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Comment 17 Jan 2019

As a twenty-six year veteran of the Army and one who has dealt with high level GO's and flag-level officers, I have to disagree about GO's not benefitting from status in retirement.  Most of these guys and ladies are extremely high powered folks who, with their experience and abilities, would easily make millions as CEO's of large companies.  Unless they are doing something that reflects poorly on the service or nation (like a certain Rear Admiral), I am fine with it.  That said, GEN Odierno is a strange choice for the committee.  

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Make Schiano "associate head coach" with oversight over special teams and defense.  Day would be nuts to get rid of someone with his experience.  Replace Davis with Freeman, with Freeman being CO-DC.  Make Grinch primary DC and play caller.

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Probably want to actually watch the game.  Both Werner and Borland played very well.  54 yards rushing.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Actually pretty similar.  Both have themes, talking points, and safe harbors.  I've prepared folks for press conferences, Senate testimony, and trial.  Similar things work for all.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Absolutely this.  As someone who has spent most of his life in courtroom's, the worst witnesses are the stupid and those with tremendous egos.  As a defense attorney, I would work like hell to keep them off the stand.

Comment 03 Sep 2018

To the untrained eye, Chase Young may have looked to have played well.  I doubt he graded as well as some thought.  Two offsides and several failures to maintain contain.  Didn't do his job several times.  Right now, plays like a pass rush specialist.

Comment 25 Oct 2017

My son asked why they were "cocaine whites" and I had to tell him I have no idea.   Would love to know why.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

With his next TD pass, JT Barrett will set the all-time Big Ten record for TD passes, breaking Drew Brees' record with roughly 600 fewer attempts, a higher completion percentage,a higher yards per attempt, and roughly 1/2 of Brees' INTs.