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Comment 20 hours ago

What will tell a lot if this week against Texas.  I've scene it happen many times where give us there best shot and lose then next game there just flat cause they worried about us to much.  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

HAHAHAHA some people.  Joe B complete 50% of his passes againts of fbs school get real man.  Its good to like Joe Burrow but if you think he is the qb Haskin is your crazy.  Dont forget this same elite WR talent you say we have sure got alot of flack when JT was here.  Is our WR better or is the qb making them better?  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Yeah its funny to me we have 65 four or 5 star players on our team.  In a track meet OSU wins vs TCU.  Bad angles is what cost us.  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Yeah cant have those two players giving up 14 points every game.  Sucks because all in all they play pretty good games besides 3-4 plays a game.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Some fans our just crazy.  They expect us to win 55 to 0 every game.  Anyone who thought we'd win 55-14 this game just hasn't followed Gary Patterson or TCU.  This is a top 15 it was always going to be a tough game.  First we have alot of younger guys we count on this year.  Second on the road 3rd game young career.  People also over react yeah TCU put up tons of yards but did you see how fast pace they played and we played.  Always going to be a lot of yards.  Also same as it always is when we play teams like TCU they just didn't have the juice to keep up with us for 4 quarters.  4th quarter they couldn't stop our run and we had them wore down.  

I feel sad for the people who can't enjoy our golden years.  We win 10+ games every year.  Have a chance for playoffs and NC every year it doesn't get better then that.  Footballs a hard game.  Hard to be one top always.  Look at Florida State,  Nebraska heck even Wisconsin lost a game they shouldn't its hard to win.  

Just be happy that even with the Mistakes made and missing our head coach for the last two months where still 3-0 with one of the best resume in CFB right now.

Also I've seen all types of players like Taylor Decker,  Isiah Prince,  G.Conley and many other Buckeyes have starts of there careers like J.Wint and I.Pryor and some of our younger LB.  

If you can't enjoy our team even when it gets rough your missing a special group of guys and coaches.  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

There was a huge 3rd down play that Arnette played it as good as a CB could.  Its was the best play I've seen him ever make it was text book.

Comment 01 Sep 2018

I have a link is there a way to pm the link?  Heck

just go here and find espn news one