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Comment 21 May 2020

I have a 2013 CX-5. It was the first year they were made, so maybe that has something to do with it, but I have had issues with it. It died on me at the spring game one year, and I ended up needing to replace a sensor at like 35K miles. I've had lots of issues with the wheels that they still can't figure out, making weird noises. The brakes also needed to be replaced much sooner than I would have expected, and I don't drive like a madman.

It does have lot of nice features though. It's comfortable and has a nice Bose sound system, and I like the console UI/camera. Pretty decent MPG too. If you go the CX-5 route, definitely do NOT get the 2.0 engine if they still offer it. No pep at all. As far as the AWD, all I can say is I do think it handles the rain/snow pretty well, but that's the extent of my experience with it.

I've actually been looking at a Forester. That's the route I intend to go on my next car purchase.

Comment 22 Jan 2019

I think I'd remind your OU fan buddy that THE Ohio State University has actually won a playoff game, actually two of them...and one trophy. And leave it at that. Bonus points if you add that they haven't seen their coach lead a team without a Heisman QB yet and maybe he should be worried about his own squad going forward.

Comment 05 Jul 2018

I'm also from Putnam Co. (Leipsic), and also have some great memories of growing up there. Kind of makes me sad to go back these days but for a different reason. Just not what it used to be.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

I also was hoping for a Whisperer teaser at the end. Instead we got a teaser of vengeful Maggie. Whisperers are certainly set up to appear though. I'm guessing either they're just setting it up but they won't appear until the Maggie/Rick conflict is resolved, or maybe the Whisper War will derail the conflict and reunite everyone.

Also curious if they'll do the time jump at all.

Either way, I hope it gets better. These dragging storylines have been pretty bad the last couple seasons.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

I think they're only lethal if ingested or they get in an open wound. Remember, the survivors also wore zombie guts to avoid being detected among walkers before.

That whole "put zombie blood on our weapons" thing was pretty silly though.

Comment 16 Apr 2018

They also had the fence posts in that scene where everyone stopped to look. Those mark the Whisperers territory. It's certainly set up for them to show up next season.

Comment 21 Mar 2018

Honestly, I get most of my Bengals news from Twitter, and nfl.com on occasion. I can not stand Hobson...I'd like to see Bengal coverage that's not beholden to the ownership. But it also seems like a lot of the Cincinnati media bounce back and forth between homers and angry fans. If you can find a middle ground, that would be great. For example, when Hobson posts his annual "The Bengals won't sign any free agents because they're out of money" BS article, I'd love to see some counter points to that.

I would prefer hard news and analysis as opposed to opinion-type stuff, but would appreciate both. One of my favorite sports sites (aside from 11w of course) is Bleacher Nation. The writers there report news and break down exactly how it affects the Cubs. They also report rumors and other fun stuff, like videos of great plays, etc. 

Comment 08 Dec 2017

I had the same thought about Berry moving to DE. They're more than likely to going to need at least 1 guy to switch to DE, not sure who else makes sense. With Alexander, Farrell, Hausman and Ruckert incoming, Berry seems like a logical choice. I'd much rather see his athletic freakishness used to get after a QB instead of being ignored in the passing game.

Comment 13 Nov 2017

It's kind of fun to ruin someone's season.

How would anyone from this Xichigan team know what that's like? Unless he means ruining their own season.