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Comment 27 Oct 2018

Lol how in the world did OSU lose to Purdue??? We made their whole team look like all stars and they lose to MSU with their 2nd string QB....lol lol lol that's all I can do...we better have a new D coordinator and a new LB coach next year lol

Comment 20 Oct 2018

Dwayne Haskins just sitting on the bench with this "I can't wait till the NFL draft" look on his face annoys the crap out of me.  This team has zero leadership, zero discipline, and I hope heads role but Urban will be like "we are fine" "I love my coaches" blah blah blah.....absolutely ridiculous 

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I just don't even know what to say anymore....it's not like OSU would just make up a sexual relationship with someone he worked with.  Just makes zero sense...wish he would sit down with someone and have a non-ranting and raving interview with someone.  OR he could just go away and stop talking till his court date....

Comment 30 Aug 2018

NH, I completely agree with you.  The one thing that makes her look like a lair is the only things that's incorrect, surrreeeee.  The fact that the media is once  again feeding into the narrative, just blows my mind.  Bruce Hooley on 105.7 this morning was literally saying that Brett Mcmurphy "corrected" this Dispatch article, so in effect, he's saying that he's correcting a Police report, that wasn't disputed by the chief of Police for Powell, because the Dispatch article came from the Police report....you can't make this stuff up...

Comment 25 Aug 2018

Thanks Chicago, I don't think Ramzy was being "sensitive", more he has a different way of conveying his opinions, which right or wrong, is how he chooses to convey them.  As far as everything else, I agree with everything you said.

And the military does require a certain amount of obedience, but as a leader of men, you have to be able to convey your opinion in a manner that brings about respect from the men you are leading.  A man who fears you as a leader , will only go so far, but a man who respects you, will run through a wall for you and then some.  And I know this is cliche but the saying, "Respect is earned, and not given" holds true in every aspect of life, the military included.

Comment 25 Aug 2018

Thank you Mrs. Miller, no woman, EVER, should have to go through that.  I'm a married man, and I cherish my wife.  My job is to protect her and love her with my entire heart and any man, married or otherwise, who thinks differently is not a man.  I don't think anyone in Buckeye Nation condones domestic violence, and we appreciate your strength to speak up during a time when all the national media cares about is skewing the facts to fit their narrative.  We need more thoughtful voices with your perspective speaking out. If and I say if, Courtney Smith (CS) experienced DV, then we should fully support her in getting the justice she rightfully deserves.

With that being said, if it's comes out that CS made up these allegations or was the aggressor in these situations, called 911 as many times as is alleged (and supported by the police that when they responded they found no evidence of her allegations),  and this was a well hatched plan to bring down her ex husband and Urban Meyer...then this women did a disservice to all woman everywhere that experienced what you went through and she should be called out and condoned for this behavior.  I can only hope the media holds her accountable.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Thanks Silver, I completely agree with everything you said.  Sometimes, being diplomatic in how you present your opinion to others, can sometimes more easily move people to your opinion, as you aren't "forcing" anything on them (your opinion).  

When trying to lead large groups to a consensus, how you convey your opinion in your words can more easily lead to a consensus especially in large groups, in my opinion (I only threw that in there to keep the narrative going haha)...  

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Ramzy, I appreciate you saying I was trying to dilute my opinion; however, the opposite is the case.  I didn't want to come across that my opinion should be everyone else's.  I think in today's environment, that the "media" and the vocal minority thinks that when they are expressing their opinions that they are somehow expressing the opinion of the "masses".  I think something that we can all learn is something called diplomacy...maybe my time in the Army taught me how to be diplomatic when expressing ones opinion, however; I appreciate people who don't think they have to be, but often times, those people contribute very little to a reasonable outcome, again, in my opinion.  And I find it interesting that you thought you were the "one member" I was speaking about and chose to respond to it. I didn't name names specifically because my opinion of your opinions, didn't warrant to specifically name who I thought was coming across a certain way, as you've said I've been wrong, and I will be wrong in the future.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

As much I appreciate and enjoyed reading this article, without naming names, it still comes off that a certain member comes off as "self righteous" in this whole debate in my opinion. I guess that's what's irritated me the most, that everyone thinks that Urban should have been perfect and he wasn't.  I will admit when I first heard the announcement, I was upset and angry regarding the suspension.  After reading the report, I agree with it.  

As far as Urban trying to delete texts, I honestly don't blame him.  In a vaccum without any context, text messages can be twisted and the meaning of the text can be misconstrued especially by the media.  In today's digital age, we focus so much on what's written by someone without delving into the context in which the person typing it is trying to convey.  And after writing numerous reports/letters in my day job, context is one of the hardest points to get across when all your doing is writing something (hence why verbal follow up calls are scheduled to discuss reports, so that one can convey context).  Do you think the media would call Urban and say, "Hey Urban, we have this text from your phone, can we schedule a time to discuss the context of this text?", let's me honest, that would never happen...

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I'm not going to comment on today's political environment but I will admit that I used to laugh when people said "fake news"...but my perception of the media given their coverage of this situation has definitely made me reevaluate my stance.  The media has zero interest in reporting facts or being "fair and balanced".  And if they do report facts , they distort them so much and communicate them in a way that makes me think they can twist just about anything to fit their agenda.  Honestly, as a veteran of the Army, it makes me sad that this is what our great nation has come to.  A fair and balanced press is vital for our democracy to work, and to me in my humble opinion, it's been yearssss since we've had a "fair and balanced" press.