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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Braxton throwing the td to win the game against wisconsin about 30 minutes before my birthday
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Comment 02 Jan 2020
Part of an insane DB group this year. Personally think he is every bit as good as Okudah and would be picked just as high if he stayed one more year and was the featured guy on the outside. Still will be picked in late first early second if he leaves which I think he will. One of my favorites on the team sad to see his career potentially have ended on a targeting call
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Put up 100 LSU. Tired of seeing OU in this. Fucking middle school conference. Truly believe greater 5 conference champs would fare better.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
What I think is hilarious about Grinch was his huge emphasis on turnovers coming into OSU last year. His defense's are terrible at forcing them!
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Oklahoma DBs never turn around. LSU has resorted to literally just lobbing it up and relying on them to not look at the ball. Might as well be a game of pitch and catch.
Comment 30 Nov 2019
He ducked his head into it. What is Fuller supposed to do when he ducks his head to where his stomach is supposed to be
Comment 30 Nov 2019
Feeling an INT here. Patterson has been close a couple times I have a feeling his luck is going to run out
Comment 23 Nov 2019
Game is going pretty much how I thought. They keep it close in first half but we end up wearing them down. They got lucky with a turnover in the end zone but we have also missed 2 easy picks. PSU can't run or throw so unless we start throwing pick 6s it's not getting any better for them. Predicting some huge runs in the 2nd half as they get worn down and a couple picks by Clifford. 35-0 final