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Comment 28 Dec 2014

My stats: 99%  (101 upvotes / 1 downvotes)
Upvote to Helmet Sticker Ratio: 101 UV to 475 HS (1 UV per 4.7 HS)

Upvotes are good for the soul! Positive vibes my friends, spread the love and trample Bama!!

Comment 26 Oct 2014

They were turrible (in my Charles Barkley voice)

Comment 26 Oct 2014

The play calling was def reminicient of the Clemson and Championship game. Plenty of room to get better, at the end of the day we survived and escaped with a win.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

His arm strength is good enough for our offense. I haven't seen a throw that he couldn't make, it's more about timing (some late) which will get sorted out as he gets more reps. Oh yeah and another point, if the dang receivers stop the drops (very catchable balls) he'd prolly be leading the Heisman convo and not be a darkhorse candidate for the Heisman.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

The sprinkler dance done to perfection, by an absolutely hot chick. I would love to upvote this +1000

Comment 30 Aug 2014

After next week, the concerns will become more evident. Right now I see a tale of 2 halves, the 2nd being night and day above the first. I'd like to see 4 more quarters before I make up my mind. My eyes will be focused on the offensive line, secondary, and linebackers next week. I think JT will be a very capable starter as long as the line isn't acting as a revolving door.

The coaches need to uncuff the defense and offense, the O play calling and defense schemes were a bit puzzling at times today.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

I'll take the win. I get the feeling that both the defense and offense is being handcuffed by the coaches. They need to let these guys get loose and let the talent shine!

Comment 30 Aug 2014

hopefully they have this corrected.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Rod smith was shelved primarily for not holding onto the ball. It's hard to capitalize on your talents when you've put the ball on the ground so many times, it's all about trust. He has to regain that trust and be dependable first.