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Comment 09 Feb 2018

I think it was a mixture of the style of play matching up well at the time against that conference at the time.  So bit of both + timing.  I'm not sure his style would work now in the P12.  The P12 was basically USC and basketball on grass.  Oregon of that time didn't match up well vs. smash-mouth football (kind of similar to how we didn't particularly match up well against the SEC teams).  I would've loved to play Stanford at those times.

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I like your post.  While I tend to agree about the person of Harbaugh, I also feel like this year they may end up with more on-field success than many of us want to admit.  If they bottle some of the improvement we saw with Warriner's o-line and continue with a strong defense, they will be tough to beat.  The difference, in my opinion, of the program trajectory comes back to that coach and exactly what you said - his humility (lack thereof).  His stubbornness and seemingly disconnected-from-reality ...let's say style have proven to me that he is simply not a great tactical football coach.  It can be argued that Harbaugh's stubbornness is not too different from Urban's over-reliance on QB running plays.  Except that Urban tends to win games, whereas Harbaugh will see the 1 win in 10 as a reinforcement of his erred beliefs.  

Comment 14 Jan 2018

And I don't believe I have ever seen yearly exponential growth like that dude exhibited

Hit the nail on the head there.  Seemingly came from nowhere.  Liked him as a frosh, but never had an expectation he'd turn into a Wolverine tournament double whammy killer.  

...and you are also right about not having much of a supporting cast.  It was like Michael Redd, where if that dude was just a little off we had no answers.  

Great post.

Comment 14 Jan 2018

Oh man - you missed Perry Carter, who happens to be right there on that list and is also tragically underrated or somehow forgotten.  One of my earlier Buckeye memories was Ohio State beating a highly ranked Indiana coached by Bobby Knight in Columbus due in large part to the tenacity of Carter.  Had the game on a VHS tape and would watch it every so often.  In that game, the announcer said that Ohio State had never beaten Indiana both home and away in the same season.  My how we have come...

Comment 13 Jan 2018

The man was a legend and, for me, the voice of the game.  Grew up loving him calling my Buckeyes.  God Bless.

Comment 09 Sep 2017

You know, I was looking for those games.  Obviously '77 OU is one of the losses.  

Came across this, though, which is probably the perfect counter-argument.

Comment 09 Sep 2017

Gonna go ahead and file this under, 'Happy Statistics'.

Right below 0-4 for Mr. Hart.

Comment 09 Sep 2017

Another strange stat for ya:

Ohio State football has never once won a game on June 4.  Statistics, man, they be lying.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

2,758. He's going to have a good day, and if that doesn't get him in the lead for the Heisman I don't know what will.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Man no love for Wilson.  Considering the depths they are coming from, I think he has done a better job coaching than several others.  Yeah, 0 defense and no titles, but big out of conference wins and are a threat to most B1G teams.  

Comment 20 Sep 2016

MSU is seeing an uptick in recruiting. The argument for MSU is that they have had success building the program with lower ranked recruiting classes, and now are expecting better results with better players.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

That's possible.  However, I think our back-end schedule has quite a few heavyweights whereas the remaining schedule for UH is lighter.  I think we'd likely get the nod predicated upon not getting blown out, playing at their place, OU going o to contend/win B12.