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Comment 20 Jan 2017
I agree, in that the team accomplishments that year were directly attributable to MoC, which is exactly why I put him on my list.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
A Heisman trophy is no guarantee the player is better than another. Would you rather have DeShawn Watson or Lamar Jackson?
Comment 20 Jan 2017
You can do these lists in terms of stats or accomplishments, but IMO, because of media hype or team situations it doesn't reliably say who the best ever were at a certain position. For me, Zeke was the most complete and dominant combination of size, speed, skill, blocking, etc that I've seen. Eddie and MoC were among the best pure runners I've ever seen and Byers was great in every aspect and had a remarkable pro career. With almost no way to separate them I'd list like this: 1 Zeke 2 Archie 3 Eddie 4 Byars 5 MoC 6 Beanie Hyde and Robert Smith would be in a group with Spencer and though in the accomplishment category some of the older guys would no doubt make a list, I did not see them and don't feel like I can comment on if they are better.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Thanks for your thoughts as well. I think a lot of the frustration from the way these things are discussed by most is the over simplification of the problems and the solutions. Lets hope the reshuffling of the offensive staff brings about what we are all looking for in JT and the offense as a whole
Comment 03 Jan 2017
People need to stop blaming only Beck. You do realize Warriner makes most of the play calls, right?
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Wasn't trying to be snarky, really wanted to know the source. Ive heard staff rumors as well, hadnt heard the new QB coach.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
I agree with you in principle, and I would'nt malign any kid specifically, but I'd simply say that of the problems with our offense, JT is at or near the bottom, not to say he is faultless, but only that coaching>o line> WR> and no break away RB all trump JTs play as the biggest problems and pining for him to be replaced is a mistake
Comment 02 Jan 2017

This about sums it up.  

It was a game that could have been much more competitive but I think we needed to execute perfectly to pull this game off.  

Unfortunately, a really bad game plan, no in game adjustments, and some very poorly timed mistakes that took points off the board took what could have been a battle and made it a laugher.  We aren't as bad as the final score, IMO, but there are serious issues and hopefully they are being addressed.  

The defense did a great job but way too much was asked of them and they ended up looking worse than they really were.  

Clemson is a good team, but this was a much on us as it was them.  

Comment 01 Jan 2017
But JTs success far exceeds his failures, IMHO. The WRs have shown no, or limited, reason for hope. I can count on my hands how many clutch plays our WRs have made this year but JT has often saved our collective rear ends. QB is a bit different than other positions. I'm not saying Burrow or Haskins or Martell would not do some good things but I think we get really short sighted when it comes to clamoring to change out a historically successful QB for an unproven commodity.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
No doubt, he bears substantial responsibility, I agree. Just don't think plugging a 1st year player in there should be considered automatic upgrade. It could be a case of being careful what you wish for
Comment 01 Jan 2017

JT has had issues, but to put all this on him is wrong.  Dude has been such a baller for us and won a lot of games we would have lost.  Do you not remember how accurate he was against MSU as we blew their doors off to spark the playoff run?  Or even at OU this year.  The coaching staff and the O-line, in addition to the WRs dropping many catchable balls carry much more blame than him.  Imagine how different we would feel if some of the dropped passes that took away first downs or ended drives.  I know he was inaccurate at times, but how much of that is pressing cause he was running for his life or because other plays didn't pan out.  

Freshman don't always work out so well.  Braxton was a great athlete as was Pryor, but neither were great QBs throwing the ball.  To expect a Freshman to come in an play better than him is really pushing it.  

Comment 30 Dec 2016
This is undeniably true and if the conference is perceived as a fraud then we wont get the special consideration as easily
Comment 11 Dec 2016
Until we have 4 NCs in 7 years, Bama does. But no one else for sure.