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Comment 02 Jan 2020

I dont know if theyve done it all year or not but I remember reading the other day about how OU (and by extension venables once at clemson) refused to practice in the super dome because they swore there were camera in there recording gameplan. Im not sure if Baylor practiced in the Superdome or not but it seemed pretty obvious to me the screens were to block the TV feed from being able to see hand signals.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

the troy smith 20 lbs thing, and ginn getting hurt on play 1 cannot be overstated in that 2007 game. No one can convince me that if we had played them a week or 2 after UM that we wouldnt of won. That loss is still number 1 in my mind considering how many great teams we beat in the process that season. This year is number 2, that LSU loss is way down the list, we had no business being in that game and most rational fans knew it.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This year's team was really one of my favorites to watch ever. You really got the sense this team had a ton of love for one another and the staff really just clicked. You can count on 1 hand the number of quarters this team mailed it in, really felt like a full realization of talent all season. This loss is going to sting for a really really long time, I think I'm most sad to realize we'll never see this iteration of buckeye football play together again. This team made it really easy to be proud to be a buckeye and even though last night was disappointing this team has so much to be proud about, it was a great season.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I could easily see it being JSN when its all said and done I just rewatched all 3 of their tapes..

-Fleming reminds me a lot of someone who i played against in HS (A former all world recruit in Whitney Lewis) Fleming's tape doesnt pop in the way you'd expect the number one at his position too. I'm not going to get into stats. But he is a physical freak who I think can very well develop into *that guy* but I think he's still relatively raw.

-JSN got a lot of man coverage and torched a lot of kids in it, hes got the hands and really nice top end speed to go with it. There's no doubt in my mind he's going to be a hell of a player for us.

-Gee to me is the most polished of the bunch (which may also mean his ceiling is lower), has beautiful route running, catches everything, and is quick as well. He faced a lot of soft zone so there isnt as much of those long plays you like to see at that level but I think it will be a different story at the next level for him

Either way I'm excited with the haul, we truly have an embarassment of riches, the future is bright out wide.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

If a kids main concern is individual awards I dont think we really want him. Development, draft history, level of competition, exposure, a chance to be part of something special.

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Link to aforementioned story:

And I'll believe it when I see it..

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Idk how much game-planning you've been a part of... but this 'tip' is so broad it borders on useless. When you're the losing team getting a rematch you have way more you can learn from and adjust from the tape. Wisconsin likely made a myriad of small scheme adjustments based on our tendencies and what we put on tape vs them that yielded the first half results they did. These things can be pretty minor like: seeing we like to try and jump certain routes, we bite more on certain run looks, playcalls we like vs certain personnel groupings etc etc.. its not like we didnt put someone on cephus. To play devils advocate if we doubled cephus the entire game it would open us up to get gashed even more than we did by JT. Even with this info, do we think the best CB in the country couldnt cover a B+ receiver? Do you want our coaching staff changing a defensive gameplan from a troll-ish former blogger the day of the game?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I can admit initially I was a bit nervous with the draw. Clemson is really the only team that can matchup with us in the country, truth is though; we're the only team in the country that can matchup with them.

I feel pretty strongly about our ability to run on them (which of course opens everything up), and our ability to severely limit them in the run game. I think our biggest matchup issue will be the size and skillset of their WRs, our pass rush can disrupt everything (Im hoping we go a bit more aggressive on blitzing this game early to set a tone), and really there is no secondary better equipped in the country to deal with the threat they pose.

Our team has been called historically great throughout the season. The path we have to a championship is a tremendous opportunity to cement ourselves as such. The playoff is a proving ground and whether we play them the first game or the second is really neither here nor there it was going to happen at some point imho. Between Clemson, LSU, and OU; Clemson is the one I'd want 3 weeks to prepare for. Now lets go make this game a historical statement a la 2014 bama. Go Bucks

Comment 07 Dec 2019

This'll probably be a closer game than many will think, on the road early season game. We should be able to move the ball on them, but Im pretty concerned with a total turnover in our defensive backfield next season going up against experienced and speedy skill like that. Should be a fun one though.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

I hear you, but at the same time the cfp rankings are the only ones that matter. They have us at 1 and that shouldnt change this week or next (presuming we win). At the end of the day I'm much happier keeping the wear low on our starters tires, developing our depth, and leaving zero doubt who the better team is on the field each and every week. When we talk about what's beneficial in the long run these are far more important.

What hurt us more was Wisconsin, Nebraska, PSU, and to some extent minny not playing their part and dropping games before playing us.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

OK lets address a few things:

Im super tired of this we're in a different league talent-wise argument. UM recruiting rankings the last 5 years: 2014 #20 (#2 in B1G), 2015 #37 (#5 in B1G), 2016 #8 (#2 in B1G), 2017 #5 (#2 in B1G), 2018 #22 (#3 in B1G). This puts them roughly in the realm of oklahoma (particularly if you omit 2015). These are not teams who should be averaging 20+ point losses to us. Their defense is consistently very talented, theyre talent at WR id argue is better than ours right now. Are they less talented overall? Sure. But PSU consistently plays us tougher than UM (And you know, occasionally beats us too) with lesser talent.

This is a player development, game-planning/management, and culture issue. Or to put it in more simple terms: Coaching.

How many 5 star RBs that our coaches covet have we seen go up there and die on the vine? Im still waiting to see that QB guru label manifest in any meaningful way. Can we even name a player that was truly developed beyond a natural progression of their talent? I dont see any Olave's, werner's, McLaurin's etc....

Has their even been a single quarter of football in the harbaugh era where you've come away and said wow we're getting completely out-coached? Just to pre-empt this inevitable example: Shea patterson played out of his mind in the first half taking what the zone gave him and attacking a wade-less defense, there were numerous busts that I would chalk up to a bit of lack of experience, it obviously got adjusted for. Our offense still did what it wanted, when it wanted.

The culture... Contrast Urban Meyer's how do you respect a rival speech to everything they're doing up there, all the bush-league play, chirping, pulling shoes off, excuse making over the years. THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE for us. I get he's a 'michigan man' but has he done or said anything that makes you say 'ya, this guy really gets it'? To me this is the core difference between the two. You know who never got obliterated by us? Brady Hoke.