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Comment 10 Sep 2019

When I was at the game Saturday, it looked like Drennen wasn't really talking to any of the OSU commits or other visitors.  He just seemed to kinda be off on his own.  I thought then that he just wasn't truly interested in being there.  Maybe that was just an isolated portion of his time there and it's nothing to read into, but it seemed telling to me.

Comment 10 Aug 2019

I think Fields will end up being the starter, but if this tweet from Tim May has truth to it, Day is probably starting to get impatient.  He's wanting Fields to go out and take the job, but apparently he isn't really doing it.

Comment 04 Aug 2019

So, Georgia could potentially have Zamir White, James Cook, Kenny McIntosh, Kendall Milton, and Zach Evans at RB in 2020.  If they somehow pull that off, then I don't even know what to say. Obviously White has been riddled with injuries and Cook isn't your prototypical every down back, but going off reputation alone, that is an absurd depth chart.

Comment 03 Aug 2019

Clemson is recruiting at an insane level right now.  Dabo and his staff, that has remained mostly intact, deserve a lot of credit for building their program into a powerhouse.  Southern location with good weather, decent college town, decent school, great facilities, and now they're winning titles...it's easy to see why they're doing so well.

I'm not gonna lie and say that Clemson whipping Ohio State 30-0 (and also beating us in a shootout in 2013) isn't part of the reason I dislike Dabo and Clemson, but there are a couple other factors that I think are legitimate.  First, the fact that three players tested positive for PEDs and no one seems to care.  I know that this stuff isn't isolated to Clemson, but I'm sure it does benefit them, especially if they're doing it on a large scale.  The university did an internal investigation and refused to release the results.  How do you think the media would react if OSU has multiple guys test positive for roids, did an investigation, and then said "nah, nothing to see here"?

Next, Dabo's personality really gets on my nerves.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Christian and living your life the right way.  But the guy sits on his high horse, and then is known for heavily bad-mouthing other coaches and programs in the recruiting game.  I'm not naive to think that negative recruiting doesn't happen everywhere in some fashion, but from what we have heard, he is not shy about throwing anyone and everyone under the bus.  Then you have a Clemson basketball coach on wiretap during this college basketball investigation basically admitting that Clemson football is providing illegal benefits to recruits.  These reasons are why I don't particularly care for Dabo, and also why I want to see OSU get better and whip their ass to avenge what has happened in the past.

I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for going off topic.  This part is almost to 300 posts anyway.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I took it to mean pressure from Ohio State's staff, but maybe he meant other recruits.  This is why I said I didn't know how to interpret it for sure.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

That quote from him about pressure from Ohio State is kinda puzzling.  I don't really know how to interpret that.

Why mention Ohio State at all?  I guess he does basically confirm that he was a silent to OSU until last week though.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I don't understand why people get so pissed about this.  The same people who are sick of the discussion about Bijan and Knighton are the same ones who usually clutter these threads with talk about non-football stuff anyway.  The class is almost entirely built.  There's a need for another DL, another CB, and then RBs.  I get that there has been a lot of stuff repeated the last few days while people try to rationalize the crazy turn of events last weekend, but talking about the direction that the staff will go from here (and even still talking about continuing to recruit Bijan) isn't really off topic.

Also, I think everyone should already be aware of the fact that some 5-stars pan out, some don't.  Some 3-stars end up being great players, some don't.  The staff obviously had their guys prioritized, it didn't work out, so now they're focusing on some guys that weren't as high on the board.  Guys like Smith, Bradford, and Drennen aren't bad players.  They might even end up having better careers than Robinson or Knighton, but it doesn't change the fact that that they were lower on the staff's board originally.  There's nothing wrong with that.  People can still have trust in the staff, but be disappointed that we didn't get our top targets.  They're not mutually exclusive. 

If the staff is focused on Drennen as the APB, maybe they think Smith is likely to end up at Stanford.  Maybe they think Smith could even potentially be a three-down back, but it seems as though they're truly focused on a Bradford/Drennen combo at this point.  We'll see how things play out.  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

I have never wanted to know the behind the scenes information in a recruitment more than this one.

If Bijan simply changed his mind and wants to go to Texas, then that's entirely fine.  But I'm super curious to find out if he truly wants to go to Ohio State and his family won't allow it, since that's what basically every insider is saying or insinuating.  I guess it doesn't matter in the end, but definitely intrigued by how this all went down.

Hoping that Day and the staff can somehow flip this back in OSU's favor, if not by Friday, then by signing day. 

Comment 30 Jul 2019

“When I took my official [visit], I was close to committing to Ohio State”

"That's what I care about most.  My parents loved it."

“I love the coaching staff here. I could play for them for the three to four years that I will be here. That’s really why I chose this school."

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Knighton has picked FSU for the moment.  Will be interesting to see if it sticks.

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Tom Herman is a great recruiter.  No one disputes that.  At least not anyone that knows what they're talking about.

The problem that people have with him is that he helped set off the Zach Smith firestorm because he was salty over losing Garrett Wilson to Ohio State.  Yes, mistakes were made by Urban and others during that situation, but McMurphy doesn't start that crusade last summer without Herman playing his role.  That's why people act like he's a slime ball.  

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Gill and McCall are not true RBs.  I think Teague, Crowley, and Chambers are going to be successful, but the staff was looking to take TWO backs in this class.  Right now, they have none.  It's a bit of a concern.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

I have harped on this plenty the last couple days, but if it ends up being Texas, then I really wanna know what happened behind the scenes.  For him to be a silent and 100% set on OSU, only to change his mind to Texas, which is still over 12 hours from home, just seems too weird.  I think it's suspicious.  

Maybe I just don't like Herman anymore after him going off the deep end when he lost Garrett Wilson, but it just doesn't add up after everything we have been told.  If it's not OSU, I hope it's USC.  I have a hard time being okay with Herman and Beck somehow swooping in and winning this one.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Is it confirmed that this is a recent comment from Paris?  Within the last day hopefully.  lol

I thought I saw somewhere that it might have been from a while back.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

You're right.  The dead period just ended, but now it's a quiet period, and then right back into another dead period.

My bad.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

The dead period is now over, correct?  If I'm Ryan Day and Tony Alford, I am in Tuscon like yesterday to sit down with the Robinson family to fix this. 

Well, maybe one of them would be in Deerfield Beach, FL and the other in Tuscon.  

Comment 29 Jul 2019

That can't possibly be the reason, can it?  Ransom and Miller are coming here, so he doesn't wanna "follow" them?  

There has to be more to it.  Just seems silly.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

I actually mentioned Toafili in one of the earlier threads today.  I would guess that the staff will at least reach out to him if things do, indeed, fall through with Knighton and Robinson this week.  I think he's a solid player that, as you mentioned, was VERY interested in Ohio State.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

So, my takeaway from the last part was that Givler says that the staff doesn't think they're out of it for Robinson yet.  They need to try to ease distance concerns again and hopefully settle the uneasiness that the family has about it.

The staff also is not as confident on Knighton, but they don't think they're completely out of it.

This seems like a bit of wishful thinking after what we have heard, but I like that there is some glimmer of hope left.  Might as well ride it out through the week and see what happens.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

About a 7 hour car ride, so it's definitely doable for the family to go see him play a lot.  

Like I said in the last thread, if it's Arizona or one of the LA schools, then I kinda get it.  Proximity to home is important to most people.  If it ended up being Texas, which is considerably farther and would require a flight, then I wouldn't really get it.