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Comment 11 Dec 2019

This might have been stated above, but I think Meyer's ranking is more about how he is viewed by the college football community, the press in general, and folks in the south who think the region is the untouchable in football, rather than just ESPN.  If he wasn't your coach, there were lot's of reasons not to like him, mainly how he would beat your team soundly wherever he went, or how he could recruit your kids out from under you.  Also, he took his coaching and recruiting skills on the road to the north and showed the southern teams that they really weren't so special.  With the right formula, you can win anywhere.  So at #46 It's still a slight, but he should be comfortable knowing that his very success and a "southern" bias is a big part of why he was ranked where he was.  

Comment 26 Jun 2019

I think the "conference bias" might be that the SEC is "so mighty top to bottom", that if you can navigate that gauntlet that OOC doesn't matter.  I for one think that's a trash take, but I think it explains the pass Alabama consistently gets.  That being said, I guess that argument doesn't work as well for Clemson, but the opposite is probably true that they have the best chance of going undefeated each year in the ACC, so why challenge yourself OOC?

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Depending on how you define "self indulgent", I'm not sure Primus fits.  Sure, Les Claypool does whatever the hell he wants with respect to albums, concerts, and side projects, but he is a rare talent on the bass and has played with some of the most ridiculously talented folks, both within and outside of his genre.  I, for one, am glad he indulges himself!

Comment 15 Oct 2018

Agreed, GCL.  I would actually be willing to go to more games (and pay more) if I could get my own seat anywhere in the stadium.  The last two games I went to almost ended in brawls/ushers getting called because people couldn't "sit in their seats".  The average width of a seat has to be something like 18-24 inches and that just doesn't work with today's American.  The wife and I had closed end box seats for the Penn State game in 2017 and that was the best, regardless of where the seats were.  Just one man's opinion.