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Comment 01 Dec 2018

Most all people in media and the likes say the big ten is the second best conf. And their champ is going to be left at home 2 years in a row? Isn’t the big 12 usually looked at as a joke kinda 7 on 7 league? Their second best team got tossed by Maryland. I know what happened with OSU but they didn’t lose to them. Damn Purdue game. If we even lost by 14 we would easily be in over Oklahoma I think 

Comment 04 Nov 2018

In 2014 was our D shitty until Wisconsin? I just looked and we were giving up about 28 points per game our last 5 games. Against the likes of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and a bad michigan team. (Also gave up 24 to Maryland that year, 17! To Rutgers, got crushed by Va tech) then we shut out Wisconsin out of nowhere and all was forgotten. I know we had the studs on D but teams were scoring a lot of points on us. 26.8 per game those last 5 of the season, seems like a lot. We also could run the ball well though, so did we not care as much? Were  we going nuts or was the offense relieving that?

Comment 02 Aug 2018

If you really break down the texts smith never says she’s been beaten or physically abused once. Not once. And Shelly is asking in the texts things like “is everything okay?” Which is answered with “we are good! Just want this to be over with” and also asks her “have the cops been involved?” To which she doesn’t respond. Tells her, “don’t hold back, the job isn’t worth it” to which the “victim” keeps saying “it’s all good, thanks for asking” I mean it was a nasty divorce. What the fuck do the Meyers have to do with it? Why does urban have to know every detail of abuse? Not once in the texts does she claim physical abuse. Go read them

Comment 30 Oct 2016

The problem on offense is we use to many guys...stick with Weber at RB, Samuel, brown, Wilson at WR, and Baugh at TE and roll with it...sub a little here and there but keep that core group out there 75-80% of the time to develop some freaking stability and cohesion. We are not getting in any sort of rhythm at all. And we need to let a 30-40 yard deep ball fly at least every other drive to keep the opposing D honest, even if it gets picked off, brown is big, throw it up and let the kid make a play! The D is fine, although I think we could blitz a little more creatively. 

Comment 02 Jan 2016

I see that the comment above mine says 15 games in D-2? If so, spare me on "its to many games" and the ncaa and every sponsor involved would make sooo much money...u can still have the Arkansas vs Kstate bowl games, what did would it make? Fans of the team will still watch as well as the degenerate gamblers, casual fans would still not watch the pizza bowl regardless lol. It would be so cool. Not just saying that because of this year either, I've always been in favor of 16 team w byes and home games..get rid of one Mac or non Fbs game a year. 

Comment 02 Jan 2016

I think if you don't want an 8 team playoff you are not that big of a fan...it makes it so badass! Could u imagine going to a buckeye playoff game in the shoe?! It would be soooo sick... Doesn't D-2 have like a 24 or 16 team playoff? How do they get around it? Are there way less reg season games??? Anyone know? 

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Quick question about the spring game. Is tailgating and everything set up just like normal gameday? Is Riverwalk and all that open?