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Comment 04 Sep 2018

Man, I watched Moore too... felt like we could have had him easily and went for the FL duo who is not in NEB and FL.  However, I did watch Woodbey last night too... kid can hit!  That one I do miss for sure! Not trying to dwell on what we had and missed out on, but I just like to follow some of those kids who were hyped up and see how they turn out.  I enjoyed that class of '15 article as well... didn't realize so many left from that class!

Comment 17 Aug 2018

Just read a headline that said Smith ordered $2,000 worth of sex toys to the Woody and took d*ck pics in the coaches office, among other places...  First, if you're having a good d*ck day... take a pic, but secondly... who the hell cares what he buys, how much he spends, etc.  As long as Sandusky or Nassar weren't around or involved with said pics, so what.  I get on the Chive and see bored at work all day long... no one says a damn thing.  Dude wants to take a pic in his office and they pin it on Meyer... like it's his problem... This is out of control!

Comment 23 May 2018

I laugh every time you chime in on these.  "As I've discussed at length... As I've said before.... stated above..."  I know not everyone on here comes daily and reads everything, sometimes they skim things (I do as well) but it's funny how many times you have to repeat yourself.  Kudos for actually repeating yourself, it would frustrate the life out of me!

Comment 21 May 2018

I don't disagree with you as I think we would have been in good hands either way, but I think a little part of the decision to go with Haskins was due to the public.  They called for him when JT struggled and he showed flashes of greatness.  Imagine the outcry if Burrow swooped in and won the starting role over Haskins with everyone calling for him last season. 

It's like when a company posts a job online, even through they know full and well an internal candidate is taking it.  They still make it public, hold interviews, etc... they couldn't just fill it without letting people apply first.

Good luck Joe and whip up on some SEC!!!!!

Comment 11 May 2018

I thought the same thing... then I thought about all the transfers of higher stars and thought, I wonder if they try and pick up some high upside 3* in order to ensure a depth chart. I feel like a guy who has offers from lower tiered schools and OSU will go big time for the off chance injuries happen and it's next man up.  Maybe that's the wrong philosophy, but when you have nothing but 4 and 5*, only so many can play at once... eventually they will have family and friends in their ear saying, transfer so you can get on the field and show your talents. Maybe I'm wrong? I don't know... UFM is a mastermind behind all this... he's just pulling strings back there behind the curtain.

Comment 09 May 2018

I believe the staff new well in advance of Burrow's decision... that's why with Gunnell being the main focus, you all of the sudden saw an uptick in other offers and old names resurface.  Most readers believed that was a sign that Gunnell was going elsewhere, whereas it was a sign of Burrow leaving.  

I still think we go with 1 QB in 2019.  Otherwise we sit right back where we are when 2020 comes around.  If 2020 is a deeper pool, why make it less appealing for them by taking 2 this cycle?  We also have a handful of ATH on the team who played QB in HS... worst case scenario you have one of them take some reps and understand the playbook for IF all other options are exhausted (unlikely). 

Comment 04 May 2018

It could also be that Dixon was injured in January and can't do any football activities until late June.  I would imagine the evaluators ding kids like this because you don't know how they will bounce back from injury.  That like kid we had a few years ago and we pulled his scholarship because team docs said he couldn't play, he ended up going somewhere else and seems to be playing fine... his name escapes me at the moment.