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Comment 20 Jul 2017
The problem is that you get nutjobs that will bend the rule as far as they can that the NCAA comes in trying to cover every scenario. It is usually easier to deal with these types by just having a blanket rule to cover everything. It sucks, but as is usually the case in life, 1% of the population playing by a different set of rules ruins it for everyone else.
Comment 18 Jul 2017
Mine is the same as last year, I am still wearing khakis.
Comment 05 Jan 2017
If he did phone it in (I doubt he did), it would have been very noticeable every single day to the rest of the staff and players. I just can't imagine, any of the rest of them would allow it. In high school we had a teacher tell us that you should treat your last day on the job exactly the same as your first. That has always stuck with me.
Comment 05 Dec 2016
As someone who also grew up in Piqua, I'm sure it hasn't been great either. But hey you can get a good deal on property. http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/124-W-Greene-St_Piqua_OH_45356_M49113-35008?ex=OH594920345