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Comment 21 Aug 2017

I don't recall ANY team where the whole damn DL were named captains.  I'm not doubting any of them are the right guys or worthy of the honor/responsibility...just saying I've never seen or heard of it before.

I wonder if there is a limit on how many guys you can actually send out for the coin toss?  If not, this may be the start of an arms race that ends in every team naming the entire roster captain and both teams meeting at mid-field for the toss each game.

Comment 13 Aug 2017

Makes you think that every other play in the playbook (besides Dave off Left Tackle) is just there so the other kids parents don't get pissed off.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I'm tempted to say somebody raped those numbers...but I have too much class to do that.   ;-D

Comment 02 Aug 2017

If the new OC is the "main reason" you are positive, then you are way off base.

The main reason should be UFM, followed by the boatload of talent we've stockpiled in the last 5 years, a winner QB with a ton of reps under his belt and having some actual experience on the team before game #1 all figure into the top 5 reasons.  

Sure, Wilson has a rep and he may make an impact.  However, it's not like he's the potential savior trying to salvage a lost cause.  He's being handed the keys to a top of the line Ferrari racing car with a blank check for spare parts, mechanics and a crew/driver used to winning damn near everything damn near every year.  In fact, if he can't produce huge point totals and efficiency with what he's being handed...there will be sharks circling by about halftime of the Indiana game.

So, sure he's A REASON to be positive, but he sure isn't the MAIN REASON.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

He may not be out of basic by 11/10...depending on when he leaves next month.  If he's still in boot...he won't be going to any balls.  You might verify that before you go making too many plans.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Boot camp is much different than it was in my day.  However, you should notice a distinct change in your guy's demeanor after those 3mo.  

Comment 15 Jul 2017

It will be a formal.  Yoiu won't want to just throw on the best dress from your closet.  Marines will be in dress blues, the few non-Marine men will likely be in Tux.  Google it and you will see images of the couples.

Where (what base) will this ball be...if your date is still in basic, he may not know where he'll be stationed.  However, his MOS and home location (which side of Mississippi River) can go a long way toward telling.  I only mention that because you can get base-specific details via google if nothing else.

Comment 14 Jul 2017

I'm with you...I've got a great game on my phone...you type in numbers, press the green button.  If the right person answers, you win...if not you lose.

Comment 04 Jul 2017

You've already gotten some great advice.  Yes, keep taking your meds.  Talk to people.  Reach out when you need a hand.  However, let me offer my own 2 cents.

Perspective is usually the most needed and least available commodity.  Scratch, claw, beg, borrow or steal some...but get some.

I'm sure your financial problems and life circumstances seem devastating...they aren't.  There are 7 billion folks on this rock today.   At least half of them (more likely way, way more than half) are in a worse financial condition, have fewer opportunities to "get out" of them and more obstacles in their way.  A similar story is true of any mental issues you are struggling to control.

If that is too esoteric to register with you, then just take an hour to go visit the nearest homeless shelter, food pantry or Soup kitchen.  I know Zanesville must have a number of them.  An hour spent in any of those places will undoubtedly reveal many people much worse off than you.

Are those folks "lost causes"?  Should they just curl up and die?  The answer is no!

Life is a race.  Success in life is not defined by how well you run on an open track with no traffic.  It's a marathon...so success is defined by how well you deal with traffic, bumps, tire punctures, road debris and the occasional collision.  (And I hate Nascar.  lol)  Put another way, you are going to keep getting knocked on your ass by life.  Success is not about never getting knocked down...it's about how well and how quickly you bounce back up, laugh at life and say "is that all you've got?"

Cowboy up Outraged.  You can overcome this current shit...no sweat.  In the grand scheme of things, these current issues ain't nothin.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I had the privilege of attending some of Woody's military history lectures in the ROTC building when I went to OSU.  He spoke about military history with the same passion and expertise he spoke about football.  The man was a giant.

Comment 17 Jun 2017

As long as donors want to pony up and pay for it, why not? It is worth mentioning that like OSU, Michigan's athletic department operates in the black. This isn't costing taxpayers or general students a dime. In fact, the athletic dept. GIVES money to the general fund.

I see the reasoning.  NCAA is made up of colleges.  So long as donors pick up the check, it costs schools nothing...therefore, why not?

The 2 flies in the ointment are 1) Not all schools have sugar daddies with deep pockets (unfair between schools);  2) I don't see donors lining up to pay for non-football player students to take European trips.  That makes this the very definition of "extra benefit" and therefore recruiting violation (at least in spirit).

Congrats to those kids that got in under the wire and I suppose Harbaugh gets credit for keeping his team of nitpickers looking for loopholes in the letter of the NCAA bylaws.  

However, it makes me wonder why we never heard about Stanford team trips to Europe, Asia or wherever.  Lack of donors...different institutional ethics...nobody had thought of it yet????  (Serious question and institutional ethics is a perfectly valid answer without assigning probabilities.)

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Exactly. Almost no way to not just be subjective in this ranking as well as the ones they do.

- Stats as a true freshman (otherwise your results are skewed by the college's relative ability to develop talent)?

- Stats over college career (again, overlooks school's ability to develop talent, but at least gives a broader measure)?

- NFL draft rank (same weaknesses as above...and throws in the team needs and quality of pro scouts)?

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Who knows.  A kid whose only played 1 year will double his experience before he gets here...should skyrocket, but could run into a plateau from the learning curve.  More tape is needed before anyone can really answer that question.

LJ sees lots of potential...that's plenty good enough for me.  The pecking order will work itself out after a few more games this fall.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

About 20-ish, based solely on football money and general school prestige.

We are not and never will be a bball blueblood.

We are not and never will be a bball-first school.

We are not and never will be a school where bball is a big draw regardless of record...in spite of not being a bball-first school (examples would be Wisky, MSU).

We have no tradition of excellence in bball.

We have no very recent program success to build on.

However, we do have to play several schools each year that have those things and will have strong teams.

All we have is Football providing plenty of money, good facilities and a good university.  No tradition, rabid fanbase, huge following or recent success to build on.  

In the B1G alone, MSU, Wisky, Indiana and Maryland are more desirable jobs for a coach.  Purdue and Ill may or may not be on that list too.

Just my 2 cents.