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Comment 01 Dec 2017
The only way that this can end is by making Brady Hoke the highest paid coach in college football.
Comment 24 Nov 2017
JT as only 4-0 QB solidifies his legacy. Harbaugh is not only over rated but over paid as well. Michigan has always bewn the most important game of the season. Looking forward to a glorious day.
Comment 24 Nov 2017
Has Michigan ever lost a game? Or is it just that the refs screwed them over every time? The guy who had the spot was from Michigan, get over it.
Comment 26 Oct 2017
The color is "manatee" for offensive lineman though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2013/04/03/whoops-target-inadvertently-offers-manatee-dresses-for-plus-size-women-twitter-notices/amp/
Comment 22 Oct 2017
The fans of the team up north are the same way. http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/was-there-single-holding-penalty-called-against-psu
Comment 22 Oct 2017
Was thinking the same thing, its possible that was the only time this has ever played out in favor of the team making that claim.
Comment 01 Oct 2017
I agree with this concept, but you also have to keep a defense honest. Or else its like putting Jabrill Peppers in the wildcat and expecting anything but him to run the ball.