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Comment 08 Oct 2019

Toledo lost their starting QB in the 3rd while in a tight game that they had not trailed in up until that point.  Turnovers doomed them after that.  Shit happens, but MAC schools losing starters hurts worse than stacked P5 schools.  

Comment 03 Oct 2019

I think its safe to assume he was specifically talking about arresting players with a bench warrant for not paying a ticket.  

Though its safe to assume Tallahassee turned a blind eye to star player transgressions.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

The browns played about as undisciplined, uncoordinated and poorly called game as i have seen in a while and as a life-long Browns fan thats saying something.  And TBH, this game was 3 points in the late 3rd/4th.  For whatever reason the Henry long TD caused the entire staff to go stupid.  

This team wont have 18 penalties again.  The OL is a concern, but that can be helped with better play calling (no more 7 step drops on 3rd and short please).  

The Bengals however - you are right, they played the absolute best they can play and came up short.  Of the two I would prefer my team to have fixable issues that lead to wins vs a giant talent gap that essentially means you have to play perfect AND hope the opponent plays awful to have a fighting chance.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

This.  This was all about piss poor execution and then trying to make it all up in 1 series.  They shot themselves in the foot with penalties so many times in critical opportunities... I am concerned with the OL, as they once again appear to have little depth especially at T.  If Robinson doesnt play like he did last year those shiny weapons at WR and RB arent going to do shit.  

They also needed more balance play calling when the game was close.  Too many attempts at housing it on 2nd and mid or 3rd and short.  They have the talent to not need that and also to take short plays to the house anyway, no need to make your OL try and block for 8 seconds (and even when they hit there was holding).  When they were down by 9 (after the Henry score) and backed up to their own goal line the play calling was ridiculous for that down and distance and the OL situation.  Just stupid, that needs to be fixed.

I do see some positives though.  They kept fighting, and there were some overall nifty plays made across the board.  Take away the long run by Henry and 1 catch by the rookie and they didnt really give up any chunk plays.  As shitty as they played discipline wise, they still outgained the Titans.  If they can keep their heads about them they will be destructive.  

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I guess its two if f you ignore the college issues, count him sipping on the syrup and rolling with shell casings in his car as one.  

Gordon 2.0 with WAY less talent.  

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Add to it - there have been some comparisons to Murray and Jones, but the fact of the matter is that Murray played with the 1's (albeit Arizona) and didnt throw a pass more than 8 yards, the best compliments he is getting is "ability to avoid contact."  Jones looked good enough for NY, playing behind a good OLine with whats left of the Giants 1's.  Haskins played behind Keenum, who actually played more than I thought he would for Game 1, and as noted above the line was missing Williams.  The Redskins are hot garbage, but Haskins looked decent against the Browns mostly 2nd string D.  He made some throws that were really impressive, and showed some escapability/pocket awareness.  He made some bone headed mistakes that cost the team (one INT wasnt a great throw, the other not his fault) and he definitely took too long to get to the line on occasion and couldnt adjust the play.  Pretty much a rookie performance.  Fact is he has Keenum in front of him, so it wont be long before he is the starter.  

Comment 12 Aug 2019
He also seemed genuinely remorseful at the trial vs Mays, who only apologized for taking pictures and sharing them. That scum will end up in jail again, most likely for rape. There is no taking back what they did, but at least there is a semblance of hope that Richardson can do something with his life, not be a rapist, and possibly use his story to reach other young men not to be human trash?
Comment 09 Aug 2019

nothing wrong with his knees, he broke his leg and had some rough recovery issues (I believe an infection, and some type of bad scarring).  It really does come down to experience (Bowen) vs potential (NPF).  My guess is Bowen gets named starter and NPF plays a lot.  The Cinci game will be telling, you know Fickel is going to have a solid D and pass rush. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Seriously, it shouldnt be this hard.  If they cant meet any of the "immediate eligibility" criteria, count it as a gray shirt (or pink shirt or whatever) - so long as they are and continue to make academic progress towards a degree the off year doesnt count towards the 4 years of playing eligibility.  Players SHOULD be immediately eligible to play if:

1) the player has not seen significant playing time (> 1/10th of O or D snaps or a special teams starter) during their first 2 years of eligibility (not counting any redshirt/grayshirt years) - meaning if they transfer as a RS Soph or a Junior they would be immediately eligible and have 2 seasons to play.  They COULD NOT use this option 2x.

2) if the school receives NCAA sanctions from events prior to the player signing a LOI. 

3) If the school has a Head Coaching change. 

4) graduate transfers.

Everything else - 1 year of sitting out, and with academic progress it doesnt count against eligibility.  In Baldwin's case, he would have 4 years of eligibility left.  Take out the BS - including Fields, Martell, etc. from this year.  

Comment 01 Aug 2019

OSU vs ND, 1995.  My Uncle took my sister and I - she was a HS Senior bound for OSU and I was a HS freshman.  I had caught every game on the radio or tv for about 3-4 years, and before that had watched the couple of televised games per year (crazy to think that not that long ago you couldnt see every single OSU snap on tv...).  That team was so very stacked, the atmosphere was electric.  We had great seats - 35 yard line, 10-20 rows back.  I remember the Defense really getting after it in the second half, Eddie wearing them down and the 83yd TD to Terry Glenn.  I may have missed a couple snaps or a game here and there, but not many. 

One of my favorite memories was when a hard tackle by the OSU D (possibly out of bounds) led to a bit of a scuffle on the sideline right in front of us - My uncle and I both standing up yelling "Kick his ass".  Man what a game. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019
You could have the alternate as well - if there is a truly game breaking rb (Zeke, Gurley, Barkley) you absolutely take them in the first - 5 years at well below market value, then the franchise tag.
Comment 31 Jul 2019

Only reason they should feel pressure to sign Cooper is how much they gave up to get him in the trade.  There is the AB/OBJ/Thomas/Jones/Greene tier or WR's, a tier below them, and then the third tier.  Cooper is on the border of the 2nd and 3rd tier.  

Prescott is one of those QB's who can excel with good talent around him but will never carry a team.  In the past, those QB's would get money but not top 3 money.  Now, its always highest paid until the next contract.  CRAZY.  

You can almost guarantee if Zeke doesnt play this year the Cowboys are not going anywhere regardless of Dak and Cooper.  If Zeke plays, they will probably make the playoffs even if Cooper goes back to his Raiders average.  They are not Super Bowl caliber either way.  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Honestly, at this point truly elite backs may be better off rolling the dice and going through the supplemental draft.  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Its a testament to the offenses of today that the NFL rushing leader last year (year 3), who also was the yards from scrimmage leader his rookie year and would have been either rushing or total yardage champion year 2 if not for a completely asinine suspension is somehow less likely to be paid max $ vs a significantly underachieving WR (Cooper) - not saying he isn't a top 10-15 WR, just significantly underachieving and streaky.  Zeke, who has significant immaturity issues off the field, shows up and shows out on the field EVERY GAME, getting better in high pressure situations vs Cooper who completely disappears at times.  Cowboys are a .500 team with Cooper and without Elliot, and are a playoff team with Elliot despite Cooper disappearing.  Prescott is WAAAY overrated but wont cost you a game.  Very Trent Dilfer like with more mobility, but the NFL is a passing/QB driven league and a halfway competent QB will always get paid.  Its just bizzaro world though.  Elite, top 2 RB cant get paid while a middle tier WR and a slightly above replacement player QB are going to get top flight pay.  

Comment 12 Jul 2019

stupidity of the traffickers? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty sure the CG would have other means fro taking care of a submerged sub vs a surfacing one.  

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Roman candles were also a riot.  Entire city blocks for hide and seek.  ramps and curb jumping.  neighbors being cool with random groups of kids showing up at their backyard hoop or pool, even if their kid / grandkid wasnt home or playing.  

Comment 24 Jun 2019

hmm - also toledo, late 80's early 90's.  We played every conceivable sport as a pickup and for the schools.  Baseball, football, basketball.   Lived right by Ottawa Park golf course (opposite side from UT), and we would play from "as soon as parents said we could go out" until well after the streetlights came on.  One of the best memories was when they repaved the street.  That fresh black asphalt was a perfect street football playing surface; a can of spray paint and a tape measure gave us yard markers and end zones.  MAN was the city pissed off.

Comment 22 May 2019

They occasionally are decent, but the games are entertaining.  Most of the top prep players in the suburban areas surrounding Toledo end up at one of the Catholic High Schools (St Johns, St Francis, Central Catholic).  The only public HS's that have been decent in football are Whitmer and Sylvania Southview.  

Comment 22 May 2019

Pretty spot on - Toledo born and bred, went HS at Springfield (in Holland), now living in Maumee.  Downtown has a much different vibe near the arena and stadium, the Valentine theater and Stranahan theaters have some really good Broadway style shows and other acts.  Lots of places to eat.  From Holland you have a short drive to Sidecut Park in Maumee for excellent fishing, running/hiking, a bit of history, a sledding hill in winter.  You have a little longer drive (but well worth it) to Oak Openings Park for a true taste of why the region is also known as the Great Black Swamp.  Lake Erie is right in your backyard for some excellent boating and the islands in the summer (Put In Bay in particular) are really cool.   

Comment 20 May 2019

While I could see the personnel not matching the system, I think the evidence points the opposite way.  It is MUCH harder to replace a legendary HC than a coordinator.  Recent history at tOSU points this out pretty clearly.  2014 - idiot savant OC, absurd offense.  2015/16 - idiot(ic) OC(s), same personnel, terrible offense.  2017, 2018 - enter Ryan Day/Kevin Wilson, Offense becomes electric again.  

HC turn over does not have that kind of history.  I hope Day falls more in line with Riley succeeding Stoops and not Strong replacing Brown at Texas..