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Comment 30 Aug 2014

All the links I have tried on first row have been slow and choppy. The link above seems to be better than anything else I have tried

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I know they are different levels of play (Conference wise not actual team) but when I went to Ohio University the games (football and basketball) were always free to students. I know it can't be that way at an Ohio State but it should be. The NCAA says they are in it for the school and the students well then actually do something for the students and let them watch the games for free.

Don't some schools still do free student tickets? I believe so. We're just used to our students paying for theirs.

Don't hate because students get free tickets. With the cost of college, students should get free admission to the game with their Student ID. It is a shame that UM gouges their students with ever increasing ticket prices. OSU is trending this way too. Isn't it enough to charge $30,000 a year to attend the school? Plus that free ticket may engender a much higher level of support down the line from alums. In reality more schools should be doing this for their students.

Not always the case but most of the smaller schools where students get into games for free they often times pay an athletics fee along with the other general student fees paid every semester.  Since they paid the fee, the students are then allowed to attend athletic events for free. Thats how a lot of the small schools fund their athletic departments.