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Comment 19 Nov 2016

Bama does it?  What world do you live in?  Bama had one perfect season under Saban.  They have lost every year since 2009.  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Alabama lost at least one game.  This year Bama DID NOT dominate a mediocre LSU team this year that was playing without a head coach.  That is WHY.  

Comment 23 Oct 2016

HA.  Completely unrealistic people like you piss me off.  You say Beck is the DIRECT reason for this loss?  Please enlighten me how you know that Beck is the direct reason for this loss.  I want to hear about the insider information you obviously have.    

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The following procedure will determine the representative from each division in the event of a tie:
(a)    If two teams are tied, the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be the representative.
(b)    If three or more teams are tied, steps 1 through 6 will be followed until a determination is made.  If only two teams remain tied after any step, the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall be the representative.
1.    The records of the three tied teams will be compared against each other.
2.    The records of the three tied teams will be compared within their division.
3.    The records of the three teams will be compared against the next highest placed teams in their division in order of finish (4, 5, 6, and 7).
4.    The records of the three teams will be compared against all common conference opponents.
5.    The team with the best overall winning percentage [excluding exempted games] shall be the representative.
6.    The representative will be chosen by random draw.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I remember the same things were said about Herman after the Virginia Tech game in 2014.  By the way, Herman lost again tonight.  Let's stick with what we have and trust the coaching staff in place and Coach Meyer who has lost FIVE games in FIVE years.  

Comment 19 Jul 2015

I think this is an important point as to why Cardale needs to be the QB for the upcoming season.  With Cardale, the offense was much less dependent on the QB run and leaned more on Zeke.  Relying upon Zeke was one of the reasons for OSU's success in the playoffs last year.  Put Cardale in at QB, hand the ball off to Zeke A LOT, and take some shots deep off of the play action.    

Comment 20 Feb 2015

Wow, this is fun.  My starting five would be:  Conley, Russell, Diebler, Sullinger and Oden.

My bench would be:  Craft, Lighty, JJ Sullinger, Buford, Ross, Thomas, and Mullens. 

I agree with whoever said the team was better without Turner even though he had one great year.  I'll take Lighty, Q Ross, or the older Sullinger over ET.  

Comment 14 Feb 2015

Nice list.  The most important play in the National Champ game, in my opinion, was the push pass sweep to Jalin on 4th and 3 in the first quarter.  It wasn't a flashy play, but not picking up that first down changes that game considerably.  I think it is a top ten pass play due to its importance.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Dontre had two fumbles on special teams.  One we were fortunate to keep and the other we lost.  I really think Marshall is more explosive.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I don't know enough about Minnesota's defensive tackles to know if this game will be close.  The way to slow OSU's offense down at this point in the season is to have tremendous defensive tackles like Penn State.  Our interior offensive lineman can be dominated by great defensive tackles.  Without great defensive tackles, I think OSU will win and probably handily.

Minnesota does have a good downhill running game.  MSU showed a downhill running game can work against OSU's defense, but this only works if a team can slow down OSU's offense.  

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Devin changes what aggressive defenses can do against OSU.  His over the top ability opens up the running game.  Bottom line, Devin Smith and Michael Thomas need to be on the field at the same time.  I know they play the same position, but those two on the field together can stretch any defense in the country.  

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I think Jalin Marshall is the better player.  Period.  Marshall has better hands catching the ball as a receiver, he is the better returner (both punt and KO), better at running the wildcat, and quite frankly, more explosive in the open field.  I am not sure about blocking since I don't really watch the game for blocking, but my guess would be Marshall is better at blocking.  I also don't watch route running, but DW doesn't seem to outshine Marshall in that category, nor does it matter if DW continues to drop balls.    

I would like to see OSU play with their 3 most explosive WRs at the same time:  Thomas, Smith, and Marshall.  With all due respect to Spencer and Wilson, the other three are extremely explosive and REALLY stretch a defense.  

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Bringing pressure leaves holes.  Hello Jeff Heuerman down the seam!!  I don't think the MSU D-line has enough to win the game for them on their own.  

Comment 29 Sep 2014

The Braxton led offense made the big play seem easy.  They aren't.  Braxton is just that electric of a player.  With that said, I think OSU is going to be a better offense by the end of this year compared to the past two years.  JT Barrett is becoming more consistent and efficient as a passer each week.  The offensive line is learning pass pro better which gives JT more time to throw each week.  The progression in the passing game is leading to more holes for our RBs to run through.  

JT reminds me of Troy Smith, but JT has a chance to be better than Troy given the offensive scheme.    

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I think it should be noted that Kenny Guiton didn't have the strongest arm in the world and he had the longest touchdown pass of the season to Devin Smith.  J.T. doesn't need to have a cannon.  Accuracy and timing are more important even on the long throws.  If J.T. (or Cardale, for that matter) can make the proper reads in the running game and then throw accurate passes on time, this offense could put up similar numbers to last year.  

Comment 30 Apr 2014

Good write up, Kyle.  However, the Midline is almost always run to the 3 technique.  If it is run to the 1 technique or nose guard it is almost always a "pull" for the QB.  The Midline is a great compliment to the Veer because typically the Veer is run toward the 1 technique.  Since these two plays compliment each other, a check call can easily be made at the line of scrimmage.  For instance, if the call is Veer right and the Defense is playing a 3 technique to that side of the ball, the play can either be flipped to the other side (assuming there is a 1 technique on the left side) or simply changed to the Midline.  The call in the huddle would be, Veer Right Check Midline or Veer Right Check Railroad (or Ohio if you play EA football games).  These easy checks make the flexbone hard to stop when executed properly even with 8 or 9 in the box.  

Comment 28 Apr 2014

This list plus Mack would make me even happier.  Maybe the Browns make some moves and use a pick next year to get your crop listed above and Mack.  I would be dancing circles, but it probably won't happen.  The #4 pick is probably going to be Manziel or Bortles, unfortunately.