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Comment 04 Dec 2016

it already has.  The committee has stated 100 times that it's a tiebreaker and simply another opportunity to add another big win.

As far as the Big goes, I vote for make the tiebreaker highest ranked in the  CFP.  If Oklahoma had finished with one loss the Big might have been shut out this year ( 1 loss non champ OSU and 2 loss champ PSU)  bama-clemson-oklahoma-washington in that scenario.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

The other alternative is to go to four 16 team super conferences and break from the NCAA.   Two other 16 team conferences would form the B league.  Total of 96 teams

  • 12 game regular season with 9 conference and 3 cross over games.   
  • 4 best teams from each conference playoff to get to the 4 team super conference show down.
  • Middle 32 teams play a showcase game against another conference
  • Bottom 16 are relegated to the B league.

The only downside is the heavy risk that Scum ends up in the B league 50% of the time and screws up the rivalry.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I'd say go 6, get rid of conf champs and add an extra out of conference regular season game.   Everyone would love another regular season weekend of power 5's facing off.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

My favorite is the 6 team. Two teams get a bye.  Use all of the big bowls instead of rotating (teams that get a bye shouldn't make less money than teams that don't....assuming you go with the home stadium idea for rd 1).  No auto bids.  Best 6 teams.

This format has the potential to add 1 more game to the season for two teams (losers of rd 1 are the same as playing a bowl game, winners are the same as the teams that currently advance to the championship.  The only way they play 3 games is if they win the semi's too).  For this reason, you don't have to cut the regular season by a game.   The 8 team format gets you into the discussion about reducing the regular season by a game.   I think this is a non-starter because 128 teams losing a game is a huge financial hit.

This year would be OSU - BAMA on byes

Clemson - Washington (assuming win) as higher seed second rd 1 - closer venue geographically than 5-6 seeds

BIG winner, SCUM, Big 12, Colorado (assuming win) winner battle it out for 5-6

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Here are the buckets I see forming:

1) Bama - looks like they get in even with a loss at this point

2) OSU/Louisville - OSU in if they win out, Louisville in if OSU stumbles

3) Clemson/Louisville - Clemson in if they win out.  Louisville in if Clemson stumbles

4) Wisconsin/Michigan/PSU winner or Washington - I believe either the Big or Pac champ will skip past Louisville.

Basically, we will see one team from the BIG, SEC, and ACC.  The at large will be a 2nd BIG or Washington (2 loss champ from stronger conf vs 1 loss champ), or Louisville (only to replace Clemson or OSU)

My best guess:

1 Bama


3 Clemson

4 Wisconsin

Comment 13 Nov 2016
1) big tens first tiebreaker needs to be overall record if they value getting teams in the playoff. If the other conferences didn't suck so much this year, this could have kept the big ten out entirely. 2) the winner of the big ten will be a two loss team who is adding a win over a two loss team. That win won't make their resume better than osu's 3) even osu went to and lost the big ten title, they'd only have two losses This just feels like the exact situation that the committee reserved the right to not go with the conf champ in.
Comment 30 Oct 2016

I look at it differently.  Teams that control their own destiny and teams that don't:

Control:  bama, clemson, ttun, washington...florida & nebraska (reside in easy side of their conf, could hypothetically win conf champ with 1 loss)

Don't:  osu (just need psu loss or no ttun losses to control their own).   Louisville (needs to get into the acc championship or 2 two loss conf champs), A&M ( same as Louisville, have to win their conf or 2 two loss conf champs)  

Comment 15 Feb 2016

We could survive a loss to Oklahoma.  Just win the Big 10 and we're in.  By then, all these freshmen, redshirt, freshman, and sophomores have 12 games under their belts.  We replace a lot but we have our 2 year starter QB and 1 year starter middle linebacker leading the O and D.

Remember, Urban went 0-12 coming off a 6-7 2011 season.  Anything is possible!