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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Detroit Pistons Championship, OSU 2002 National Champion Ship, Detroit Lions first win after going 0-16, (Big Ten Championship, Beating Bama, Beating The Ducks, Winning The First Ever National Champions Ship)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Eze Elliot
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit Lions
  • NBA TEAM: Pistons
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 15 Sep 2019

I came here just to post this.  During our Natty run watching him was one of my fondest memories.  I imagine he is on top of the world the evening.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Glad someone said it about Borland people pick the one play he wiffed on.  We have given up something like 120 yards rushing on 98 attempts and want to harp on the MLB/Captain.

Things I think about this team.

Chase Young impressed me more that NIck Bosa.  I also love his leader ship you can see how happy he is for the other young players thats a leader.  Our young DE just loaded.  Enjoy Harrison for 2 more years lol.

D.Hamilton and R.Lander just little recking balls.  

D.Arnette just shows what coaching does.  Sure makes me think one of the biggest losses for the coaching staff was coach Combs.  People lined up to play for Combs think we got that with Hafley.  Okunda is a top 10 pick.  He is your created player in NFL video games.

P.Werner and Browning look like new players.  I didnt think coach Davis was that bad but it appears I was wayyyyy wrong.

J.Proctor is going to be M.Hooker part 2 next year maybe end of this year.  Guy just is around the ball and is going to be special.

The Oline.  Im sooooo happy we have a center playing center.  Myer knocked one player off the line for about 5 yards then proceeded to throw him another 5 yards.   He is only going to get better as well.  H.Miller is just as talented to got to get him on the field as a guard next year till he takes over for Myer.  Jackson this guy has a nasty side to him I love it.  I dont know if anyone saw him just giving to the other team after we ran it down there throat but I felt last year oline had no one nasty and this man just is.  Munford is soooo underrated dude is just solid.  W.Davis is going to be elite by end of year.  Bowen done solid and glad to see him back.  NFP still needs a bit more strength but will be a nfl player.

Love watching Dobbins not dance and just go.  Dobbins was special as freshman from hitting holes and juking ankles.  He got to cute trying to juke instead of using his vision hitting the whole then using talents.  Teague runs angry I love it.

Someone on this board said it perfect.  Hartline should send WR recruits B.Victors freshman tape and then this year tape.  The guy hustle every play now.  Made many comeback plays for Fields.  Also his blocking has been great.  Amazing the change.  Olave guy is just smooth and I feel like he just scratching the surface.  Fields also trust G.Wilson to go up and get the ball I like that.

Fields had the best accuracy % of first two games from PFF and this game was a little off but still amazing.  The guy plays smart football.  I love that he isn't risking his body and pocket passing.  0 interception in first 3 games isn't being talked about enough.  Watching his career is going to be special.  He has the it factor and lets keep havign Quincy send us Qbs :) 

This team has that brother hood feeling that 2014 team had.  On the pick 6 today the whole defensive team was around Arnette as a team that was a special moment.  

I think it was smart of Indiana to keep the Penix out the game.  So many time people lay it all on the line to beat us and end up getting there Penix broken for the rest of the year and then lay and egg.  

Lastly First quarter game 1 and second quarter game 2 and 3.  We could beat anyone playing like that.  I really believe this team could crush any team playing 4 quarters at there best.

Comment 05 Sep 2019

How about this...Before you can sell the house you must have 3 years of college.  Then have to be in top 300 people in the world at maintaining the house but also you dont get to pick your house you get for 200k that house is assigned to you.  Before you sell that house for $200,000 you must live in that house for 4 years and the house has an option for another year.  And now after all that you have the right to sell that house.  At anytime that house can replace you.

Anyone upset with players getting everything they can is just bitter that they our as athlectic as an apple.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Fields is special.  Like the TE usage.  I feel like Jk Dobbins forgot how to make cuts.  The oline was dominant the first quarter.  Also every time FAU scored the oline played pissed again.  

Jashon Cornell is going to make the nfl if he plays this good all season.  Harrison might kill someone on the field this year.  Hafley has done wonders with Arnette all ready.  Borland still slow.  Werner looked better this year.  

Lots of young players playing first time.  This team can be great.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

This is soooo uneducated and clearly didnt watch any thing or read anything on fields.  Many people when Fields was coming up said he had some of the best reconition and board skills.  Also if you watch his Georgia spring game or any of his plays from last year you can see he is pretty skilled at making more then 1 read and the correct read.  Also the reason he did play is Jake Fromm took them from 1 game away.  Go watch his highlights from Georgia and there spring game.