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Comment 15 Jul 2017
The only problem I have with this is boosters are now free to pay players as much as they want so the top recruits can now make appearances for a lot of money.
Comment 12 Jul 2017
If Clemson didn't just beat us bad in the bowl game I think this would be funny. Would be tough sitting there with their fans.
Comment 30 Jun 2017

Yeah I didn't go through the list.  If a kicker is on it though that is very laughable.  Very rarely is a kicker worthy of that (Nugent and the older brother of FSU's current kicker are the only ones I can think of)

Comment 30 Jun 2017

Booker has played in what 1 game?  He definitely shouldn't be on it... yet. Weber was solid last year but he wasn't a super star.  Too many fumbles.  

Jones not being on there is surprising.  He had an amazing year last year at one of the most important positions.

Comment 21 Jun 2017
I'm pretty sure they mean if they think a guy should be ranked 100 in the country but all the other services think he is top 10 then they rank him 200 so the composite is closer to 100. I doubt they do this though. After the draft they compare the players to their rankings to see how their experts do.
Comment 20 Jun 2017
If you are using chrome you can click the 3 dots in the upper right and select "Request Desktop Site". This will load the tool bar on the page.
Comment 17 Jun 2017
I don't know the formula but each player is weighted based on where they are in the class (the highest rated recruit will have a higher multiplier than the lowest) so he probably falls lower on the list.