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Red Shirt freshman at Ohio State under Earle Bruce in 1987. Left after his unceremonious firing.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: As a fan: Beating the University of Miami in the desert
    As a player: Walking out of The Tunnel with Chris Spielman for the first time.
  • NFL TEAM: Who ever starts the most former Buckeyes.....
  • SOCCER TEAM: what is that?

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Comment 10 Mar 2018

Interesting.   I have always had the theory that Ohio State’s slip from prominence in the 80s and early 90s was based on our old and outdated recruiting system that focused too much on the Ohio talent pool.  Before say 1980, you could recruit the state of Ohio alone and come up with a nationally competitive team, but as demogrphics shifted to states like Florida, Texas and California, no growth Ohio steadily lost ground.  Cooper was the first to really start stretching the legs of Ohio States recuruiting effort beyond the Ohio and every since the philosophy change our program slowly started to get back to the glory days renaissance we enjoy today.  Urban supercharged our national recruiting to a level never seen before, and the Ws don’t lie.    I live in Texas now and the scale in growth in this state is breathtaking versus flatline Ohio.  There is a suburban area (Katy, TX) outside of Houston that now has a population larger than the city of Pittsburg that just built a $72 million dollar high school stadium whose school district gains 2000 students per year.    Lesson for anyone wanting a ring...recruit well nationally or die.  Go Bucks

Comment 05 Feb 2018

I love analysis like this, but as we know....correlation  does not equal causation.  I am sure by now not an original thought, but I think typically two equal backs are usually equal because of mediocrity not talent.   And as important as a running back is to a team, a good or bad QB is much more important, so I would like to see that overlay.  Having said that our situation is having  two ELITE running backs that are just going to compete with one another to higher greatness.....coupled with a looks-pretty-damn-good-with-a-deep-ball so far QB next year......make room in the trophy case Buckeys....

Comment 24 Nov 2017

Bittersweet memory for me.  I was there on that team as a red shirt freshman.  i was a wide receiver/ place kicker  and Urb was my GA position coach as a reciever.   I hate Xichigan PHD graduate and  then president Edward Jennings to this day how he handled our team and Earl Bruce. It caused me to be bitter about Ohio State for a long time. Then after his poor handling of Earl Bruce ....Jennings’ group then goes on to hire John Cooper?! Double shock. Cooper, a guy who not could sing a fight song without cue cards and didnt know who Paul Brown was....was going to lead Ohio State football?!   My heart just wasnt in it any more and I quietly left the team and the university next summer totally disillusioned.  The dream I had worked so hard for  was over. After barely missing a Buckeye home game since I was 8 years old and following in my dads footsteps-  my dad played at Ohio State in the late 40s under Wes Fesler....I could not bring myself to even attend a game for almost ten years, and not very enthusiastically until after Cooper was finally fired..   I am and will always will be a Buckeye....but that year broke my 18 year old Buckey heart.  Much happier Buckeye days today with a coach who knows how to win and knows our traditions and how important tomorrow is.....Beat TTUN!   Go Bucks!!!

Comment 05 Nov 2017

All obvious misery aside, your Jim Tressel series makes my Sunday mornings....I  almost spill my coffee laughing at times.   The pitch perfect dead pan humor is right up there with my other favorite Buckeye writer Tony Gerdeman over at the Ozone (meant as a compliment not a plug).  Unlike the game yesterday, well played.....

Onward through the fog.....Go Bucks!

Comment 04 Nov 2017

Its weird how many games like this I have seen in my 40 years of watching Ohio State football.   I am as disappointed as anyone here, but it happens.  Other than recruiting the most difficult part about coaching college football is manageing the psycolgy of 100 athletes in their late teens and early twenties.  Thre can  can be  wide swings in mental focus and its a slippery thing to get 100% out of 100 guys week in and week out.  Most of the time Urban is very successful at this, but every now and then there is a slip.  We have high standards at Ohio State and excellence and attempting to go undefeated is ALWAYS that goal.  Young athletes minds are tricky and can be Jekyll and Hyde.  Over the years we have seen it time and again when our team loses to inferior team that come from no where — the loses to Michigan State in the rain, or VA Tech, or a string of inferior Michigan teams in the 1990s.  . Today we mentally beat ourselves.  That’s it.  There is no mystery beyond that. That is college football.  That is why its fun to watch - the X factor.  Today sucked.  But its not the end.  Urban Meyer is one of the greatest coaches of all time.  JT Barrett is one of the best QBs who has ever put on the Scarlet and Grey.  Take it in stride.  Put the pitchforks down.  It will be ok.  We are still are and will always be one of the greatest football programs of all time.  Beat Michigan State.  Beat TTUN. We can still even win the conference. Hang tough.   Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Oct 2017

Special Teams needs its own coach, not a part time gig with Combs.  People forget special team literally is a third of the game.  Yet so many coaching staffs pay so little attention.  You only see how important it can be when it goes wrong.  I say....bring back the vest!   Milk and cookies for everyone who stays in their lane on kick coverage!

Comment 11 Sep 2017

We have to quit blaming our players.  This problem is a coaching problem.   When a DB has his back turned to the ball, that is a technique that is coached.  When LB are biting hard on play action...that is coaching.   When receivers run lazy ineffective routes.....that is coaching.   When we do not play the best player on the team for a given position, that is coaching.  When a fan in the stands who last played football in 8th grade can see and predict our play calling....that is coaching.   We have more than enough talent on this team to beat just about anyone any given year. Talent alone at Ohio State will win 9 games a year with the recruiting factory Urban has built.  Those other 3 or 4 when the abilities are similar, you need to have better coaching and execution.  JT Barrett is a good enough athlete  to win every game.   His development through our years of coaching in our system with a rotating list of assistants is what is failing us.   Changing QBs with a confused scheme will not change the outcome.  

One other dark thought to put out there.....for as successful and rich a program as Ohio State, name one franchise making NFL quarterback that came from Ohio State.  Not a journeyman QB.  Not a backup....a franchise QB.   The lack of an answer here is part of our problem.  Linebackers?...nearly every year.  Top shelf NFL lineman?...all day.  Running backs.?....a great one  every 5 years or so.   We even have a reciever in Canton.  But.....QB s in the modern NFL era......ZERO.  Probably Mike Tomczak was the closest back in the late 80s.   Considering the resources and recruiting Ohio State has pocessed over the years, I think this is a very damning stat side note about our program.  Therefore when you put JTs career in that perspective, it should surprise no one....as hard as it is to admit it or say.....we never recruited and/or developed QBs to play at the next level. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

How was this dirty?  It is a change we all know needed to happen for a year and a half now.  If anything Meyer was loyal and patient to a fault.   Meyer could have fired them Beck and Wariner....but he didn't.   He created a situation where there was an ability to for them  save face, move on, and get jobs without a blemish on their resume.   If anything I say well done.  

If you want to see a real example of "a dirty" rewind to 1987 and the disgraceful handling of Earl Bruce. 

Comment 14 Nov 2016

Go home dad, you're drunk.  This conference championship / division thing is...and always has been... a farce.  I have been against expanding our conference and having this division system from day one.  The issue I have with it is if one division is weak and the other is strong you do not get a true measure of the best two teams playing each other.  And many team now don't even get to play each other for years.  Theoretically, the worst 7 teams in the league could all be clustered in the same division. 

Secondly.....imho you do a very dumb thing by allowing one of the conferences two best teams a late season loss.  The Big Ten is just shoots itself in the foot.   Lets say in theory Wisky and Ohio State make it through the season as the number #1 and #2 teams in the country.  Now instead of playing for a national championship on a bigger stage....one of those teams is going to lose and be eliminated from the top 4....if not top 10.....just because of our dumb conference championship game.   Now instead of the Big Ten entering 2 teams into the National Championship tournament....we only enter 1.

So since the whole system is bullocks anyway....I don't care who plays in it or feel it has any legitimacy over a poll system.  If you are saying Nebraska should be in it just because they get lucky and win their division....you are high.  In my perfect world we go back to a true 10 team league and everybody plays everybody every year.....the season IS your "conference championship".......and then fix the dumb college football bowl system into an 8 or even 16 team playoff with the first rounds being played at the home stadiums of the top seeded teams......but nobody asks me.....

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The play calling early gave me heartburn.  So conservative.  Flat.  The only thing worse than the play calling was the execution.   Looked like Tressel-ball in the first half.  It was 2015 MSU all over again.  Run, Run, penalty....5 year pass... why our receivers were not running routes to get first downs is beyond me.  Horse from screening at my tv.   We have all these athletes and speed and we are concentrating the field and being one dimensional early....why?!

 And our O-line.  Wtf.  You might as well just give up and start calling screens that last couple drive.   So many defensive players living  in our backfield we should have been charging them rent.   And why did we keep not go for it on 4th down?  That has been one of Meyers usually refreshing signature moves.   We are the 2 team in the country, you pin your ears back you dare people to stop you.  Instead we stopped ourselves.   Not saying anything new just....just frustrated like the rest of you and I gotta say something to someone before I do any self harm.   Its not that we lost....its how we lost that hurts.  We were not just bad, we were Charlie Strong Texas Longhorns bad.....

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Great stuff.  Correct reads, precise execution,  on top of raw talent. Wow....just scary.  And, unlike most high scoring teams.....our defense and special teams are doing the same. Been a Buckeye all my life and this is an absolute golden era in Ohio State football.  Enjoy the ride.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Old man rant disclaimer.   All this just goes to show the pitiful inadequacy of the 4 team "playoff".  We are now a top 4 team....great.  Lot of good that does.  Face plant.   How is it that every sport in the free world has a proper payoff except D1 college football football?  The NFL down to High School football can handle and figure out a playoff.....but not D1 football.  How pathetic it is all these archaic bowls influence and corrupt the sport to the point we do not get satisfactory or fair outcomes?   Where is the backbone of the ADs, Coaches, and fans?!   Its our teams.  Its our sport.  Its our show.  Can we  PLEASE get at least a proper 16 team playoff going already?? These bowl beat downs just shows how terrible and subjective the selection system is.   Just look at the final top 16 and think of how many great matchups we could have seen??  Wouldn't it have been great to see how far say a Houston could have gotten?--- maybe even had a Herman versus Meyer showdown?   Instead we get so we can have a bunch of half baked ridiculous corporate branded bowls to no-where.  Sorry Buckeye fans, I really could have cared less about a meaningless Fiesta Bowl beating down yet another over hyped Notre Dame team (side rant---can we please send the Domers to a proper conference so they can be properly exposed on a yearly basis instead of just proving they are better than Boston College each year?)   Take the top 16 and let's prove it on the field.   Have the initial rounds be played as home games for the higher ranked team to eliminate travel issues and any fear of not filling seats for teams with a smaller fan base. Wouldn't you just love it Buckeye fans to force an SEC team to play in Columbus on a cold day in December?!  I know this line of logic is nothing new...but please....demand better Buckeye Nation.  We deserve better.  The sport deserves better.  Fire the bowl system.