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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC Game when Maurice Clarett ripped the ball from Sean Taylor's hands after Sean had intercepted Krenzel's pass. OMG - I went nuts! Of course, the game ended well too.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Two - the Archie Griffin and Pete Johnson 1975 tandem
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft - Made Ohio proud!
  • NFL TEAM: Pros... meh.
  • MLB TEAM: Yawn
  • SOCCER TEAM: USA National Teams. Sans Landon Donovan :'(

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Comment 13 Sep 2016

My feelings exactly Steely.  I'm not sure how this announcement degenerated into personal opinions - which are largely irrelevant.  The point is Kyle gets a chance to make a good living doing something he loves and I say go for it young man.  Don't expect to see him competing for a belt anytime soon, It will take a year or two of serious training to get him well rounded enough to compete at the highest levels.  If he decides to still compete at Ohio State, it will take even longer.  Good Luck Kyle!

Comment 16 Nov 2015

^^ F_M - yes, he is definitely putting a little fire in some bellies - all good!

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Saw last night that no school in the history of football has ever had 30 consecutive regular season conference wins before.  Urban lives in pretty rarified air.  He may be remembered as the best college football coach ever by the time he decides to retire.

Comment 15 Sep 2015

It seems like Colin Cowherd has seen the light now that he has a new employer.  Good for him and good for us!

Comment 14 Sep 2015

Kyle's victories at the World Championships were just sick.  Wrestlers typically continue to improve through their 20's so his upside is scary.  Once he graduates from OSU, he should make a mark in MMA.  Wrestlers tend to do well in that conversion and this guy is a freakin' monster.  With a couple of years of training in boxing for his stand-up game and brazilian jiu jitsu for submissions, he could make some serious money in the UFC.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Great review.  Our B1G newbies looked pretty weak, but the rest of the BIG looked much better.  Even PSU showed up with a better Offensive scheme though I don't see Hackenberg getting ready for the NFL anytime soon.  Or maybe that's just Franklin not knowing how to use him.

MSU looked pretty solid against the Ducks.  I can't wait until they get to the Shoe this year - that game will be one of the best college football games of the year.