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Comment 23 hours ago
That one is easy. Good example of people listening to 'news' because it us saying what they want to hear.
Comment 17 Sep 2020
Davis trashed the B1G on his way put and came back. Randy has always been complimentary towards Ohio State from what I have seen. Hopefully they differentiate the two.
Comment 16 Sep 2020
It isn't just 5% of players. That only creates one of the reds. The other red is 7.5% of people around the team. When both of those are met the team is down for at least a week but likely more.
Comment 16 Sep 2020
They just had the #1 qb in his class on campus for two years. Showed zero improvement in that time. Harbaugh is entering year 6 and at this point not having talent on campus is an indictment against him and not an excuse.
Comment 16 Sep 2020

They easily could be in online only classes so it doesn't really matter if they are on or off campus.  The deciding factor is signing with an agent which reports say they haven't done yet.  Their decisions should be out by the end of tomorrow at the latest I would think.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

At this point yeah.  I don't expect him to come out and deny the reporting of boatguy or anything else like that.  Today he had a president on a hot mic say they were announcing something.  I know he walked it back saying it was taken out of context but I'll be damned if I can think of the 'in-context' way to interpret what he said.  If there wasn't an announcement planned the conference really needed to come out and say so today and early.  This is a storm of their own making.  Even if it was yet another 'we are still talking and ironing things out' statement of BS.

The conference's communication has been horrid in every aspect.  You have players and coaches and athletic directors who are completely in the dark.  That is some bull shit.  They should know the schedule of meetings and kept in the loop on what is going on even if we the fans aren't kept in it.

Comment 13 Sep 2020
Feel like a decent amount of our 2021 recruits have opted out of their senior seasons so not sure why they would bail if we don't play. Also every player that opts out for the draft wasn't likely to be on the team in 2021 anyways since they would have gone pro. Unless we lose a coach there is zero lasting damage to OSU football.
Comment 12 Sep 2020
Exactly. A recruit is never going to shit talk a program or say they are out of it in terms of their recruitment. They will always say nice things and that they like stuff about a school.
Comment 10 Sep 2020

He reports the news and the news is what it is.  I appreciate the honesty with it when it is bad instead of stoking false hopes.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Leigh was always a long shot.  No idea when he plans on committing but the longer he waits the better.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

That is because under normal circumstances there isn't news worth leaking coming out of B1G HQ.  Other than this when was the last time anyone here really gave a rats rear what goes on in that building?  I can't think of the last time I cared.  So a lot of reporters don't have the relationships established like they would in those other places you mentioned.  Also, I think that some of the schools are leaking false info to rile up fans in hopes of putting pressure on the school presidents.

Comment 07 Sep 2020

Haskins- best single season in school history.  Think conference as well

Smith- won a heisman.  Hard to not include him

Kern- If you don't know what he did look it up.

JT Barrett- Best overall career in school/conference history.

I think Fields is the most talented QB we have ever had but his 2019 season wasn't strong enough to make this.  If he plays one more year then he easily could crack the list.