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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Buckeye victory over Miami
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Comment 31 Dec 2019
I told everyone I talked with about this game, and about this season, that this OSU team would only lose if they beat themselves. That happend on Sat. Yes, the officials were very poor (not a huge surprise), yes Clemson made some nice plays (of course they would, they are pretty darn good), but this ultimately came down to inconsistent execution on our part. Just a few of the key plays included drops (KJ, JK, etc.), missed tackles, and a some straight up screw ups, (running into the kicker, missing Dobbins in the endzone, and Olave making the wrong read). This will sting for a lifetime.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
My guess is this is probably correct. They likely WANT to come back for redemption, but it will end up being a business decision. That said, sometimes there are things in life that become more important to people than money and business. Just not usually the case in these situations. If I were JK Dobbins, I think I might want to be OSUs all time leading rusher. A record that likely would never be broken.
Comment 01 Dec 2019
Most of these semifinal games have not sold out
Comment 30 Nov 2019
This was gonna be my response. They lost 2 games by a total of less than 10 points and were decimated by injuries. Still have a more talented roster than nearly everyone in the country
Comment 27 Nov 2019
This team is more talented than 94 (so was 98 for that matter) and I would argue deeper and more talented than 2014/15. Very few players from that team in 2014/15 I would take over these guys (Darron Lee and Zeke are the ones that come immediately to mind).
Comment 16 Nov 2019
I did not read the comments above, so it is possible this was already said. I think what the O.P. is suffering from is the soporific effects of being so successful for so long. It illustrates why being and staying on top is actually sometimes harder than the role of underdog. OSU is in an unprecedented golden age and I think we all have the tendency to take it for granted. Me, I lived in Columbus during the Cooper years. I was first exposed to the Buckeyes in a close way in the Bruce mediocre years. I remember that 2002 championship very fondly (sitting at the 10 yd line!). It isn't always guaranteed to be this good. Even with Bama, look at how injuries have devastated that team. Enjoy the run. Smell the roses, Enjoy the blowouts from a uniquely talented and focused team.
Comment 01 Jan 2019
The NC, for sure. UM is not what they once were. That NC run was magical. It's a shame 2015 and 2017 were wasted by inconsistent and erratic play/focus.
Comment 26 Nov 2018
Haskins is going to the NFL. I just hope we get the most out of his talent while he's here and make a playoff run.