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Comment 20 Feb 2020

It is something that should be taken as normal and seriously as any other medical condition, and no one should feel ashamed of.

I am glad he is doing what is best for him, and having Holtman's support is amazing. When you deal with this the feeling of being left behind or falling behind everyone else's progress because of what you are dealing with compounds the distress.

Mac, glad you have a support team.

Comment 14 Feb 2020

I live in Savannah and work in the Hilton Head area. There are a ton of transplant Ohioans in the area, so I think that is why we are accepted here more than in other parts of SC.

I have noticed "hostility" towards OSU fans in other parts of SC, Charleston as well.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Man, go easy on the guy, he is just sits on the Board of trustees for a major educational institution. You would think he he has to form proper sentences using the correct words or something.

In reality what if Luke told them to shove it because they were being asses and he said this because he was upset?

Comment 07 Feb 2020

But really though?


I guess I understand why this is on 11W, but I wish it wasn't. Yes he was part of the football program for many years. Yes we know who his grandfather is. We also are all too familiar with why he was fired and what or how that eventually affected the program. But must we? I guess yes in the matter of earnesty, transparency and as a program and fan base that admits its "wrongdoings" we bring things to light. But sometimes I ponder what if we acted like an SEC school. Zach......who?

Comment 27 Jan 2020

It was kinda fun going through the last three. Not all sarcasm.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I mean, if you go by some views it isn't. The dollar is fiat currency right? So that could be their argument.


Comment 26 Dec 2019

I think that this in so many ways is why Meyer is above almost everyone else, and I think Day is the same. They can see talent but they also search for character. That character and work ethic seems to be what they hone in on during practice and camp. If you aren't willing to work to hang then you won't play. Those kids move on. Their judgements have seemed to rarely be off. Even the current Heisman winner was beat out by a younger guy who broke records. Make no mistake we would still be in a great spot with Jeaux.

Point is they know how to find develop and retain the kids who are Buckeyes in their heart. Those are the ones who stay and become legends.