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Comment 09 Jan 2017

With the now confirmed departure of curtis samuel, I think dobbins has a big opportunity to spell McCall at H-back, a lot of people point to KJ Hill, but I think KJ starts getting more run as a true WR with Brown leaving to the NFL. I think from on offensive standpoint dobbins might have the most potential to make a meaningful impact this season.

Comment 17 Sep 2016

my roommate is an OU alum, and I've been progressively harrassing him more and more as the week has gone on

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I agree weber stays under 1000 yards

Hooker becomes the 2nd best player on this defense not name raekwon

we beat oklahoma, and lose to some one in B1G play

The offense averages more PPG AND margin of victory than last year

Comment 02 Jun 2016

1) OSU football

2) Music. I'm on the westcoast so I go to a ton of festivals out here, always a fantastic time. Any time Eric Prydz plays im usually there as well, as I run with a group who is similarily fanatical in the way that you are about phish (I've seen him 5 times in this calendar year).

3) Surfing

4) Cooking

5) Building things: Im a product developer by trade, but I just love making things, pretty much have made all the furniture in our house.

6) Clash of clans, hard to not be passionate about what youre good at :p

Comment 11 Aug 2015


Also to add on, a lot of people are late bloomers if your not in the "man amongst boys" category by the time your a junior in HS you will pretty much fly under the recruiting radar, unless you set the world on fire as a senior. Pretty sure jared abbrederis was a walk on as was wes welker.   Personally I played with Clay matthews in HS and he was given a preferred walk-on designation at USC mostly because his pops was a stud there; there was literally nobody recruiting him in D1, and none of us who played with him in HS had any clue that he was going to get any playing time, let alone become the player he became. I think most walk ons dont have the measurables that people like to recruit but can play when the lights are actually on.. every walk-on goes because they think deep down they can hang and if the right set of circumstances arises they may get to actually show what they can do

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Its Miller and its not that close.

I think any easy way to think about athleticism is, how do there physical tools translate over a wide range of sports + where on the spectrum do their superlative skill(s) that player possesses land.

Miller could be functional in just about any sport, and his agility (his most superlative attribute imo) is borderline barry sanders.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

in 2009? No, she was no where on my radar. Then again I've never been in her target demographic, and dont have kids

Comment 12 Feb 2015

a) Not saying you shouldnt, but as I said to reach that level (especially in hip hop) humbleness tends to be an impediment on success. Its not the way most would 'want' it but simply it is the way it is. Find me multiple rap artists that have never said some sentiment that they are the best, and I'll show you a rapper that has no album sales and/or staying power.

b) plenty have in the thread just addressing it

c) While I dont have anything breaking down exactly how her numbers changed after that night I can offer this theres nobody on this list in the past 10 years who has been more relevant than taylor swift. I know specifically for me I had no idea who taylor swift was prior to that night. Similarily other than hardcore beck fans I know most people I have come across lately had no idea Beck even had a new album. His brand has gained a ton of momentum off of this incident, look no further than all the poeple talking about all the instruments he played for the album, and other artists coming to his defense. 

d) I'm not sure what you want him to do then

e) You are bringing race into something that literally has zero to do with it. Has "Kanye's racism" had any measureable impact on your life?

let the hate go

Comment 12 Feb 2015

I'm by no means the biggest Kanye fan. But a couple of things here..

a) Most of your favorite people that are famous are most likely entitled assholes. It takes a high level of narcissism to reach that level of fame. Whether in sports or in music the self-aggrandizing star is usually treated kindly by history (think any great boxer, Tupac, joe namath, elvis). Some put on a facade to be 'likeable' but privately are notoriously difficult to deal with (T-swift, Ariana grande, pharrell all come to mind). So part of Kanye's appeal is you know exactly how he feels even if you disagree. which you cant say for most people in the spot light.

b) even if you dont like his music, he is usually about 2-years ahead of everybody else. When yeezus & 808's dropped there was a lot of "WTF is this?" when it came out only to see the whole genre trend in that direction in the years following.

c) Its also hard to argue that Taylor Swift didnt benefit in a gigantic way from his little stunt a couple of years back. Her star exploded after that because she was such a sympathetic figure. I'd argue Beck will in the end benefit immensely from this.

d) he essentially apologized yesterday, and back tracked and praised beck yesterday in this article:

e) kanye has actually given up multiple of his awards to people who he thought deserved it more than him.

So in the end what are you REALLY so mad about?

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Regarding the Purdue letter thing... Obviously could be a total mistake, but..

I know there's an old sales tactic of sending out empty envelopes (especially with the addressee handwritten). Because the person who receives it thinks "Oh this must be a mistake, let me call them and see what was supposed to be in here". Now instead of having sent another spam mail to be thrown in the trash, you have someone calling you whose going to listen to what you have to say. The handwritten addressee part makes it feel all the more important.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Not to mention, Cats would absolutely murder you if they had the means to do so

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Not a video: but heres a dog that saved five children from other dogs


And heres dogs saving people from a Cougar, a Bear, A cobra, a fox, an Abusive Baby sitter, A Rapist

A drowning boy

Pulling a parapelegic woman from a burning car

family from A burglar

Another dog saved from coyotes

and even a cat:

downvote that you haters!

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Here's the thing everyone ALWAYS fails to mention about this video... People think "oh wow, look at how heroic this cat is". The fact is, the cat is acting LIKE A DOG normally would, that's whats remarkable? Do we look at dogs who scratch things, jump on tables, sit on the top of couch-backs as heroes? No, we say this dog is stupid.

Cats are glorified racoons without the hand-dexterity

Dogs>Cats forever