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Comment 28 Dec 2018

Because the Purdue football team is still in the parking lot.  This is just a bunch of trans cheerleaders on the field.

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Haskins is the most overrated quarterback in college football.  He generally hit the easy passes, but even on these, he was often behind the receiver forcing them to shift back to catch the ball.  He's no where near as accurate as claimed.  Overall a good, but sure as Hell, not great QB.

He had his best running in a game ever, but even then made a couple awkward cuts that made no sense, and came close as Hell to a fumble near the endzone.  However, when pressured, he makes poor decisions and gets in bad situations that usually end up in sacks.

Now to all the Haskins' sycophants - give me your best shot.  Tell me all the great stats against 2nd rate teams, and other than Penn State that's all we've played.

Comment 09 Nov 2018

Blu, if OSU can't make it to the playoffs and Michigan does, then I'd secretly pull for Michigan to win it all, since you steal half your players from Ohio anyway.  It also helps OSU in the long run, as it makes the conference look like it is actually worth a crap.

But officially, fuck Michigan.  Hopefully we pound the shit out of them.