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Comment 04 Jul 2017

Things our never for ever.  I had these same issues 15 years ago.  Prozac helped me.  I am off meds now days.  Nothing is forever even if it seems like it is.  I've been homeless and I've run my own business now making 20-30,000 a month in my pocket.  Take your medicine and make sure you communicate with your doctor cause sometimes it takes time to find one that works.  Also medicine with therapy much better chance of getting better with both.  Life not easy just have to put yourself in a better place for success and nothing is forever.  Life has changes so much as it goes on trust me on that there might be a lotto win or a beautiful relationship right around the corner where in a year from now you will remember this trying time and use it to keep you grounded.

Comment 20 May 2017

Yeah but this class is special.  Nike Sparq was littered with our players at the top.  Dobbins was number 1 I believe with 146 and Okun was 2.  Dobbins rushed for 250 yards a game and 3 TD a game as a junior average 12 yards per carry as a soph and 9.5 as a junior.  

Just look at this list.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

This is just silly.  When I was 18-19 years old I was at a party where a woman was trying to unzip guys pants at a party.  I was there with my own gf btw.  She was asked to leave as she was making a scene and it was unwanted.  She proceed to try to say she was raped.  Even though it was dropped because of witness other females.  It was not fun for the 8 guys who all got questioned and treated like criminals.  

Comment 16 Apr 2017

This one goes on sale a lot I got it for $750 with 4 year warranty.  The current deal isn't bad but I got mine for cheaper and I love the 4 year warranty.