r until he passed in 2015. Told me Urban to tOSU was a done deal a couple of months before the speculation started. He scouted some of our best running backs (names we all know) before they were big names some even before they hit high school. Used to play me tape of Bo Jackson (who he said was “A running back designed by God”) and compare all the kids he scouted to Bo’s tape. Kendall on film is the closest I’ve seen to Bo. Dale would have loved watching his film and trekking out to Cali to see him in person. 

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Good to see Bowen getting it in as well after all those surgeries. If he’s healthy and in game shape that is a huge boost to offensive line depth. Plus him and his fiancé are expecting soon so that should motivate him to earn his starting spot back and work on that bigger payday. 

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Don’t know how much you pay attention to recruiting but the 2021 Ohio class is absolutely ridiculous. The top 15 players have a rating of .9558 or higher right now, with two 5 stars in the Columbus area. Only Florida & Texas top Ohio for top quality players in that cycle. Bringing in Mattison & Washington will lock down the state like Tress did & Day will continue the national approach that Urban instituted. Every cycle will be different but Day doesn’t want to have to fight so hard for local talent, he wants to get them locked in quickly so their can be more attention paid to the elite kids they’re targeting from out of state with homegrown kids being early class leaders similarily to Jalen Gill’s senior season. 

Comment 30 Dec 2018

Actually this seemed more like Michigan arrogance to me. Milton went out of bounds on Florida’s side and decided on jawing to the dbs for some reason. Your the 3rd string qb & your team is getting blown up. Humble people would keep their mouths shut, but that’s not the Michigan man way. 

Comment 25 Dec 2018

I find this interesting and a fair barometer of the potential that recruits have. If you do any more of these might I suggest adding the university attended and a spot of proofreading ; ) I’ve never cared for the “voting” on comments or threads & have never partaken in either up or down voting anything but I’m changing that stance, if only momentarily, to show you the interest in this is real and that you did some good work with it. 

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Imagine a runner of J.T. Barrett caliber with the arm potential of Dwayne Haskins in one package and you have Justin Fields. His natural ability far exceeds any ther qb on the roster if DH departs for the NFL. There is a great deal more to playing qb beyond athletic talent though & many believe Tate possesses those other traits that will make him great at the position. Would be interesting to see that battle in the spring for the starting spot between those two highly rated players. A lot of UGA fans thought Fields should have taken over the starting spot from Fromm the same way Trevor Lawrence got the chance over Kelley Bryant at Clemson. 

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Where do you come up with your shit? The QS World Rankings have tOSU at the 89th best over all university in the world. Georgia comes in at 431. Times Higher Education rankings have Ohio State at 71 & Georgia in the 401-500 range. The Wall Street Journal put tOSU at 21st and UGA at 54th in America. So who’s ranking UGA a better university than tOSU?

Comment 10 Dec 2018

The class is ranked 9 with 15 commits per 247 composite with a 92.24 player average which ranks third. Every school above the Buckeyes have at least 19 commitments except for OU who is eighth. If either Harrison or Wright sign the class is pushing close to the top 5 if they sign both it’s top 3 without any big pickups late (like Petit-Frere). This will be a top 5 class when it’s all over on NSD. Urban is leaving us with an overflowing cupboard including the 2 ever highest rated player average classes of 94.59 & 94.29. If the Senator can score top five classes with regularity then I have little doubt Ryan Day will be able to to so after learning from Urban, one of the best to ever do it. 

Comment 05 Dec 2018

It’s only a war when both sides put up a fight, if not, it’s known as a slaughter or massacre. If Coach Day continues the success of his predecessor against ttun it becomes genocide.