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Comment 10 Jan 2018

He is an inspirational player and person I don't know if I'm man enough to smile like him through all this.  I hope and pray that he walks again someday and I believe he will.

Comment 24 Dec 2017

That is true.  That 2014 team was also very hungry after the Va Tech game and played really hard every play.

Comment 24 Dec 2017

I think every offense works if you have the right players.  They all can win championships if you have the most talent like we did in 2014.

Comment 12 Dec 2017

There is a video interview with former pride fighter Gary Goodridge and his battle with CTE.  He had problems with domestic violence also.  

Comment 12 Dec 2017

I hope they find a way to get the CTE under control.  It's really scary to think about.  Athletes keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster but our brains are the same as they always were.  MMA fighters and boxers get the same symptoms over time also.  Playing through concussions is the worst thing.  Some guys are too tough for their own good.  I hope things improve for him.

Comment 11 Dec 2017

I complained about him right along with everyone else  but now I think were lucky to have him. He deserves to go out with a win.  

Comment 09 Dec 2017

Ryan Shazier is a buckeye legend in my mind.  I hope and pray he recovers fully and can do whatever he wishes in life.  I have always respected the steelers for their toughness and for drafting Buckeyes but if he was coached to lead with his helmet he should be compensated. I always wondered if they were coached to tackle head first there.  James Harrison and Troy Polamalu  both had neck issues from too many helmet tackles.  Hines Ward had a rule named after him.  There were probably more. I'm just venting I guess but it's heartbreaking to see a legend go down like that.  Is football even worth it?  All we can do is pray for Ryan and pray for the safety of all football players and athletes everywhere.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

We need a turnover chain and some major mojo to beat them

Comment 02 Dec 2017

If we show up we win big. But l’m nervous one minute and super confident the next about this game.  If we run the qb 25 times we lose. If we can’t cover the tight end we lose.  If we go up early and make them play catch up we win easily.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

It probably is not a place he wants to be anymore and the kids probably need a change of scenery just as bad as he does.  Kids can take divorce worse than the parents in some cases.  I should not have mentioned his wife its a terrible situation all the way around and has nothing to do with football.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

I doubt we'll see any bias during the game and who cares how hard he cries after the game is over.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

I don't know if chip kelly's system can survive in the SEC.  It didn't work in the NFL and it didn't work against Stanford or OSU.  I think he'll pick UCLA for that reason.  Everyone thinks the PAC 12 is down a little bit so it would be a perfect time for someone to take over.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

I want to believe everyone that says we have a chance but I'll believe it when I see it.  I think we are one of the top 4 teams in the country when we show up.  I don't think we are the same team that lost to Oklahoma and I think we would beat them in a rematch.  The whole committee thing has me worried.  The game is the most important thing to me right now and the B1G championship game is second.  A playoff appearance would be icing on the cake.