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Comment 01 Feb 2019
I'm the biggest u2 fan on the planet - but will happily admit their last few albums don't come within a country mile of the Joshua tree and achtung baby eras I'd also add smashing pumpkins to this as well
Comment 26 Sep 2017

speaking from a European point of view, the fact that teams can just leave a city and play somewhere else is absolutely alien to me.

College Football is the greatest sport in the world - I wouldn't watch NFL if I was payed to. Only interest would be to follow former Buckeye's.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

screw work/life...going to spend the next several hours re-watching Braxton highlights

Comment 18 Oct 2016

haha just heard a random radio station here in Ireland discussing this

Comment 15 Jun 2016

walk by it every day on my way to work, in Temple Bar here in Dublin.

I think the article nailed what Rory was all about, all he wanted to do was play. Didn't care about anything else once he had his Fender in hand and an audience to crank out some tunes to.  

Kudos on the great post!    Great to see new fans coming across Rory for the first time - enjoy fellas!

Comment 14 Jun 2016

a legend.

"Bad penny" and Tattood Lady" are still two of my all time favourites.

For anyone ever in Ireland in June the tribute festival , known as Rory G, is well worth a visit.

Haven't actually made it up there myself yet! but for many it is an annual pilgrimage, the guy still has God-like status in Ireland

Comment 24 May 2016

came over from Ireland for a semester exchange in fall 2011, had never even watched a game of football, let alone knew anything about tOSU. First game when i arrived on campus was v Colarado (Braxtons first TD pass). Got a ticket by pure chance and thought i would go along to see what all the fuss was about. Seemed pretty interesting. Got a ticket for the next home game. Started to get drawn in. Managed to get a ticket for every home game of the 2011 season. When Braxton hit Devin for TD against Wisconsin, I was instantly hooked for life. Have bled scarlet and grey ever since. Everyone else hates the 2011 season, for me it will always be special 

Comment 11 Mar 2016

i had thought it had run out of steam during season 3 and the beginning of season 4. But have just finished season 4.... and wow, towards the end it just goes up a couple of levels.  I used to find claire quite boring and bland, not any more !

Also delighted to see some love on here for the original British version, well worth a watch!