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Comment 26 Nov 2019
Everyones talking about indiana. They were without their qb wr's rb lt got hurt during gaxe. Everyones talking about penn state well ttun lost to thex without turning it over. We are alot better. We have superstars, they have practice squad players. Go Bucks
Comment 15 Nov 2019
im a buckeye fan and I think if tom brady gets 4 game suspension for taking 1 psi out of a football and guys get suspended for smoking weed which helps noone play better. a felonious assault shouldbe lifetime ban. He did it as hard as he could. He could have been killed.
Comment 17 Aug 2019
No its not rigging games when they wheel out cancer patients like no buckeye fans have cancer. Use your brain. By the way last years purdue team broke a long streak of boilers being drafted and they didnt have anyone even invited to the combine.
Comment 24 Jul 2019
Their offensive coordinator has never called plays. Oh wait in the spring game against a whole new defense with a new dline coach who has coached 1 season of power 5 football. They lost 2 defenders who were top 12 picks, the first time they have ever had that and the guys who coached them are with The OSU. Should i continue?
Comment 24 Jul 2019
If you think the ncaa openly harsher on OSU wait til you see how they cheat us on the field. They have all the media outlets telling everyone how much better a team we would have beaten by 60 without the officials cheating is. They work it together like the mofia. Like they did with fickle 6-7, we finished undefeated the next year with that same talent. This country is as dirty as it gets. In every loss they will have a cancer patient fan for the other team, because you cant root against a cancer patient and OSU fans dont have cancer i guess. Its so rigged it aint funny.