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Comment 8 hours ago
Highly recommend the concept 2 rower for cardio/weightloss. 20 minute quick row in the basement can be equivalent a title fight lol . And yea same here. Every time I'm shouldering the weight and about to do that first squat I almost feel as if I'm about to break somewhere. I suck at warming up, it's too much work. Seriously thinking about abandoning the weight for awhile and going for pullups, dips, overall calisthenics. And trying to get unstiff. Another thing that I have a problem with is proper stretching which I know is bad. Weight vests for my bikes are another thing I may look into. I definitely need a switch up. Program I followed closely was starting strength. Losing weight while gaining strength on a very low carb high protein diet is something on another level. My hormones were thru the roof. Oh I forgot the biggest part, intermittent fasting for 16 hours every day with only taking in water. Then you workout is right before feeding time. Some researchers suggest your hgh levels can be elevated up to 2000% percent. I'm a believer. I think an obese person could follow the diet and regimen I was on and completely transform their entire self in 180 days. Have to be able to eat a lot of salmon, tuna, eggs, salads and veggies though. I think fasting and diet change alone are enough to see significant results. What you are putting into your body and when you are putting it in to your body matter most.
Comment 18 hours ago
Have a body solid squat machine with a 20 degree foot plate. Up to 5x5 of 285. Started from a plate on each side a few months ago and adding 5lbs each workout m,w,f. Bench about the same. Started at about 150 and now up to 275 usually adding 5 every other workout. All the while I've lost 27 lbs of bad weight. Down to 150 from 177. Walk/jog 3-5 miles a day and try to eat clean/low carb/lazy keto. I'm at the point where I now know what it's like to have some strength and I'm plateauing and burning out. I'm thinking about trying to focus on gaining some flexibility, maybe yoga and overall athleticism. There are some downsides to lifting heavy and at the prime age of 40 and feeling the rigors heavy weights can put on the body I'm just not sure its really worth it long term.
Comment 19 hours ago
Should definitely be a Tuf Borland and Pete Werner friday night special. If they can grind out 4 yards on 1st down runs and find a way to mix in some quick passes or misdirection they could hang around for a half. Their zone is tough and can force Fields into mistakes or worse taking some punishing hits. Haskins had the elite arm and ability to pick them apart early. They went toe to toe at home against Wisky a team on paper that is the closest thing to our equal out there. We have to run, run, hit them over the top. Break tackles and dont drop highly contested 3rd down passes. Teams are getting some licks in on Fields with exotic blitzes that he isnt recognizing pre snap. An elite defense could turn that into 2 FF and 14 points which is a 28 point swing. In a defensive slugfest with the game shortened that could make or break the outcome. For instance. If 2 of our TD drives against Msu were instead a pick 6 and a scoop n score fumble, suddenly that game is 24-24. Always respect teams that power run and play solid Defense.
Comment 20 hours ago
Preseason both ND and Michigan were top 5ish and hyped as undefeated playoff teams. If they had both held up their end and beaten Georgia and Wisconsin this would be a huge draw.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
I need to know what this shocked emoji is for. Yo my main man AE, what's the word on the street? What's the birds chirping about?
Comment 12 Oct 2019
Purdue dropping a half a hundred on Maryland in a victory with their 2nd or 3rd string QB kinda lessens the big Psu victory over them.
Comment 12 Oct 2019
Dantonio's kill at all cost with half his football team built of Ohio kids who weren't good enough for an ohio state offer doesn't work every week. You can always tell how hard sparty is trying by how many cheap shots they take on opposing star players. We also played a c+ game to their A-. They were still riding hope of a B1G championship with outside playoff shot. All goals are goners. They will still show up to target Patterson's and DPJ's knee's and head though. I'd bet a dollar on it..
Comment 12 Oct 2019
It's not even that Georgia lost 3 times to south Carolina in one game. It's how horrible the offense is. ND is probably kicking themselves. Had a chance to take down a paper goliath and blew it. Probably cost them a 2nd consecutive playoff birth. Telling folks now. The sec is "extremely" overrated. Its LSU and Bama both with mediocre defense and relying on 50 passes a game to win. Neither is grounding opponents down on the ground. Not important until you meet a team with halfway decent defense. Ohio state, Oklahoma, LSU, Bama
Comment 12 Oct 2019
6 months of combat, 6 months of training for combat. While I would probably do it too. We are seeing more and more NFL stars retire early with millions upon millions on the table. And at first sight they seem crazy. But the further along we get and the more research the gets done, those that walked away intact are starting to seem like the smart ones. The guys are just too big and too fast and human body wasn't meant or designed to take that repetitive punishment day after day, week after week, year after year.
Comment 11 Oct 2019
They in a way create the "popular opinion". Cant tell you how many times I've been in a bar and heard an uneducated drunkard look at my Buckeyes hat and say ..."Buckeyes suck, they play nobody, the sec owns the Buckeyes" only because this is the nonsense they hear on ESPN talk radio and on ESPN daily talk shows. They create a giant heard of mindless sheep into believing whatever they repeat over and over.
Comment 11 Oct 2019
It was all part of his plan. Get overweight have fans doubt his scholarship offer to the point the coaches give him an ultimatum. Only to turn around and use that as motivation to get in the best shape of his life, enroll early, and dominate his line class from day 1 on his way to being an All American and #1 draft pick in the 2022 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.
Comment 10 Oct 2019
Pretty sure at negative 5 it lightens to the grey color then locks at negative 10. But um I'm not an expert and didn't stay at a holiday inn Express.
Comment 09 Oct 2019
His ability to jump from one angle to another is ungodly. Burst is also lightning quick. If he could hold 25 lbs of extra muscle without losing any quick twitch? Hell why not
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Think they gonna try to put the press on him? We need you now son. Might not have a vacancy come late December. I sure hope whatever it is works.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Fields will keep getting better. And every game I see he improved upon something from prior. Oline will keep gelling and become more cohesive. Every week an opponent will try something new against our zone, and we will learn from it. Health/off field stuff/ and play calling are the only things that can slow us down..we are a snowball rolling downhill
Comment 07 Oct 2019
We cover those dudes with Chase Young, Jonathan Cooper, Tyreke Smith, Zack Harrison and company. Sure they will make some chunk plays. But Young lighting Tua up from his blindside could create a false clock and alter the timing they have built up all year. Bama got dominated in the trenches and out rushed by south Carolina. My money is on us.