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Comment 11 Jun 2019

It sure as hell is a top of the mountain first-time HC job.

I hope you're right about the only way he leaves....but if he ever loses 2 in a row (or one by 40 points) we all know the pitchforks will be out.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

65%+ completion rate, TD/Int ratio > 25:1 (no Int after game 3), Passing Efficiency > 175, less than 10 sacks allowed, Avg. 7yd/rush and 50 rushing yd/game, play 15 games without missing a play due to injury.

No pressure kid, don't worry.  Fans won't climb on your back until about the second snap that isn't a TD.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

Yeah, there are several hurdles to overcome.  And that takes time...which is lacking in a compressed recruiting cycle world.

Last year's defensive performance

Brand new staff (except LJ) means far fewer long-term recruit relationships (for example Barnes probably didn't have relationships with the caliber of kid OSU is used to recruiting the last decade and Hafley probably had none)

Worry over the staff being around a recruits whole stay (we've heard the speculation on LJ and Mattison before and also on Hafley returning to the league as a DC or getting a HC job in a year or two).

These are not trivial things to overcome and take time.  Personally, I did not see the '20 class on Def being great because those factors are coupled with an early signing date.  Hope I'm wrong, but in any event, this season's Def performance is CRITICAL to show a completely gelled staff and great results.  Probably more important to '21 than '20...but still critical.

Edit: When I typed "great" I meant deep and stacked with universally-accepted 4+-star talent.  Not a comment on how individuals are seen coming in or how any individual or as a group turn out.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

Comparing Day with Saban before he ever enters the Shoe as HC...nice.  lol

That said, your point is true with every coach.  Both sides of the ball (and to a lesser extent the kicking game) have a ton to do with overall success.  And every HC has some background on one side of the ball or the other.  So obviously the hires on the other side of the ball are critical.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

1) They were not all ranked against the same class.  Each crop of prospects is different.

2) They had different coaching staffs (especially coordinators)

3) In the short-term, neither Bosa plays for OSU anymore...so I'm going with Harrison having more upside (for us)

4) Since when did OSU fans think in the long-term?  We want to win now, right damn now...and you better have reached your peak this morning if you don't want jeers from the peanut gallery.


Comment 02 Jun 2019

The compressed recruiting schedule leaves no choice.  The days of FNL and in-season officials being the mainstays of recruiting news seem gone.  Remember just a couple years ago when Urban would go on vacation and grow a goatee in June?  I don't think any current coach's wives will need to worry about nagging them to shave in June anymore.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

Amen.  We don't need more "hey, the kid just laughed at a coach's joke" or "he seemed to love the steak dinner" posts during a visit.  After the visit, every kid will give some glowing comment.  "Loved the visit, awesome facilities, amazing coaches".  The more important take will come from coaches (who know if a kid and his family are really interested/impressed) and what the kid tells family/friends.  And those latter two items take a bit to trickle down to recruiting board "sources."

Comment 29 May 2019

First-time HC, brand new staff on both sides of ball, new QB, new OL, Def that underwhelmed last year...if someone offered me an 11-1 record (including a Win in the Big House to top it all off), I'd take it and run before they changed their mind.

Comment 15 May 2019

Part of me says "$6,000 for a chance to shit in the middle Harbaugh's living room is money well spent."  On the other hand, it's just his vacation place...now if it was the Ann Arbor (is a whore) house, that would be a steal.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comment 14 May 2019

You are right "on the field," but just look at the article title again.  He was talking about recruiting rankings. 

Then look at the chart he showed.  Bama and UGa are clearly ahead of everyone.

All I was saying is those two are the standards and frankly regardless of whether you lump Clemson in there based on their 2020 class, we still are going to have trouble competing based on what I've read recently.

The good news is that recruiting rankings are not a 100% correlation to Nattys.  The bad news is that there is a pretty strong correlation.

Comment 14 May 2019

Not sure I agree.  Bama and UGa are the gold standards of recruiting.  

And I'm not sure we're going to challenge for those titles anytime soon.  I suppose it depends on service re-rankings, but lately there have been a lot of 3-stars getting OSU offers.  (I'm not saying the kids aren't worthy, just that if recruiting rankings is your goal - that's not the way to get there.)

Comment 11 May 2019

Let me help you out Zimmy.  Run this script.

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Comment 27 Apr 2019

Nice to have another body in the QB room and his high school numbers imply he can chuck the rock.  Best of all, it doesn't even cost a schollie. 

However, I don't think this does a lot in terms of helping the 2019 team.  Day still has to be ultra-careful with Fields...and Chug will clearly still get the lion's share of non-fields snaps both in practice and games. 

I'm glad we landed the kid, but with that said, something about a recruiting win over the likes of Moorehead State makes me queasy.  I suppose I need to get used to it.  Welcome to the Transfer Portal Era!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I guess it's good news for Dobbins on touches (you've got to believe they'll severely limit Fields from any running).  We can only hope it's not bad news for the offense that an athletic QB may be prevented from using his legs due to fear over lack of depth.

Comment 14 Apr 2019

That's true. 

On the other hand, Tua was 19/23, Hurts was 11/14 and ND's kid was 16/21.  Lawrence was only 19/34 at Clemson, which is in-line with Baldwin's pct., but played against starters for the most part and he's earned a Mulligan for them.  So, unless our Def. is looking better than Bama, Okie, ND and Clemson's (which I'm not sure I'd believe)...we've apparently got some real polishing to do.

Comment 16 Mar 2019

The guy has a very fair take.  He didn't need to go into the 2010 stuff, because it is irrelevant to 2019, but I understand he gets paid to will column space and that was a fairly easy write-up.

Truth is that "turnover" is the key.  Unproven HC with no prior experience, new staff on both sides of the ball, new and thin OL, new QB and losses to the draft.  Those are all very valid reasons to doubt we repeat in the East.

I'm not saying we don't repeat, but those are all huge concerns about our team this year...making his point valid.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Yes, coaches should be the final judge...they are choosing/coaching for their jobs after all.  However, isn't it odd how the 5-star and 4-star almost always get the offers and recruiting effort earlier than the 3-star and 2-star.  That must mean that coaches agree there is some decent merit in the general rankings.  The other thing to consider is that people (especially growing kids) change over time.  So kids that look sure-fire may never develop more, while a marginal kid may hit his growth stride over the course of 2 damn years.

Anyway, until coaches start fighting to offer 2-stars in their sophomore year, I'm going to be more excited about 5-star commits than 3-star commits.  After they show up on campus, I'll be excited about them all...who knows how they develop over the 4 years after that.