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Comment 28 Dec 2017

I fear USC far more than I've ever feared Notre Dame.  Maybe it's our history with them.  I don't know.

I will clarify my point.  You said it perfectly.  It's not Bama or Georgia that i fear.  I think we would trounce them.  As you said, it's Clemson and to a lesser degree Oklahoma where I fear it could have gotten ugly.

Hope I'm wrong about USC and we destroy them.  That will be worth a TON of cache for tOSU.

Comment 28 Dec 2017

I agree with most posters.  They HAVE to figure out how to make 8 teams work.  Give up one of the non-conference games.  Have some type of revenue sharing to make up for the lost income.  Ultimately it should be the 5 Power Five conference champs, 1 team from the group of five, and 2 at large bids (Notre Dame if good enough and the 2nd best from another conference).

Comment 28 Dec 2017

I've actually come to a different conclusion.  Iowa was a conference game.  It had to be played.  It was the Oklahoma game that sealed our fate.  I believe that because had we either won that game, or played a team like say....Mercer, we'd have one bad loss but one more win and a conference championship.  Ultimately Ohio State CHOSE to play that game.  The message the committee has sent is to be like Alabama.  Play an FCS team instead of a dangerous Power 5 opponent to ensure that you make it into the playoffs.  They've sent a dangerous message.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

What's asinine is you spitting vitriol over what others have said without hearing his side.  If he deserves criticism, so be it.  As you did with him, you make huge leaps with me.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

Thank you for being another voice of reason.  The response here is shameful.  Hate to see how they handle a little trouble for their own family.  Jump to conclusions, it seems.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

Down vote all you want.  It says quite a bit about our supposed fans.  I am not being a homer.  Unlike many of you, I am not going to jump to conclusions based on ONE SIDE of the story.  We've yet to hear what Eli has to say....you know, the BUCKEYE.  

The fact that you all stand on your soap box and say these things without having all the facts is shameful.  Awaiting all the facts is NOT being a homer.  It's being an adult.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

Has nothing to do with rose-colored glasses.  You are all commenting on one side of the story.  You've yet to hear what Eli has to say.  Would you do the same with your own family?  Someone says something negative and you light into them before hearing their side?  I doubt it.

Comment 26 Dec 2017

Pretty effed up that so many of you have such negative things to say about Eli. You don’t know the specifics so why are you saying those things about him?  Nice to see you supporting Buckeyes. 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Who pissed in your cornflakes?

When someone tells you to have a good day, do you bitch that they don''t quantify WTF "good" means?  Is good winning the lottery or just not getting hit by a bus!?  Jesus man, don't tell me to have a good day without telling me EXACTLY what you mean.

If you can't infer what "loyalty' means in this context, we can't help you.  Seriously.

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Felt the exact same way.  From the moment I watched all I could think of is, "why wasn't this kid our first choice?".  Then I hear he plays in the toughest conference in Texas, sat behind the freshman starter at Baylor, and the school has produced 8 straight D1 QBS, including our favorite Baker Mayfield?  How did ANYONE (other than Colorado St) miss this kid?