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Comment 25 Jun 2017

russell was not liked at all by his teammates

they all sided with nick young on this one

it got to the point where the other players would all go to one side of the room whenever russell entered the room

or like in high school, when all the kids would eat at one table and leave DAR eating lunch by himself

yes! it was that toxic

Comment 15 Oct 2015

i think it all depends on fox and this weekend in lexington…..hopefully calipari can close the deal and land him hahaha

as for trent….im wondering if coach boals were to leave for a head coaching position, if that would effect trent jr?

i know boals will eventually move on from his long time assistant position…..just hoping matta keeps him for another few seasons for selfish reasons…..

Comment 14 Feb 2015

he died from complications of blood clots

i will always remember that 2003 big ten tournament run where he carried us to 3 straight wins into the championship game…..

Comment 12 Feb 2015

PG - scoonie - would be conley but he was only here 1 season…..helped take osu to final four

SG - JJ - pure STUD…..big ten player of the year as a soph and junior…..upi national player of the year…..ask bobby knight who one of the best players he ever faced was, and JJ will be up there…..

SF - ET - villain was player of the year……his three to beat michigan in the big ten tourney will never be forgotten…..only downside was his NCAA tournament appearances

PF - sullinger - dude was buckeye through and through…..monster down low…..excellent skills and hands for a big man that we all took for granted…..something buckeye fans are craving to see these day

C - oden - even though he only played one season, who else are you gonna put here? terrance dials (big ten POY)  perhaps? bill robinson? kosta koufos????? byron mullens????? easy decision to go with greg 

honorable mention:

dennis hopson - scoring machine!

michael redd - scoring machine!

jay burson - heart!

conley - suprisingly the best pro out of them all

DAR - will probably be the best out of everyone listed, but to be determined…..sky is the limit

Comment 12 Feb 2015

maybe chris jent made that much of a difference…..