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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Detroit Pistons Championship, OSU 2002 National Champion Ship, Detroit Lions first win after going 0-16, (Big Ten Championship, Beating Bama, Beating The Ducks, Winning The First Ever National Champions Ship)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, Eze Elliot
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit Lions
  • NBA TEAM: Pistons
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 25 Nov 2018

No this administration and fan base dont deserve him.  In my honest opnion all the hate I've scene on this board in the new etc.  Shelly Meyer crying said it all today.  I for one going to eat up every second that we have Urban as a coach because nobody is walking through that door is going to do what he does.  

Comment 24 Nov 2018

Just a little post on this.  That your job as a mod.  And I think you need to do a better job.  This site just isn't what it once was.

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Thank you.  JCam this is quality content this site lacks.  Everyone wants to compare us to Alabama and Alabama this.  Well there is only 1 team that can say that.  When you look Jerome Baker,  Raekwon McMillan,  G.Conley, M.Lattimore, Eli Apple, Von Bell, M.Hooker, D.Ward nobody has lost back 7 like that early nobody.  The amount of talent we lost early the last few years early could make one of the best NFL teams.  

RB. Eze Elliot

WR: Noah Brown, Curtis Samuel

DE: Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa, Sam Hubbard

LB: Raekwon McMillian, Jerome Baker, D.Lee

CB/S Vonn Bell, Eli Apple, M.Lattimore, G.Conley, D.Ward, M.Hooker

just look at that.  That is just people who left early thats insane.

Where 10 and 1.  I dont think we win it all this year.  I don't think we could beat bama.  Any other team though I think we could take or hang with.  I think there is a few reason for this.

Lb play is been the worst I've ever scene.  The amount of 4-5 stars back there tells me its coaching.  

The secondary I think its best players our to the young guys and players like Arnette and Sheffield arn't who we hoped they be.  I think if we didn't get hit so hard from people leaving  early some of the young guys and developed behind some stars.

OL is one of the places we havn't been hit hard from people leaving early.  I think some of the Oline guys we hit on where duds or not as good as we thought (Burrell, Knox etc.)  also feel like we lack a true leader.  No Eiflen, T.Decker, B.Price type leader on the unit.  Cant have a player like I.Prince be your captain and have such a weak mentality.  

Comment 19 Oct 2018

I agree with you so much on this.  Also people seem to think we should beat every team by 50 points they dont understand how hard it is just to win each week.  Texas lost to Maryland and is ranked #7.  I wouldn't come on this board for a season if we got beat by Maryland and some people still might have sand in there underwear just like they do about Iowa.

I guess the thing that bothers me is people that couldnt be a head coach in Madden football but say Urban Meyer is a bad coach.  Or the same people that talked terrible about JT Barrett just awful things where the first to talk bad about Nick Bosa leaving and still make snide comments about Ward.