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Comment 30 Mar 2017

The university will pay ENGIE-Axium a fixed fee of $45 million each year, with a 1.5 percent increase to cover inflation; an operating fee starting around $9.2 million to cover the cost of maintenance; and a variable fee tied to unknown capital investments.

Without factoring in the inflation rate, that is over $2 billion in costs over the 50 years.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Braxton didn't have a QB coach his freshman year, Tressel was the one who coached the Qb's. The guy with the title "QB Coach", his prior job was video coordinator. Literally nobody on staff knew how to coach a QB during Braxton's freshman year.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

I feel like the lack of experience is the big issue that will hurt us. That and most of the players do not have any big game experience.

38-28 Sooners....followed by 13 straight wins.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

I don't believe Bosa should have been ejected. But, the rule does specifically say you can't hit with the crown of your helmet, which he did (textbook example of what the rule is). But a hit with the crown of the helmet that doesn't put the opponent at risk (like hiting him in the sternum) should be an unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yard penalty with no ejection. 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

This was always a rule. It was never enforced because the punishment was a loss of timeout. Now the punishment is just send the player off the field for a play.

The officials always had the right to tell the players to pull their jersey's down. An example is Zeke did play a game this year with his jersey not tucked into his pads.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

I believe you should ignore the Navy and VT game when figuring out the averages partly due to the fact the O-line had no idea what they where doing. Cardale would of failed in those 2 games as well.  Ignoring the 2 first games, averages when JT was the starter are:

Points Scored - 47.4 (Jones +.3)

Rushing Offense - 278.7 (Jones +14)

Passing Offense - 250.7 (Jones +1)

Total Offense - 529.4 (Jones +14.9)

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Yes we are losing to Oregon (Ohio State is 3-0 when I believe the opponent will win)