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Comment 29 Sep 2019
Man am I gonna miss Chase. Also can we please get a petition going to keep Jeff Halfley? That guy's gonna get crazy offers. Great game all in all. The buckeyes performance was off the charts and because of it, there's now conversation about being #1in the country. We can thank Clemson for that, they struggled today, and the Brent Venables defense that we knew to be dominant... Not so much. Time to get ready for Sparty, Go Bucks!
Comment 04 Mar 2019
I don't know but it's something about having a young coach. I get that Lincoln Riley feel(sans the terrible defense). That said, I am optimistic about this new Ohio state football team. I'll be paying close attention to the linebackers and offensive line. Especially with this new "Viper" position that came along with the ttun acquisition. I hear Brendon White is a candidate due to his versatility. I also look to see which players make a name for themselves. Alot of talent on the shelf and I'm sure there are a few diamonds in the rough.(see Chris Olave) I think they will fare well in the end and Mattison is known for coaching up players to their potential, I guess 30+ years in the game is paying off. Ttun has had a top 4 defense the past few years and now we have that on our side. Given that our players are better, I think good things are in our future. Fields is a freak on his feet. He's really a great combination of the buckeyes past 3 qbs. Braxtons feet, JTs toughness, and lil of Dwaynes arm. Baldwin ain't no chump either. In a way he kind of has an edge due to the fact that he's been there longer. It's gonna come down to getting it down I guess. That qb battle will be sweet. Lastly, the secondary. If Brendon white makes the transition to lb (he's pictured with them in the Harley workout photo), it'll be interesting to see who fills the gap. Will the younger guys step up? I'm ready to hear some new names. Bring on spring ball!
Comment 24 Oct 2018
"we are x-0 with a chance to go y-0". You hear that so often but do you also hear the complacency. As long as we win, we're OK. It's obvious the coaching or lack thereof is either missing or off because it hasn't been fixed. I don't have a Twitter but can someone hit up J Laurinaitis and ask him to take Billy Davis ' job? I hope urban leans in that direction when the season is over. Oh and schiano needs to chill with the blitzes. Stop playing down to your competition and get out there and dominate. Live up to the hype that surrounds you. Them boys gave up in the fourth. I'm just an armchair but it's easy to see that your not scheming to your players abilities, we've lost major talent to the pros and alot of these guys are still young. Prince(even though he has had his moments) needed a whole off-season to get over that Penn state debacle. Some of these young guys may also. I still got faith and the future is still bright, let's see what 2 weeks can do. O-H.
Comment 21 Oct 2018
Why does it seem like it always takes a loss for us to get our stuff together? Something is going on. I know we only had him for three games, but this team looked alot better with Day control. Don't get me wrong, Im a Meyer guy to the fullest, but even Urbz himself doesn't seem the same since his return. I think he may be on his last days, I, don't know he just doesn't seem like h he's into in lt anymore. I don't know, seems off. Very undisciplined, it's like theirs no accountability. Why was it so easy for Bosa to walk away? All questions along with many others that flood my head after a loss like this when the world seemed to have known what was at stake, but the Buckeyes didn't. I'm surprised but I'm not. Take advantage of the bye week fellas. Go Bucks.
Comment 05 Dec 2016
I love 11w. Some real Nuts around here. I think that it's important to remember that alot, no, ALL, of these teams treat Ohio state like a national championship. I work at the university of Illinois, and I had the chance to talk with a few players back when we spanked them 55-14 on our way to the Natty. ( this may get lengthy, but bare with me here) The day Braxton got hurt I ran into like 3 of em." Were gonna shut y'all out, in the horseshoe", one of them said. "Bruh, playing Ohio state is like a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP", his homie chimed in. Well we know how that ended, but riddle me this: If these Illini players feel this way, how about other teams? And it's crazy when you think about it because alot of these kids will graduate knowing they never, never, never, beat Ohio State. Imagine telling that to your grandkids. (43 ttun seniors??) And let's not overlook the fact that this is still the youngest team. That fact is tantamount. Jt and the vets have played ttun,sparty etc... Kj hill and mike haven't. I'm damnn proud. For them to make it here, when for many the last time they played was in high school well... Enjoy it young bucks. Let's get ready for Clemson. O-H!
Comment 04 Nov 2016
I don't know why,but for some odd reason,for like the past few days...I've had a feeling. It's almost as if the mastermind genius that is UFM knows this offense is on the cusp of something big. Maybe that's why his demeanor changed. We don't know what is going behind the doors the WHAC or even more telling,what's been said. I hope the old gut is right. Get dumped then,Nebraska. Go Bucks!
Comment 25 Oct 2016
I'm still mad and I hope they are too. My biggest concern going forward is the play calling. Me and my dad were sitting and watching the game and I was able to predict what came next. It's like if the back field was empty, you knew jt was running it. They were also able to predict the snap count. I'm just an armchair coach but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one to notice. All in all I know urbz is the master motivator so I'm sure the wolfpack has regrouped. Let's get it Buckeyes on to the wildcats.
Comment 05 Dec 2014
Let's not forget that although we have seen little of CJ, when we did he has lead drives and scored. 2 of them were for over 50 yards. In confident in them. I feel they will be able to look back from where they came and see where they're at. Another shot in spite of everything that has happened thus far. That's allot to go on. I won't give a score cause I'm not into that but I am confident in my team. Go bucks!
Comment 07 Sep 2014
It's crazy because I was at work and tried my hardest not to follow the game until I got home to see it but I couldn't take it. On paper(because this was How I saw it )I could see that the o line was playing crappy because all I saw was J.Barrett sacked, at least 6 or 7 times. When I saw it in person I couldn't believe it. Couple that with all this hoopla and talk about how everything from the defense and up is revamped and ready, to giving up multiple 3rd and long conversions along with 35 points...???I got some questions. Particularly for the coaching staff. The inexperience of youth,I get that.(That's for you JT), an offensive line that hasn't quite gelled yet, I get that.(and that's yalls last chance) Calling the same plays repeatedly, not utilizing a screen or slant routes to kill the blitzes, that's what I don't get(Herman that's for you). I'm coming straight for the staff on this one. Ash and company, y'all been making some hefty promises on how the secondary is so charged and ready, then gametime hits and their getting torched(vonn and apple excluded). Long story short, back to the drawing board.I hope they go over this tape so much the player pops. And I hope they understand that if they can't get it together this will be how they will look EVERY week or even worse.I'm done ranting.Week 2 is done and we've already lost 1, let's keep it that way.Go Bucks.
Comment 23 Aug 2014
This even furthers my belief that the buckeyes will use the loss of Braxton as motivation to do better and to win. I can't wait for the season to start just to see that motivation unfold and turn into victory. I truly believe that JTIV and the buckeyes will fare well this season! Go Bucks!