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Comment 18 Dec 2018

Friday nights are for high school football, but I didn’t get to vote on this idea.                        Here is a suggestion to help out the attendance for the high schools.  How about all high school games in Ohio be scheduled to start no later than 6:00 pm on that Friday night. Plenty of time for that to be arranged.

Comment 21 Nov 2018

I am also from Northwest OHIO and face the rivalry daily.  This year even more so. At this time last year was the first time Shea Patterson’s name was mentioned in our house. At that time a quarterback for Ole Miss.  Little did I know, his family and some of my in-laws are close friends. Those in-laws (#ichigan fans) will be here Thanksgiving.     Brutus will be meeting them at the door. That’s the way it is everyday on the border.   GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 18 Nov 2018

Hope you are not calling the BINGO game. Mixing up the score and the BINGO number could get you in trouble. BINGO players I know are as serious about their game as Eleven Warriors posters are about the Buckeyes. GO BUCKS..