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Comment 06 Aug 2019

Ok I understand majority of us dislike Werner’s play .... but he is actually one of out top 2 fastest LBs & BEST coverage LB , if you’re gonna criticize , atleast do it f**kin right

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Some people have bad metabolisms it happens , its not like he was obese individual, he was built like a “healthy” 300 , some individuals even eat more when going through puberty, thats why alot of individuals 6’5 & above happen to be very LARGE 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Losing weight is not something that is easy , he was about 310 in hs , it takes YEARS to lose weight like he is , especially on a basketball workout regime , he isnt a body builder , he is a college athlete , you dont know his body so dont make comments making it seem like its easy to drop weight that fast

Comment 25 May 2019

The MSU vs OSU & Clemson Vs OSU when Braxton Miller was still QB .... I hated that he didnt want to admit he was injured & osu suffered for it. Also vs Clemson in the CFP when I was at my breaking point with JT at QB

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I mean I have no issue with him being conservative, I have heard that the “die hard trump supporters” (something nick bosa apparently is) , tend to get isolated socially in the locker room , and I mean Nick Bosa has had some HOT takes on twitter that made me unfollow him , pretty smart if he doesnt open his mouth much about political views since the demographic that is the majority of the nfl is almost 100% against the man he supports.... I mean look at Nick Mangold .. proud supporter & his hot takes is one of the reasons he wasnt signed by a new team (besides him being a lil old also)

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Lmao what are you talking about ??? osu is running FS , SS & bullet on the field