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Comment 11 hours ago

Harbaugh can keep his hands off the offense

If they (OL) can provide running lanes, pull well, provide solid pass protection, and stay healthy,

If Patterson is protected, and the receivers almost all stay healthy, and freshman RB Charbonnet ends up being the first great RB since forever,

There never has and never will be a team that wouldn't be vastly improved IF...

the uncreative, stale real OC lets someone competent do the job, the OL is improved, the QB is protected, the WR all stay healthy and they find a great RB.

If the sky is sunny and blue...it's not raining right now.

I might as well say something similar about Central Michigan...if their QB throws for 4000yds, they have a 1,500yd rusher and everyone stays healthy it'll be a great fall in Mt. Pleasant.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

My only worry is him being from New England, when Belichick retires, and if the Patriots come calling would be take that job?

I guess we're assuming a stellar couple seasons here prior to Belichick retiring.  Otherwise, why would a top NFL organization hire a guy who has no serious track record anywhere as a HC yet?  I'd have to think they'd be more likely to hire a coordinator or one of the proven commodity HC before they'd tap a "young up-and-comer" who has no NFL record as anything but a position coach (on non-championship teams to boot), has slim OC record in college and has just gotten his first HC job.

I'd love him to be that successful that this is something to really worry about...but can't see it yet.

Comment 11 Aug 2019

You do realize that if Sanders played for Dallas, they'd have to have given up Emmit Smith (who led the league in rushing as often as Sanders).  Plus, the passing game was as important as rushing to the Cowboys of that era.  So, imho, the improvement for Dallas would have been small...if any.

Comment 11 Aug 2019

I collect Wolverine tears, because they are the sweetest substance known to man.  My most valuable tear was collected when Jimmy was "bitterly disappointed."

Comment 09 Aug 2019

Free trips, free game tickets.  Can't blame the kid.

If I were in his shoes, I'd do everything I could to see the best games of the year from the sideline on someone else's dime.

Comment 08 Aug 2019


Will the staffers and people like "Assistant, Adjudant, GA for headphone cables" get a ring or something?  If so, it's pretty damn petty to not give one to a player had far more to do with team success than the headphone wrangler.  On the other hand, if only players on the team get a ring etc....then I can understand it.

Moreover, why would Bryant even want a ring from a team he didn't want to be part of anymore?

Comment 07 Aug 2019

Not pointed at you EB, but when you step back a bit this whole "following recruiting" thing is hilarious.

We're guessing what UGa recruiting insiders have heard from a guess what they heard from a second-hand account of the conversations between one unsigned 17yr old and a casual acquaintance of his and inferring from this what the last 17yr old. is thinking now....and will think (and do) 4-5months from now.

Maybe all that shit lines up exactly right once in awhile.  However, it sure seems like throwing darts blindfolded after being spinned around when viewed at arm's length.

Comment 04 Aug 2019

I agree with Brutus...surprising and disappointing.

And while the "we got none of the 5-star RBs" is true, I'm not sure those are the most important stats.  To really have informed opinions, we need to see are:

What pct. of the RBs at the top of your board as of the 18mo before their signing day did you land?  (How well do you close sales?)

What pct. of the RBs at the top of your board that landed ended up getting significant carries/yards over their 1st 3 years in Cbus?  (Are you a good evaluator of both talent and kids as people?)

Sadly, I don't think we ever will see those sort of stats in public.

Comment 03 Aug 2019

I said my piece above and, if it was my call, would not go for a second.  However, to be fair, the latest injury that shut down his camp circuit isn't his first injury.  Knee injury took him out of at least a month of their season last year.  I want to say he had another injury sometime prior to the knee as well...but I may be confusing him with someone else.  Anyway, the point is that it's probably fair to be worried about the health of a guy with a history of injuries.

Comment 03 Aug 2019

To me, I think there are larger needs in the class than a second QB.  Plus, anything that upsets Miller is a problem.  Losing him a this point of the class (after losing out on the 2 top RB targets) would be a bad look for any kid not yet signed (or even the '21 class). 

So, imho, at most we slow play Stroud on the chance Miller gets hurt again before signing day.  Even then, we'd have to be straight with Miller that we're worried about his durability...which would not be good either.

In the end, Day will do whatever he does and that will be fine.  After all, he is the one who is recruiting and coaching for his job.  (No, I'm not saying Day may be fired for a bad recruiting class or even a rough season.  I'm just saying he's not yet a proven commodity and Buckeye expectations are elite results.  So, the fact is that he simply has a much shorter leash here than he would, for example, as a first-time HC at a lower-tier or less successful program.  And things like alienating a class-leading QB are the kind of thing that tends to snowball.)

My 2 cents.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I understand where you're coming from, but that jump into the Salvation Army Kettle was awesome publicity for them and he knew it would cost him money...and was technically off the field.  Plus, I don't recall any filed charges against Zeke, let alone convictions...just PR black-eyes.  Sooo...I can't buy the "not great off the field" implication.

BTW, I gave you an up to offset whoever decided you don't get to have an opinion.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I don't know or care who any tweet was about.  All I know is we need more "The Dude" and less "Walter" up in here related to 17 year olds.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Neither the Vest nor Meyer coached Def...let alone D-Line.  (I suppose you could say the Vest was coaching Def when he coached offense...because he was all about ball/clock control.)  So should we expect any correlation between the two head coaches and D-line quality? 

I think the only correlation is that Tressel wanted to keep the Def off the field (which keeps D-Line fresh), while Meyer was much less of that mindset.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Depends.  My daughter considered TTUN and an Ohio school.  Mama said she'd support either way.  I told my daughter she wasn't welcome home the week of the game (Thanksgiving) if she chose TTUN.  My daughter chose right.  (Frankly, I think she "considered" them just to wind me up.)

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Looks like a great tape, although I wish there was less receiving and more running.  Looks like a chip off the old block if he can get in a quality weight room to bulk up a bit.

I still remember his dad beating the Giant's to death with a dislocated shoulder and hammy tweak.  EJ should get the benefit of every doubt on that fact alone.