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Long-time lurker living in enemy territory (AA) and loving every minute of it as a Buckeye. Reading 11W articles, posts and banter was a major player on my road to recovery from MS. I appreciate this place.


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Comment 06 Oct 2019
perfect thread timing. I just purchased the 11w tshirt. and I'll wear it at the game. and I dont give a damn who is offended. and I will do my best to make it on the big screen. so i hope that lady is watching from home.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
I know we ultimately control our own destiny, but as a former player and current commentator, do you ever find yourself questioning the SEC's stranglehold of the top of the rankings as each season begins? Things will play out as they should, I assume, but is it a disservice to other conferences that there's already talk of possibly three SEC teams in the playoff? Would love to hear an insider's thoughts, to the extent that you can share them!
Comment 28 Feb 2019
Nice. If Mr. Jordan still resides it Canton, he'd pass on the consolation prize. He's around 30 minutes from AA and probably knows that town well. I live up here in Canton too and its the same as it is all over the state- the feigned moral and intellectual authority will simply not allow the consideration that another school could be a better fit for a young man. Y'all know how it goes. Dont be shocked to see MJ in a Michigan football ad that touts "the best are from here" or something to that effect. All considered, savage post by Mr. Jordan. He's dancing all over that hornet's nest with wreckless abandon and I support it. Oh, and thank you and your son for his service, Soldierdad.
Comment 24 Jan 2019
Excellent! I go to a lot of IEP meetings and you'd be amazed at how many parents leave treatment up to ill-equipped special education school programs. They do their best, don't get me wrong, but then the supports disappear during the transition period (high school to whatever's next) and advocacy for accommodations is every man (student) for themselves. We've recently started referring students and parents to an ABA derivative that focuses on the soft skills necessary for work, and we have parents take part in training concurrently, so the behaviors can be practiced at home, and then translated into work experiences we authorize for the students (generally a paid, two-week community-based assessment in an integrated workplace). It's a safe way to introduce them to work with a job coach who assists them and reports back to us so we can determine further training needs. It's a process, but the results thus far are wildly successful. If we can integrate those skills into an area of interest that really catches a student's focus (often hyper-focus to the point of obsession with some ASD kids), then they can do really well. Of course, we educate employers and offer them supports too (to all but eliminate training costs/risk), so it's really a community effort. I am happy to share the curriculum with you. Just shoot me an email at if you're interested. Yeah, I work for that state up north, but this stuff transcends the rivalry (I'm all OSU, anyway, for what it's worth). Keep doing what you're doing for them, and when the time comes, if you think it'd help, look for a VR program in Northern Cali. Your kids should be entitled to these programs for free based on their eligibility (diagnosis). Apologies if none of that is new info to you...I get jazzed about this stuff.
Comment 24 Jan 2019
I'm with ya...not offended, just feel like we're reaching here. I'm a voc rehab counselor (nope, not drugs) and ASD referrals are common. There are some really innovative services available for natural supports and their kids/students out there that we utilize and the results speak for themselves. I'd be happy to share, if you're interested, NorCal. You too, Ramzy. I hold your Wednesday contributions in high regard (and your tweets are fire), but you may have ventured out of your element with this one.
Comment 28 Sep 2018
It's just a matter of time and perspective, really. I am pretty excited/anxious about tomorrow night. Right now, with what's on the line in this game (yes, I know there will always be one loss scenarios), it's a rivalry. "The Rivarly" is with just Michigan. I really don't like thinking highly of PSU's team, but they are solid, and our biggest roadblock to what we want at this point in time.
Comment 04 Sep 2018
There's a lot more to the "yawn" than you think. In fact, "yawn" contributes more to the conversation about the polls than your post. Let me help you out... "We dropped 77 and beat the spread but fell in the rankings...yawn." "Once again, we drop in the poll and two SEC teams are in the top four...yawn"
Comment 21 Aug 2018
"I've been known to come through on occasion...but not occasions in late November." Honest guy. Weird guy, but honest guy.
Comment 08 Aug 2018
You're alright, Ozzy. Maybe the right approach to all of this lies somewhere between ours, and yours. All we've got is this platform for civil discourse and you're nailing it.
Comment 25 Jun 2018
Count me as one of those OSU/Detroit hybrid fans. Memories make the man, in sports, in a lot of ways. I grew up in metro Detroit but my Dad took me to the Shoe and my Grandpa used to take me to Municipal. That's why I'm up here loving the Buckeyes and the Tribe, but also the Wings and Pistons. I guess if Columbus had the Jackets back then or somebody got me hooked on the Cavs at Gund it'd be a different story. Life is fun in that kinda way.
Comment 28 Feb 2018
I'm inclined to agree with you, even though I'm not a fan of it. With that said, I'd ask where the credit is that's due to program culture, strength and training staffs and coaching staff/athletic departments in general (OSU). It's not as if these five guys came to work each day and were only impacted by your new OL coach and didn't interact with anyone else. I understand this is PR for Michigan, so there isn't any disclaimer or fine print, or a backside with other credits listed, but surely you can see why some would find it disingenuous.