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Comment 06 Apr 2019
Just seen a video that Nike produced that would suggest that, while the Browns may not have been his top choice, the opportunity to play with Landry certainly was, wherever he was.
Comment 04 Feb 2019
I can't stop hearing "And thennn?" whenever I read Adnan.. but still trying to Virk it into a pun.
Comment 08 Jan 2019
Maybe, just maybe, the SEC just isn't all that good? I mean, about the only other program in that conference that even has comparable talent is Georgia. Sure the entire conference is supposed to have the best talent, but then it comes down to coaching, which is where Saban will almost always have an advantage. There's really one difference in Bama beating, or barely beating, a 7-5 Ole Miss team and Ohio State beating a 7-5 Indiana team, and that would be Ole Miss being ranked 12th in the country and Indiana isn't even receiving votes. Urban Meyer sparked the SEC's run back in 2006, and Saban kept it going. I've my own thoughts, but that game vs Ohio State shifted the entire landscape of the sport towards the south. I bet Jim Delaney and ESPN would have gotten along a little better during their discussions on television rights if Ohio State doesn't get their teeth kicked in or beats Florida in '06. Wasn't long after that we were given the B1G Network, which was shortly followed by the birth of the SEC Network. The rest, as they say, is history.
Comment 02 Jan 2019
I just don't get the media pushung the "Texas is back" narrative... 10-4? Awesome, but that sounds more like the return to glory Harbaugh has their fans accustomed to, or Brian Kelly and the Irish. They beat Oklahoma, cool.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Ohio State's season in it's entirety is remarkable, and regardless of how the CFP shakes out, that they were only beaten once actually speaks to the character of the coaching staff. This team had every reason and excuse to completely fall apart this season, but went on to capture their second consecutive B1G Championship instead. It started with a high profile QB battle, but the Zach Smith saga, Meyer's suspension, the injury to Bosa, the inconsistency on defense that wouldn't go away, the loss to Purdue, Bosa leaving the program, Zach Smith's Twitter rants, more reports from McMurphy, Meyer's health and demeanor on the sidelines, his reported riff with Gene Smith and the uncertainty of his future... they were able to overcome all of that to finish as 12-1 B1G Champions while handing those arrogant assholes to the north one of the more demoralizing beatdowns in their vaunted history. No other team in the country has overcome what this team has, and they would have all the motivation in the world to mess around and win it all... but they won't be given that opportunity. Playoffs or Rosebowl, I'm proud of this team!
Comment 02 Dec 2018
The entire process is subjective and inconsistent, and that's what's infuriating. They never started lobbying for the four best teams to make the playoffs until it involved Bama or Georgia, before that it was the four most deserving teams and the big reason the Buckeyes were left out in 2015 - even though they throttled the top ranked defense the following week, on the road. They literally emphasize the fact that Oklahoma's defense is terrible, even worse than Ohio State's, but have been able to come up with timely plays to win games. They even talk about Oklahoma beating every team on their schedule, even though one of those teams actually beat them and they were lucky enough to prevail in a game in which they gave up 56 to earn a rematch. I don't think Ohio State loses by 29 to Purdue on a neutral field even if they do ultimately lose, and I don't think they'd win a rematch with a conference title on the line. No Texas isn't Purdue, I get that. Georgia has TWO losses... I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. I knew the Buckeyes were done when Texas lost. Beating the Huskies in Pasadena would be a great day to start the year, and it's not hard to find solace in the fact that a bid to the Rose Bowl keeps those dipshits to the north away from the prestige of the CFP, and the tradition of the Rose Bowl.
Comment 28 Nov 2018
I mean, they were willing to eject Fuller or White for the same violation, even though there was never any malicious intent by either. Fuller was simply making a play and White slowed up so much I think he hit him with the back of his shoulder pad. In big games, intent should be emphasized when making the call. If it looks like the defender made contact just making an ordinary football play, then call them for the 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness, but don't eject the kid. In the case of Haskins, the defender looked to me to have lowered his head just after Haskins had given himself up and made head to head contact. If it were me, the intent may not have been there but there's also supposed to be a safety component to the entire call, and the defender had a clear disregard for Haskins' safety and his own. To me, he should have been ejected on the basis of safety, alone.
Comment 19 Nov 2018
Even if true, Harbaugh has a history of ghosting kids in favor of those perceived to be better.
Comment 21 Oct 2018
For as brilliant as Haskins has been, he'd probably be even better with a running game. You can throw the ball, but there are so many possibilities with even a conscious effort to run the ball. People want to rip Haskins' mobility, but he moves around in the pocket well and he keeps his eyes downfield. He won't burn you like Braxton or even J.T., but he can move well enough to make positive yardage with his legs. And yes I remember Cardale Jones trucking Bama defenders for huge gains, but that's what an effective running game can do for QBs just mobile enough to extend plays. I mean, Mike Leach thinks offensive balance is stupid, but even he's made more of an effort to run the ball the last handful of seasons.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Last season the offense needed less J.T. and more Haskins, now, at 7-0, the offense needs a mobile QB to help the run game cause Haskins isn't mobile enough and he just doesn't throw deep... y'all are hysterical. All I know is, on a day when a BUNCH of Top 10 teams were defeated, the Buckeyes weren't one of them... tho this forum tells a different story if you're not paying attention.
Comment 28 Aug 2018
While it's true that Athens belonged to the SEOAL, Burrow actually competed in the Ohio Division of the Tri Valley Conference while with the Bulldogs. Athens decided to make the move to a smaller divisional conference years ago, after decades of minimal success in the aforementioned SEOAL.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
I mean, it kinda paints the picture that Tom and Zach were relatively comfortable with each other at one point, even if they didn't like each other, per say. Zach negatively influencing Mensa Tom in anyway probably didn't roll over well with either wife. I'm betting Ms. Herman and Ms. Smith actually bonded over their husbands transgressions.. Mr. Smith is an idiot, Mr. Herman, though a major dickwad, was at least smart enough to change course for his wife. They eventually all turned on Zach.. who's also a dickwad.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
Krueger clearly feels comfortable with the entirety of the investigation. As a woman tasked with investigating domestic violence on any scope, I have to believe she, or any woman, would pause at the very first hint of wrongdoing. I hope the entire university sticks behind their decision like Krueger, no matter how ugly it gets. (Unless it gets downright disastrous...). They basically need to tell the media that they can fuck off and to go kick rocks around another campus in attempt to unearth ugly. Backlash be damned, they are more than comfortable with the end result.
Comment 24 Aug 2018
As you stated, what has been released is simply a summary of their two week investigation, which means that there is probably an incredible amount that we don't know about, as you said. Which brings to thought a couple of things, for me: 1. I find it interesting that Gene Smith's lawyer releases a statement not even 24 hours after all this was announced. After not hearing anything from Gene or his attorney this entire time, I find that interesting. 2) Of all the rumors discussed yesterday until the announcement, the one where the Board and Mr. Drake were at odds is interesting to me. If you take into account that Urban appeared adamant, from day one, that he had done absolutely nothing wrong, maybe he really didn't do anything wrong, at least as far as what he was contractually obligated to do. So, with all that in mind, I think the most overlooked fact in all of this is that Gene was actually notified first, by the Title 9 office, who was actually notified by campus police about the incident in 2015. As stated, none of this is reported to have occurred on campus. So why were the campus police notified by an outside department, and why was their first call to Title 9? Why was their first call to Gene? Perhaps in the actual findings, the majority of this actually falls on Gene himself? Urban has long been the focal point of all this, but Gene was actually the first person notified in 2015, and 2009 failed to even register on Zach's pre-employment background check. I guess what I'm getting at is, is it farfetched to believe that over the course of six years, 2009-2015, Urban done everything he could to remain loyal to Zach, but from a distance? Maybe Urban got to the point where he just didn't want to know anything unless he was required to know per his contract? So if there were any questions, or concerns, contact Gene, who will let Urban know if it's worth monitoring. This would explain why Gene knew first, and partly explain why he was unaware of anything Shelly knew or believed? Gene clearly had to notify Urban about 2015 because having an assistant coach hauled off in handcuffs at any given point is important I would think. But maybe all Urban wanted to know was that Zach could be arrested, pending investigation by Powell Police, and just a general idea of what for. Given that Urban clearly don't believe Courtney, for whatever reason, this seems plausible to me. So if this doesn't go away as many seem to believe, and if lawyers are speaking less than 24 hours after the fact in defense of a client maybe it's not, I could see it playing like this - Urban is suspended, believes he shouldn't have been. The Board believes he shouldn't have been. The investigation maybe reveals that the brunt of the blame actually falls on the Athletic Director, but Gene has probably spent this investigation doing homework with his legal team, and also believes he has done nothing wrong. Maybe the board believes slightly different, depending on how much Gene actually did know. So the compromise is where we are at with Urban and Gene suspended. However, is there a chance that if the brunt of the investigation actually showed Gene was more responsible for "managing" Zach, based on any relevant information given to him by whoever, and that Gene will, in fact, be the one who is fired, or resigns, if this doesn't blow over the way they hope?
Comment 23 Aug 2018
It just amazes me that of ALL the notable headlines sports has offered up recently - Jimbo Fisher, Maryland, Sparty actually accused of covering up years of sexual assault, etc. - the media has chosen to focus on Meyer and his handling of a grown man's personal life. I'd love to see a graphic, similar to the suspension one above, detailing how much coverage each major story line has received vs Meyer in 2018. Ya know, Maryland had a player die because of "culture", but got about a week worth of coverage. Dantonio, Izzo and Michigan State allegedly went to extreme measures to cover up all kinds of violence against women, from eradicating police documents to the Nassar fiasco,and provided the media with an endless narrative to go wild on but... they didn't.
Comment 11 Aug 2018
McMurphy just released text messages that are allegedly from Courtney's Mom that supposedly contradict Snook's claims. There's a headline on 247 about McMurphy and his newest revelation, but nothing about the Herman news. If Herman has known all this time that there was alleged abuse, is he not also in a position to report?If everyone jumped to the conclusion that Shelly had to of told Urban about the text because they were married, one would have to think that Tom was privy to an overwhelming amount of information given that his wife was best friends with Courtney? That info should have been reported, investigated and passed on from Tom to whoever, regardless of his motives and employer, no? I mean, if a coach from one university knew of an alleged incident regarding domestic violence involving another coach, wouldn't they be obligated to report that?
Comment 05 Aug 2018
The Browns have said all along that they thought Gordon would be back this season. I think this speaks more about the progress Rishard Higgins has made from last season to now than anything else.
Comment 28 May 2018
Don't get it twisted, you are comparing two leagues from the '40s and '50s. Unless you can make a definitive statement about how and why an NFL "World Championship" holds more (historical) weight, you can't really argue with Cleveland fans for claiming championships. But let's bring all the facts to the table, the NFL was afraid of the AAFC. Cleveland won every championship the AAFC had to offer, and challenged the NFL's champion every year they did. But, aside from Mr. Rooney in Pittsburgh, owners in the NFL wanted no part of their "inferior" counterparts. September 16, 1950.. Browns (AAFC) vs Philadelphia Eagles (NFL). 71,000 people watched Otto Graham and the Browns dominate the Eagles, where Graham won MVP. So, no the Browns weren't deemed "World Champs" by the almighty NFL, but it wasn't for lack of effort and they destroyed the Eagles in the only opportunity they were given, with only bragging rights on the line. I have pet peeves also, one of which includes people who are either ignorant to all the facts, or think they're smart enough to use all the facts to emphasize their point - but think their word is gospel either way. I mean, Mt. Union claiming a National Championship is different than Ohio State claiming one, but they are both national champs.
Comment 22 May 2018
Franklin can recruit, that's fine. But if all things are equal on the field, they most certainly aren't on the sidelines. I will take Meyer over Franklin every single day of the week, and twice on Saturday. I've long believed that the same arrogance and bravado Frannklin uses to lure recruits to Happy Valley, will always get in his way when it matters most come game time. I think Moorhead will be a bigger loss than most believe, because I don't think Franklin has the fortitude or wherewithal to get out of his own way.