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Comment 19 May 2018

First goodluck Joe B.  Second all the fake fans who root for 1 player instead of the program get off the board and go jump on another bandwagon and third the people saying LSU will beat us now lol always funny to me when a fat arm chair qb thinks he knows more then 3 time world champ proving he is the best at his job making 7 million a year from his job.  Probably don't even win your 70 dollar fantasy football league.   What knuckleheads.

Comment 16 May 2018

No matter what anyone says I would have an issue if I found out any player that transfered that was holding up his end of the bargain,  going to school and giving 100% on the field didn't want to transfer to see playing time at another school and wanted to stay at OSU like Burrell I will have a problem with it.  But until I hear a player say they where pushed out or given a fake medical hardship I'll just assume  attrition.  The only one that ever seemed odd to me was J.Dean at Auburn.

Comment 10 May 2018

I think Burrell article was insightful.  It just shows how hard it is to play at a place like this.  How he would be good for a month and have 1 bad day and OSU has enough talent where you have to grind like that.  I also remeber this class always felt a little more of a ME ME class in the media.

Comment 07 May 2018

This might be the silliest thing I've read on this forum.  Carman loved to be in the spot lite.  Openly went at it with OSU alumni on social media.  Attack JT.  Openly admit Clemson was his favorite.  And Loved attention.  He was not a private person.  Who talked about family being most important.   I honestly didn't want Carman and was happy he pick Clemson because of his attitude.  The only way there the same is being a top rated player in Ohio.  I also feel this guy is a can't miss prospect.  

Comment 05 May 2018

Fast passes at Disney rock.  Whats crazy is so many people don't use them.  I got on about 15 rides timing fast passes for the long line rides and going on a few regular smaller lines.  Also they where fixing Space Mountain and when I went to see if it was back up I was second in line and got on twice before the line went from 10 seconds to 45 minutes.  Make sure you fast pass stuff like Buzz Lightyear, Starwars, Gaurdians of Galaxy and Cars.

Comment 05 May 2018

I remember when Lattimore and he committed.  Alot of people where more excited about Smith potential.  I remember watching highlights of Smith laying the wood at Glenville.  Just goes to show how funky careers can be.  I think Lattimore always saw himself as a pro and even with injury just wouldn't be stopped and Smith didn't take it as serous.  Crazy.

Comment 30 Apr 2018

I don't think people do.  I hate people who our utmost movie critics.  I just just don't know how someone couldn't like this movie if you've been going to see these movies for the last decade.  Was a great movie and a dream to have every char I grew up as a kid watching.  Also when I was at the movies everyone was clapping at scene and cheering that never happens here either.