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Comment 03 Jan 2018

How many teams did Bama beat in the top 25?  2?  How many top 50?  

UCF beat Auburn who ran Bama and GA into the ground.  Bama didn't win their division or conference, got pounded their last game of the regular season.  

If this is all about "eye test" then who the hell says UCF can't "claim" a NC?  

Comment 02 Jan 2018

Been a Bengals fan for over 40 years.  And this is what I have taken to doing the past 4-5 of them.  I've tried rooting for other teams (can't bring myself to change allegiances), but I just find it best to root for no one.  

Comment 02 Jan 2018

Georgia was manhandled by Auburn who UCF beat.  

UCF lost to no one.   

I understand strength of schedule, but I tire of the "eye test."  

Comment 30 Nov 2017
LOL. Asked him the same thing. (It wasn't him)
Comment 25 Nov 2017
Maybe we didn't deserve to be there last year. But try telling me another BiG ten team should have. Unless there is a massive gap, 3-4 losses, terrible schedule, you can't justify alienating two conferences in a year. That's the issue here. I'm not saying we should get in now. But take ND or USC over a non champion Bama.
Comment 25 Nov 2017
And we beat out another team from our conference. We didn't make 2 conferences sit out. Don't think for a minute that doesn't matter
Comment 10 Nov 2017

I think a lot of the comments are very insightful and perhaps should bring about some soul searching in Columbus.  

We have talent on par with Alabama, but we don't have the hunger that they seem to have.  

I don't know how anyone can look at our last 12 games and see anything other than a team/coaching staff, kind of going through the motions and feeling like we have the victory when we step out of the tunnel.  

Our performances against even comparable talent since the magical NC run in 2014 have been too often uninspired (as a team, not certain individual performances, mind you).  

Comment 20 Oct 2017
So frustrating to hearing this kind of crap "reporting", I can only imagine what you must have thought when you got this info. Hoping for a quick recovery for your son and rapid ascension up the depth chart.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
I agree, in that the team accomplishments that year were directly attributable to MoC, which is exactly why I put him on my list.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
A Heisman trophy is no guarantee the player is better than another. Would you rather have DeShawn Watson or Lamar Jackson?
Comment 20 Jan 2017
You can do these lists in terms of stats or accomplishments, but IMO, because of media hype or team situations it doesn't reliably say who the best ever were at a certain position. For me, Zeke was the most complete and dominant combination of size, speed, skill, blocking, etc that I've seen. Eddie and MoC were among the best pure runners I've ever seen and Byers was great in every aspect and had a remarkable pro career. With almost no way to separate them I'd list like this: 1 Zeke 2 Archie 3 Eddie 4 Byars 5 MoC 6 Beanie Hyde and Robert Smith would be in a group with Spencer and though in the accomplishment category some of the older guys would no doubt make a list, I did not see them and don't feel like I can comment on if they are better.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Thanks for your thoughts as well. I think a lot of the frustration from the way these things are discussed by most is the over simplification of the problems and the solutions. Lets hope the reshuffling of the offensive staff brings about what we are all looking for in JT and the offense as a whole
Comment 03 Jan 2017
People need to stop blaming only Beck. You do realize Warriner makes most of the play calls, right?