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Comment 16 Nov 2019

I think it would be incredibly interesting if transfers gave an honest comparison to the differences between programs. From moving from a major program to a major program like Burrow to someone like Jackson to Keondre Jones.  Not a x is better kind of thing just a how things are done differently and the impact of expectation changes.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I am so happy for Jonah Jackson.  I can only imagine just how easy it might be to become downtrodden and lose hope if you played for Rutgers.  Jackson worked his tail off for them though.  Was a good player on a team that had no chance but still went out there and performed well enough that coaches across the conference put him on the all-conference team.  

You can see the excitement in him when big plays happen.  When the camera pans over the OSU bench you can see a smile on his face.  The change in culture, in expectations, has to be staggering.  

Comment 10 Nov 2019

What does OSU have on the NCAA? 

Lots of the above sentiment.

Also ironic, that no matter how much we hated Woody, the man had ethics, played by the rules and made damn sure that everyone else did. Now the school that still attaches him to the program is as dirty and corrupt as any SEC team.  

Time to abolish college sports (hoop and football) as currently constructed.  Hoop with 1 and done is an absolute joke!  Let the NBA and NFL develop minor leagues similar to baseball.  Want to get paid out of HS, here you go, play in the minors and develop your craft before going to "big" league.  If elect to enter college, have to wait 3 years before you can get drafted.  

This above is followed up by a nice sentiment that Woody should have been charged with attempted murder for punching the Clemson player

As an NFL GM would you invest millions of dollars in a guy that cheated and then rallied the public behind a false narrative to avoid punishment?

I get it, he will get drafted super high, but this is a clear character concern for him going forward.  He'll fit in with the crappy teams in the NFL, but I guarantee you during free agency the smart teams with limited resources will invest elsewhere.

Gotta be careful with character concerns like wanting to be around your girlfriend and promptly paying back a loan.

Of course the NCAA is only going to slap his wrist. After all, he's the best defensive player in the country, a heisman trophy candidate playing for the #1 team in the nation. A four game suspension would ruin the optics. It would tarnish the brand.

It's all about revenue, all about optics.

Coincidence they want a four game suspension I am sure.

Also lots of posts suggesting OSU sat on this so the two game suspension would fall on Maryland/Rutgers.  Ignoring that that is playing with fire because the hardest part of the schedule is directly after that and it risks forcing us to forfeit the whole season if we knowingly played an ineligible player.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Reading the presser bullets from Day and it seems like he was trying to get ahead of this in team meetings last week and early this week.  Talking about how being the Champion right now isn't worth anything and they need to keep working.  This team has played with a chip on its shoulder and that needs to stick around.  Can't take a week off.

Hopefully it works.  The initial #1 has never won the playoffs.  First time for everything though.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Not even two years.  That is one hell of a short timeframe.  I don't watch much FSU football but damn they must have looked horrendous to give up this quickly.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Agree.  It isn't incredibly dire.  We are fine in '20 with Teague.  If Teague is so good he goes to the NFL we are fine in '21 with Crowley/Steele.  If we can't get a guy this year focus on someone for next cycle, though it will be a huge need to land someone then.

I really dislike the idea of reaching for a guy simply to to have one.  I'm just some schmuck behind a computer but some of the guys listed here seem to fall into that category.