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CMH -> CLT - > ORD -> GSO -> CMH -> ATX -> ATL (via Columbus, OH)

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Columbus Born; Southern Raised
OSU Grad '13


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2011 Wisconsin - OSU Game || 2015 Sugar Bowl
  • NFL TEAM: Carolina Panthers
  • MLB TEAM: Chicago Cubs

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Comment 28 Jan 2020
I have lived in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, and Columbus with Columbus being current and were I was born. I want to move back to the South though. I love the weather. Columbus is the only place in the north I like and that is because I was born here.
Comment 01 Dec 2019
When I went to the Sugar Bowl and NC game, I found tickets to drop as we got closer to the game. I would probably look just after Christmas.
Comment 15 Jul 2019

I played against Jarell Eddie in high school basketball. Top 100 recruit who when to V Tech.  I had to guard him and I got destroyed.  I  went to a Austin Spurs playoff game a few years back to see Aaron Craft play for the Warriors and saw Jarell on the Spurs so that was cool.  I didn't realize we was playing.

Comment 18 May 2019
I have torn two ACLs in my life. Both times I was walking unaided within two weeks post surgery. I never had a brace too. He will still have a lot of rehab to go though.
Comment 13 Mar 2019

The fatigue is starting to hit me.  I am really excited for Endgame because it wraps up a story spanning 10 years and Spider Man because he is my favorite Marvel character but I kind of want to see them end after this.  Don't milk the movies dry so you only think of the bad.  Go out on top with something amazing.

I know Ant Man gets a lot of hate but I can never understand why.  I thought the humor and action scenes were top notch.