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Louisville, ky (via Middlefield, oh)

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Born and raised In Geauga County, now living accross the Mason Dixon line. Proud husband and Father, of 3...l love me some buckeye football.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: A) Cavs world title, def brought a tear to my eye knowing that my grandparents waited so long and didn't get a chance to see it. B)Watching tOSU win two chips. C) Every game I get to see my children play!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Anyone who plays hard, with class, and dignity
  • NFL TEAM: Ouch (Cle)
  • NHL TEAM: None really
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 08 Aug 2019

Don’t have to be big to be a good tackler. I think he would be more effective at 225, with a bit of speed increase. He needs to work on tackling and pursuit angles. 

Ryan Shazier got the job done and he wasn’t heavy by any means.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Both very respectable men. It will be interesting to see how the position coaches for U of M and us play out. Had a lot of moving pieces. I figure the offense will be better for U of M and the defense maybe a bit less productive. I always look at experience when I do my preseason reviews. Leadership and experience seem to pay big dividends in the NCAA. 17 returners or more is a good sign for most programs. Should be a fun season to watch. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Born and raised in North East Ohio, I was but a young man when the Browns left town, so all of the attention shifted to The Bucks. I attended college  in another state that shall remain unnamed, and it fueled the fire even more having to hear U of M fans all the time. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

TB can be a scary match up. It will be interesting to see how well the offense gets the ball out.  Shea is in year two as well, the familiarity should be there. Could be interesting to say the least. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Up vote for both you and Ms. I’m just giving you a hard time. Glad that we can host folks from other fan bases here without to much hardship. Right now I have U of M losing two regular season games. I feel like The Game is gonna be a fight this year. Michigan has a lot to play for at this point. If Harbaugh loses 4 and one of those is to us, I think the bags get packed  and the bus is shoved off. 3 losses or less, and he is fine. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I find that outside of our obviously biased opinions regarding our favorite teams, I tend to have more in common with folks here than on mgoblog

He means people not hanging out in their mom’s basement. People who have productive lives, and aren’t complete buffoons. Aka not Walmart Wolverines or booger picking, khaki wearing odd balls.

Comment 27 Jul 2019

A lot of folks on here weren’t big fans... not sure why. He is young and the kids love that. Recruiting is kinda the name of the game... not to mention he has seemed to have been able to bring some growth to the table as well for the guys catching balls. Let’s keep him here as long as we can.