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Comment 19 Feb 2012

The problem once again was Buford.  He is the key which many people have said all year long.  I can understand him having an off night here and there but the problem is that when he is off, he just keeps shooting and often times they are forced shots not in the flow of the offense.  He isn't a great defender so when he is off it hurts us all over the court and you can tell he is out of his game.

The past two losses have been frustrating all around for the Buckeyes.  Both games had bad officiating, but it was bad both ways in my eyes. Bodies flying around and all kinds of contact on plays with no calls and then touch fouls getting called at other times.  I guess it was consistent, but it was consistently bad and that officiating does change the game because the players have to change the way they play.


All in all I think the Buckeyes are still fine. This is a tough time of the year and they need to battle through it and grow as a team. They need to find the offensive flow again that they had earlier in the year and they can be a scary team once again come March.