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Comment 24 Jun 2017

Saad was 74th in the league last year in points. Panarin was 11th. Lose a little bit of experience and defense, but a lot say Panarins best play hasn't even arrived yet. This is a win for the CBJ straight up. Kid is an offensive juggernaut. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I agree that with more 5 star commits and higher rated recruiting classes that there will be more early entrants to the NFL draft. But when almost everyone who is on the bubble declares rather than return it makes me wonder if they are leaving out of frustration. I.e. Zeke after the Michigan State game last year when he said "no way im coming back after that game". Hard to blame these players with some of the coaching of late. Id appreciate a culture that encourages kids to stay all 4 years and earn a degree regardless of draft stock. A degree will help a 1st rounder just as much as it will a 4th rounder.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Valid points. But consider if we had a returning class like they did i.e we lost Zeke and Bosa (fair as they were our best players) How much different would our team look if we returned Mike Thomas, Jalin Marshall, Vonn Bell, Eli Apple and even Cardale? Would we be in the same spot? 

I honestly can't say but its hard to imagine our offense would have been so inept with some experience at wide-out.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I just always thought one of the great things about college football is playing while earning a degree. If guys are already focused on the NFL - sort of difficult to imagine them truly caring about their current, college team or team-mates. Sort of the Roby Junior year-mentality but from day one. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I was honestly concerned for the safety of Clemsons D-Lineman. With JT throwing bullets into their facemasks concussion protocols really needed to be followed more.

Comment 01 Jan 2017
My frustration with the offensive coaching is honestly with all of them - Beck, Meyer, Smith, Warriner. Great coaches get the best out of their players. Our D coaches have excelled at this. Our offensive coaches have bottled up our play-makers talent and rarely seem to get anyone on the business-end of the ball to reach their fullest potential. The scariest thing to me is Urban over the last several weeks has seemed to accept this below average offensive strategy.
Comment 28 Nov 2016

Amazing to rewatch the game and pay attention to how good their defensive front really is. They were immediately in the backfield.

If JTs protection could have held up for just a second or two it seemed several receivers were open and could have been targeted. 

I wonder if a lot of JTs hesitation is due to O Line's inability to slow/defend against simple shifts and blitz packages. 

Comment 06 Nov 2016

We can do Better.

Season tickets in 17A. My group of four stood and cheered the entire game. I can't say the same about many others in our section. I expected, as usual, to be asked to sit down...At least that did not happen. Granted, the students do their part, plus.  Fans, Alumni, we can do better, we can do much better. How many of you, who say the place was rocking have been to Madison or State College when the Buckeyes roll into town? I have not seen that kind of environment in the Horseshoe for quite a few years. I remember when Michigan used to come to down and the crowd would  get a flag thrown on them for making TOO much noise, of course they no longer penalize a crowd for that, but we need to get back to that point.

We can help our Buckeyes win games!

We can do Better!