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Comment 06 Nov 2019

So my 1st half takeaways

1. Spacing in the starting Line-Up is AWFUL

2. This team is too easily getting confused on backdoor cuts & corner 3s .... and somehow luther is the one getting confused

3. Luther muhammed has proved me fears I had since his High School play , his jumpshot is BROKE & he refuses to drive 

4. Kaleb is not used his body whatsoever & keeps forgetting he isnt 280 anymore , but his interior d has proving to be excellent 

5. CJ walker is just what I thought.... overrated, i like what Carton has brought with elite athleticism and great ball handling, just needs to better his passes 

6. and does anyone see how slippery the court is? Jesus 

Comment 25 Sep 2019

i may not attend OSU but my school is one of the top 20 engineering universities in the nation, I am a mechanical engineering major and currently taking ALL my engineering courses online (the ones I need at the moment are only offered online) , the only class I take in-person in calculus , more & more people are taking online courses every year, some people just don't like actually attending the in-person class due to anxiety & stuff like that 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

Ok I understand majority of us dislike Werner’s play .... but he is actually one of out top 2 fastest LBs & BEST coverage LB , if you’re gonna criticize , atleast do it f**kin right

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Some people have bad metabolisms it happens , its not like he was obese individual, he was built like a “healthy” 300 , some individuals even eat more when going through puberty, thats why alot of individuals 6’5 & above happen to be very LARGE 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Losing weight is not something that is easy , he was about 310 in hs , it takes YEARS to lose weight like he is , especially on a basketball workout regime , he isnt a body builder , he is a college athlete , you dont know his body so dont make comments making it seem like its easy to drop weight that fast

Comment 25 May 2019

The MSU vs OSU & Clemson Vs OSU when Braxton Miller was still QB .... I hated that he didnt want to admit he was injured & osu suffered for it. Also vs Clemson in the CFP when I was at my breaking point with JT at QB