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Grew up in central Ohio (Pickerington) as a Buckeye Fan, going to OSU Football games in standing room only - freezing my butt off sitting on C deck watching us/Woody and The Boys, destroy the Big Ten. Great experience as a kid- and getting to watch my big brother march in TBDBITL at halftime.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Any and EVERY time we play and beat that team up north. Been to a few of The Games- was up there to see Earl Bruce's first head coaching victory over them...it's such and honor to grow up a Buckeye Fan and to understand, and participate in, The Rivalry. There is nothing else like it, it's a reoccurring "best moment in sports" for me.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Zach Boren (current) Bob Brudzinski (past)
  • NFL TEAM: Da Bearz/or root for the team w/buckeyes on it.
  • NHL TEAM: NHL locked out my interest
  • NBA TEAM: Whoever has a Buckeye on their squad (& I'm watchi
  • MLB TEAM: SF Giants! Hmmmm Baby!
  • SOCCER TEAM: yaaawn

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Comment 26 Nov 2012

I checked out our conference individual stats and there is one glaring, hugely important stat which I can't believe is missing. Hot dog eating...Coach Flounder deserves his props mannnnn!!! At least he's number one at something!

Comment 26 Nov 2012

Shoot, we need ALL of the teams in our conference to step up- at least have them win the majority of their non-conference games. That would be step one- and to have a concerted effort to hire GOOD coaches! Purdue, you're up....argh.

Comment 26 Nov 2012

Thanks for all the Buckeye info, I was curious as to how we compared to last year. And can you hook us up with what you think are the best links to read all the drama that is now becoming u of m football? It feels so good to beat them! Go Buckeyes! 

I have been telling my friends that Hoke is a good coach, not a great coach. He was smart enough to show value to their traditions, which, RichRod was most definitely NOT. So, Hoke had that going for him. I predicted to my friends that he would not be coaching for ichigan within four years of signing him. It's too big a program in my mind. And although he is "good" he isn't good enough to produce what they want, which is becoming obvious and which I am loving every single minute! 

I think he had them up for The Game and they played better than I thought they would. I really thought we'd blow them out. Too bad our second half D didn't start the game out that way but we play the game for a reason. And I wish Hyde would have gotten a few more carries, if only to get 1000 yards for the season (30 more yards) - and I think the way he was running, it wouldn't have been impossible...next year I hope. He's a hard runner that's fun to watch. 

Seeing the development of Brax this year has been awesome. Hell, watching the whole team grow up and take on the challenge Meyer threw at them was fantastic. To see how far Braxton came though, was incredible. Considering he (it looked like it anyway) didn't get much personal coaching or development last year, he has become the leader and player we want to see. 

Can't WAIT for spring practice!!!! Thanks for all the info you guys deliver, you rock as always. 


Manti Te'o? I guess the only good thing about him winning the Heisman would be denying Jonny Football one less chance of winning two. I'm good with that. But by living in Utah, and having the, at best, mediocre football team of byu (bywho?) stuffed down my throat by really, REALLY stupid local radio/tv sports media, it would add insult to injury for him to win it. I guess they really blew the opportunity to sign him at byu. But, by going to Notre Lame, he at least played for a team that matters and is getting much more press than he would playing in provo. 

Comment 21 Nov 2012

I agree with your points, 1-3. It's been so long since I've been on campus, I can't remember what it looks like. I DO remember sitting at the very top as a kid, watching the skull sessions and I thought it was a pretty cool place.  And I remember they stopped holding concerts there because they thought the noise may cause some damage...and then they roped off the top sections because they didn't want anyone sitting up there for safety reasons.  THAT was over 25 years ago! My God, I can't imagine going there to watch anything now- I feel sorry for everyone that has to do anything there- it was falling apart decades ago. Wow- how does the university allow a place like that to go so long without fixing it up? I kind of expect more from OSU when it comes to that- unless, of course, they have wanted something else there (their agenda)  and now it wouldn't be logical to put $30/40 million into it....times change- it needs to go-new traditions need to be started as we say goodbye to the old ones. 

Comment 21 Nov 2012

NOT so fast BUCKEYE56! I say, demolish SJA but keep the ice rink. I think it would be awesome to see the Best Damn Ice Skating Band In The Land ice skate their "skull session" routine to the crowds approval! A script Ohio on skates, yeahhhhhhhh. 

But seriously- Haven't been to OSU to see a skull session or game in a very long time. Didn't Steinbrenner donate a bunch of money to the marching band a few years back? I thought they built a new building for the band to practise in....if so, would it be possible to have the skull sessions there, or to bulid/add on a smaller type area just for that purpose? 


Comment 21 Nov 2012

Awesome story about an awesome person in an awesome band! It's GREAT to see you guys supporting the Buckeye football support system! Story's like this, about people like this, are really nice to read and makes this site more special to me. It also makes me feel even more of a Buckeye bond-it's part of the Buckeye Tradition's that makes us all one big scarlet and grey family. 

Congratulations Jocelyn! Nice to see someone's hard work and dedication pay off. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Go Buckeyes! Beat blue!