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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Detroit Pistons Championship, OSU 2002 National Champion Ship, Detroit Lions first win after going 0-16, (Big Ten Championship, Beating Bama, Beating The Ducks, Winning The First Ever National Champions Ship)
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Comment 21 May 2019

I think its resonable for people who have been on edge about recruiting to take a step back if we keep Paris and get Flemming and Milton.  That will be a start of a terrific class and I will tip my hat to Day and the rest of the staff.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Yeah this year at the Spring game he was really good with the fans.  Glad to see him turning that around I know in the past he had a little bit of a bad rap for being smug.  Sounds like he is maturing. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

I've been harsh on Day for 2020 class.  I am excited though because I feel like 2021 is going to be Day first real class that is all him.  Hope we can get some players on D cause it looks like Qb and Wr talent lining up to play for Day.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

DE is stacked.

People harping on Fields didn't watch the game.  He looked good being so new and also led team down the field.

Baldwin has a ways to go.

Tyreke Johnson looked fast.

I think Master Teague and new kid out of Florida looked solid at RB.

G.Wilson is a star and Hartline is going to be putting WR into the league at an amazing rate.

Tyreke Smith is a handful.

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Counseling is a great first step.  Also don't forget you even said some of it is from you and alot of his aggression is towards you.  I would suggest both of you going to counseling.  Also he doesn't have to like you but he must respect you.  You take Fortnite and Atheltics away unless he treats you and others with respect.  My sons missing his baseball game this weekend and not aloud to touch any electronics for 7 days.  Also he has to write an apology to his teammates letting them know his attitude let them down.  

Knowing everything you told me.  I think there is many solutions you could try before military school.  Sounds like your son has never known consequences in his life.  Show him some plus counseling is a good start.

Comment 30 Mar 2019

Headstrong and disrespectful?  Is he a danger to himself or others?  Does he break the law or do drugs?  Really need more info.  If he just a *#*#head well that's pretty much any teenager and they will grow out of it with proper parenting and given the tools needed.  Also a lot of time there is a source of this anger/disrespect/headstrongness find the source of that and It will really help.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

I think a lot of people thought OSU was bigger to recruits then Urban Meyer.  People got to accustom to losing out on a player like Jackson and Urban last minute getting a player like NPF.  It was Nick and Urban and everyone else when it came to recruiting.  Lets hope we knock it out the park this year on the field I think that will help us recruiting at a high pace.  

The good news is I think Day has alot of QB and WR wanting play for him and Hartline.  The amount of Pro we've put in the league at CB, OL and DL we shouldn't have trouble getting any elite recruits when where thing at some of those areas.  Cause OL and DL elite recruiting is what wins championships.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

See this is what bothers me.  Paris committed to Urban.  Wasn't told about Urban retiring.  He also die hard recruited for us until then and even afterwards.  Also said Day and team didn't reach out to him right away when taking over.  I think the kid was Loyal for quite sometime until we where not 100% upfront with him.  But nobody want to say that they just want to bang on a teenager.  I bet all the people that told Jackson last year he was dumb for leaving and the Urban rumours where not true feel silly or Does Jackson feel like he made the right choice.

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Yeah but this is the most stacked I've seen the big ten years.  I also feel we probably won 1-2 more games if Wesson.  Last year was Holtman first true class he recruited.  You can't expect 1 class and Thads best recruits gone much more then what we did.  Its realistic.  So in his second year he has the best class in the big.  The only thing I think he has failed at is getting some big low post players.  But I think we can already see that all the 2018 class can play the game and I think after one more year Luther, Ahren and Washington will be something special and add in the top rank 2019 class next year going to be be awesome.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Yeah thats great and all but 1 transfer high rated recruit doesnt' mean the world.  Show me constantly top 5 classes like Urban.  But so far players like Jaden, Daward, Jakob and Trey all players ranked in the 50-100 at there position doesn't give me great confidence.  I really hope I'm wrong I would love for day to keep the tradition that Urban of top rank classes.  We will find out if Im wrong but so far the players havnt come close to what we normally get.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

Nobody wants to admit it yet but a few but Urban days here where golden.  Anyone thinking that we get 5 stars alone because where OSu is sadly mistaken. If Day can prove he is elite then maybe but this isnt and Urban recruit.  Class with 8-10 top 100 players just arnt going to happen.  People really under esitemated what Urban meant to the program.