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Comment 5 hours ago
They are going to bring the Bear. A nose tackle directly over center a defensive tackle on each guard. Followed by a DE over each tackle and the most important piece is having that beast OLB up close to the line on the strong side. Day has to come up with a few packages to counter. The 2 key components when facing a defense designed to take away the power spread run/option are the QB's arm, and his ability to run. It virtually takes away the middle run game and forces you to run off tackle or pass. I think Garrett Wilson and Ruckert have been given some playing time specifically for this moment. But it will be KJ Hill with his experience and ability to make the first defender miss, who will be the MVP from a weapon stand point. Dobbins will also be crucial catching passes out of the backfield. Day is going to win this chest match. Once we force Venables out of the bear or double eagle and into Clemson's 3-3-5 is when Dobbins and the offensive line are going to shine. I'd expect fast tempo and power run after power run with a couple Fields keepers in to keep them honest. We hold advantages on both lines which means they will have to bring in an extra guy to try to even it out. Extra TE to help double Chase means one less WR, extra DE or DT on the line means one less CB or Safety or LB. We win this game by 10+
Comment 9 hours ago
He might be able to recruit a little better then Sr. Let's face it, most of the youth of today resonate with younger guys. I'm 40 and I can barely find any common ground to relate too with my 16 year old. We are just lightyears apart on everything from shoes, clothes, music, and ambition. I could see an even bigger gap with guys in their later 50's to 60's.
Comment 10 hours ago
The adjustments made in both games should be your focus. When you are facing NFL caliber players and coaches you are going to get out schemed for a quarter or 2. The fact Day fixed the problems and Michigan and Wisconsin weren't able to continue to take advantage is huge here. It means A we have a great coach who can make the proper adjustments needed, and B we have the players to pull it off. Holding a Wisconsin to zero points in the 2nd half after them having huge success early is mind boggling good. And Michigan scored 11 points 2nd half after putting up 300 yards at halftime. 8 of those Michigan points came directly after Garrett Wilson fumbled inside our own 25. So really we held them to 3. Because of this we are never out of a game. Both offense and defense can make whatever adjustments needed.
Comment 20 hours ago
You cant just run up the gut into the teeth of a Bear defense. VT proved that. Clemson 31-0 was on the coaches as much as execution. Clemson took away what we did best and out coached us. If we make those field goals and add 1 more off one of the ints then Clemson cant play so close to the best and it's a ballgame. Kicking FG's from the 30+ yardline in a playoff game early is submitting and a momentum killer. Really glad Day went for it against Wisky in similar situations. It tells your team you are here to take it. Day is going to scheme Clemson a new backside. Execution may not even matter. We may run away with it even if we make mistakes ala 2014. Day > Herman , Yurich > Beck, Hartline > Smith 100%
Comment 20 hours ago
Elite level trolling. Then add into a hurry up how he really really likes Massachusetts and it's going to be a battle till signing day lol
Comment 21 hours ago
85 yards through the heart of Arizona. You dont pick up other skills until faced with a good team that can take away your 1st and 2nd options. We are battle tested and that's invaluable. More importantly our coaches know what adjustments to make already. Not sure Clemson has had to face that kind of adversity. Also, how are their legs going to hold up not having more then 1 game go past half time? They could tire out late. Mack Brown gave them a freebie and had them wore down. I think if they had lost that game they still would be the 3rd seed but would have an actual Dantonio sized chip on their shoulders, not the manufactured one that presently presides. If our guys 100% focus on this and not the draft or awards banquet we can shock the world and put a Michigan sized beat down on these southern Christian hippies.
Comment 22 hours ago
If Venables is stubborn and tries to run Bear and double eagle fronts Fields and Day have to make him pay with big chunk passes on 1st and 2nd down. Urban got his ass beat twice by those fronts in the VT and Clemson games. Day has plenty of time to scheme and knows what he is going to be facing. Olave, Wilson, and Ruckert in man to man, Hill jr could be the MVP on quick hitters and crossing routes. Scheme scheme scheme. We have the talent advantage on both lines, we only lose this game if Day is stubborn and continues to try to run into the teeth of 7 and 8 man Bear fronts.
Comment 23 hours ago
What a finish. 2 highly rated QB's. Whichever one jumps out ahead is going to be legit. Sure would like a late 5* surprise like Rick's, Robinson, or Lloyd.
Comment 24 hours ago
Ruckert, Wilson, Harrison, Garrett, Togia. Maybe a surprise young LB like Pope. We can rotate packages of WR's, TE's, DT's, DE's to keep fresh legs for the 4th. Legit think we can wear down Clemson with our size, style, and depth. Expect to see tempo range from hyperloop to clock drain.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
Visions of ken Dorsey wobbling off the field are dancing in my head.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
So the truth come out. They didn't want LSU ad the #2 seed because they think Clemson is going to win. Didn't want their darling out in the first round. ESPN FPI rating gave us the highest percentage to win the national title at 35%. Didn't hear that mentioned one time when debating who should be #1.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
More physical team wins. Fields even at 85% needs to be more decisive. Needs to go through his 2 or 3 reads and either throw or take off running with authority. Also needs to practice buying time, scrambling to give himself a couple extra seconds. His out of the pocket throws have been money. Rattle Lawrence early and often. Mix up and disguise coverages. Come down with a revolutionary 3rd down blitz package.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
I really hope Hafley gives us at least 1 more season. We are going to need guidance if we lose all 4 starters. We also are going to need a really nice class of DB's. A class of DB's to rival this years group of WR's? Iron sharpens iron. Of course they could always bring back the GOAT my old coach Kerry Coombs as DC.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
It can have a negative impact with the offensive chemistry. If he was a players coach and the guys loved him this could help us. Especially to a group of kids that are used to everyone staying and remaining loyal. Turmoil
Comment 08 Dec 2019
When we play angry and focused and blow our man off the line we are one of the best teams in the last 20 years. Teams have to bring multiple LB's and safeties down hill to cheat to stop our run game, and they still have problems. Day is going to have some exotic quit hitting blitz beaters. Tunnel screens, middle screens, trips, 5 wide. Key as always will be do we want it more then Clemson? If Fields comes out and is running hard then we are going to win this game. Also Hafley has time to design so route jumping bracket coverages on Higgins and Ross. Lawrence is prone to forcing and trusting those 2 no matter if they are doubled or open. We have the talent to make him pay.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Reality is that Taylor broke a couple arm tackles in the first half for long runs. He is a legit Heisman RB. He didn't do squat the 2nd half. We had guys in position we just missed 4 huge tackles counting Baron whiffing on Coan. Dont think you need to rewrite the whole defensive philosophy over good players making a couple plays.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
We will get to see if we made the right decision letting Grinch go. Let's be honest here this is really the only game that matters. He did enough against Texas and Baylor. If he can come up with a couple take away and beat Burrow and LSU that would be huge. Everything midway through the season looked in our favor with Hafley. Now our defense is trending down a bit and Grinch has his unit trending up.