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Comment 06 Jun 2019

I am right there with you. I thought Urban did a tremendous job and after articles came out that Urban helped students, non-athlete ones at that personally get through tough times with mental illness I didn't know if you we would get a better example. Well Coach Day I think has stepped up. Like it says to use his vast influence to near directly help is a demonstration of what an outstanding leader, and person he is.

Gene made a great decision.

Comment 17 May 2019

Urban's system of responsibility of the 4 and 5 * guys or the "Elite" guys was that in order to truly be a "95%" or elite guy you took a 50% guy with you to the gym through your routine. He placed some of that development on the players which I think we not only have seen on the field but through interviews with players. I liked the idea and lets look at the support system here, it can and should develop anyone.

If you build a culture of constant self improvement, responsibility and the understanding that those things lead to success, everyone would want to come, at least the guys we want, stars or no stars and they work together and the development happens more seamlessly. 

Also the comment below saying there are 4 and 5 * guys that don't develop, true but that can also be on them or sometimes on the coach as well (linebackers) the kids can only develop so much if they aren't being molded well.