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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Buckeye victory over Miami
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 01 Jan 2019
The NC, for sure. UM is not what they once were. That NC run was magical. It's a shame 2015 and 2017 were wasted by inconsistent and erratic play/focus.
Comment 26 Nov 2018
Haskins is going to the NFL. I just hope we get the most out of his talent while he's here and make a playoff run.
Comment 04 Nov 2018
I certainly never root for injuries. That is just wrong. It is true though, that it is likely the only way OSU keeps that game close, let alone having any chance to win
Comment 04 Nov 2018
I've been saying this to my kids all year. It is bound to happen that we will lose to the again, and this is looking like the year for it.
Comment 04 Nov 2018
Good points salty! There WILL be coaching changes, the question is can they end up fixing what's wrong before the program dips low like FSU, Texas, USC, Tennessee, Florida, etc. As to the original post, there most certainly IS something wrong/off about this team. There was a point yesterday, I'm sure not shown. On TV, where we had just scored (I believe it was the 3rd quarter go ahead score) and we were lined up to kick off, about 20 or so bench guys were amped up, jumping around and waving their arms, but the whole other side of the sideline (away from the energetic guys) was about 30-40 players just STANDING THERE! We have a lot of dudes who don't care. And a bunch of coaches who are old college buddies of Urban (or some other connection) that are not very good at their jobs.
Comment 19 Oct 2018
I agree with Tebow, Crumb, and your takes on this. I dont fault him for his decision now that I know how severe his injury was and how long the recovery was going to be, but I don't like leaving the team and having no opportunity or option to return. What if he was feeling awesome in Dec and could have been part of an epic playoff run. Life experiences that you cant get back. As simplistic as this sounds, money will always be there, one way or another. But brotherhood and lifelong memories, not so much.
Comment 15 Sep 2018
Tailgate Tavern Just across the Walmart parking lot, easy to walk to, lots of TVs, buckeye heavy. We usually go there and then the pregame tailgate just outside the stadium.
Comment 26 Aug 2018
What are they supposed to do exactly? If the whole nation viewed your brother in a way contrary to what you knew of him you wouldn't want the misconceptions corrected? Give people some leeway to have their insights heard.