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Just a Dayton Buckeye living in the south, pray for me.


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Comment 19 Sep 2019


There are only two things I have agreed with more on this site, them being GO BUCKS, and the other that ichigan sucks.

I loved that taco, sincerely a jilted taco lover. Not that taco I do not like that guy.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

I evacuated for Matthew, at the last minute. Like horror movie lone car on the highway last minute. Ended up running past tornadoes with a hurricane at my back. These things play mean games. Messes with an Ohio boy's head, we know snow and tornadoes.

Comment 05 Sep 2019

So someone had me home in on the plate. I get the Kentucky thing, is there a hidden message in the plate number or am I just overthinking it?

Comment 04 Sep 2019

The city is wonderful and pretty unique. BUt I do get annoyed by the good ol boy issues as well. So far it is just some rain and wind.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

I will have both on, yea I am nuts. I do like Gameday, mainly Corso and Herby's antics and they have some neat little spots but some of it is just too much. My concern with the Fox show will be what my annoyance is with Fox's games, TOO MANY COMMERCIALS. I am most excited to watch Urban, in fact I probably wouldn't care that much if Urban was not a part of it.