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Comment 22 Jul 2019

Meyer’s approach worked with Ohio State on the road, and it worked when the Buckeyes played host to Michigan. It worked with his team as the heavy favorite, and it worked when it held the rare standing of underdog. It worked in tight games, and it worked in blowouts. It worked against Hoke, and it worked against Harbaug

So We beat them here and there
We beat them in a box
We beat them with a fox
We beat them in a house
We beat them with a mouse
We beat them here and there!
Say! We beat them everywhere!

Comment 27 Jun 2019

TTUN colors are very appropriate:  Yellow on Saturday, Blue on Sunday!

Comment 11 Apr 2019

It seems being from Ohio is a requirement for being a "Michigan Man"!!!

  • Bo
  • Mo
  • Hoke
  • Harbaugh
  • Howard
  • Woodson
  • Deardorf
  • etc.