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Comment 12 Jan 2019
We already know that the committee thinks Alabama is the best team in the universe, so there really are only 3 spots available........
Comment 08 Jan 2019
Until they start declaring a National Conference Champion, I wont get too hung up on it. The Buckeyes are the only ones I want to be great and if that means we win the Natty but are considered the worse conference on Earth, so be it!!
Comment 08 Jan 2019
When the narrative is constantly that Alabama is unbeatable and Nick Saban walks on water, it gets hard for people to see the truth. Alabama is a good team with an easy schedule and gets the benefit of higher than deserved rankings. Any team that gets the 5 stars that they do SHOULD be winning championships!
Comment 02 Jan 2019
How great is it for us to not be overly concerned if a QB of Fields caliber comes to us or not?? Can you imagine how desperate a lower tier team (like ttun) would be for someone like Fields?!!
Comment 29 Dec 2018
As long as the playoff teams are determined by subjective and ever changing opinions by people, there will always be controversy. The playoff teams need to be determined on the field. A conference Champion should always be in the playoff. Either join a conference for a chance for a playoff spot, or be relegated to a non playoff bowl game.
Comment 29 Dec 2018
I will hold my nose and root for ND. Watching these two teams, I cant but think how much better the Buckeyes are than either one.
Comment 24 Dec 2018
Harbaugh has gotten used to the big paycheck and dwindling expectations. He has come to grips with knowing 2 and 3 losses a year is acceptable to their fan base.
Comment 14 Dec 2018
The SEC doesnt play in the Big Ten so Michigan winning a bowl game (even against SEC) will not change the SEC media in point: when we manhandled Alabama in the playoff and yet Alabama is considered unbeatable every year.