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Born and raised a Buckeye, bleed scarlet and gray. Former College football player, high school football coach and current full time pastor. Love God, love my family and Love my Buckeyes!!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Entire 2014 Season was amazing, but watching The Ohio State University beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and then Oregon for the National Championship live and in person was something I will never forget!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: AJ Hawk was awesome, but Braxton Miller is not too shabby either.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft or Scoonie Penn/Michael Redd for people who remember.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 14 Oct 2019

Both Lu and Duane could be HUGE for the Bucks if they make the standard sophomore jump.  Both played a big role at times in helping the Buckeyes win games, and Lu's defense was big as well.  I think these two and Ahrens will compliment the new PG's who can create shots.  While this team is younger, I feel like the ceiling for this team is much higher than last year.  

Who knows what will happen in 3 weeks...

Comment 12 Oct 2019

TBH I don't necessarily care one way or the other regarding this specific situation.  However, the more frustrating thing for me is that there seems to be zero consistency or rhyme nor reason to when and why the NCAA grants immediate waivers and why they don't.  I really think it depends on how they are feeling on that day, not based on evidence, letters of recommendation, etc. 

I just wish the NCAA would either make rules and stick with them more closely, or do away with them, ambiguity does not benefit anyone!

Comment 25 Sep 2019

I agree, I think it is tough to make predictions with so many "new faces," but I feel like we have a real shot to do well this year.  Having true PG's that can create and help out Kaleb and our shooters will be huge.  

My unknown is how the post rotation will go?  I am hoping that Kaleb can keep under control more this year and not risk foul trouble, which would be great.  However, I wonder how much EJ, Kyle and maybe even Diallo will get minutes in the paint this season.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I mentioned this in another thread...his height is not the number that impresses or stresses me...its his 7' wingspan that has me excited.  He moves well, and can be a force on defense.  I don't think our offense over the next few years is what will be the struggle, but if we can have him be someone with quick hands and long arms like KBD was, it will be a HUGE gain!

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Thanks for upstaging my thread BSK...I thought we were friends....JK

Thanks for doing the research on what some of the "expert" predictions come out.  

I think we will have multiple on the All B1G teams and also I think Lu makes the All B1G Defensive team.

25+ wins this year, at least a semis appearance in the B1G tourney and at least a sweet sixteen finish in NCAA.  

Comment 23 Sep 2019

The thing I am counting on from DJ is that he has the ability to create on his own and that will do wonders for our shooters as Duane and Justin will be able to find themselves open for the outlet pass, etc.  I think part of the struggle last year is we didn't have true PG's who could drive and finish or drive and dish.  We have two this year in DJ and CJ, so I think that is the thing I am looking forward to most.  That and how EJ will play as a freshman.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I think the OOC is going to be rough and good all at the same time.  Playing so many tough opponents out of conference will get them ready to play the B1G schedule this year.  I think it will be most beneficial for the younger guys and hopefully will help us to have a better run in March.

The other big kicker is what kind of "freshman to sophomore" leap will Lu, Duane and Justin have.  If they really take a big leap, we could be even better than I am expecting.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Does Holtmann see Key as more of a post presence or a wing?  I would guess if he sees him on the wing, then it won't happen.  With EB3 committing, I wonder what this does for the rest of the class until later in the calendar year.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

I think there is a good chance honestly.  If Keon was completely sold on "staying in state" then Vandy would be on the table still.  However, because of the coaching change and us picking up Diebler and the trajectory of the program and Holtmann being Holtmann, I think we have a really good shot.

Here's to hoping he comes up north on August 6!