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Comment 29 Dec 2017

As someone born/raised and who currently lives in LA...

USC is the westcoast version of michigan, all of the pompousness and arrogance with a generous helping of all of the worst LA stereotypes thrown on top. Their fans (in general) are woefully underinformed about their own team, football-stupid (the types who will inevitably ask why the 2-minute warning didnt stop the clock in this game), and very much the walmart-wolverine variety of fan. I'd say 20% of USC "fans" could name a building other than the coliseum on campus -and I dont think thats an exaggeration-. They'll then turnaround opine for the days when reggie and leinert were on campus because that was the only time they watched 8+ games in a season. I normally wouldnt spew vitriol like this but being around them, they are easily one of the most hate-able fan bases I've ever encountered.

Go Bucks! Lets win by 50 so I and our fellow buckeye brethren can shove this down every USC fans throat for eternity.

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Eh I dont know about that... The more time has passed the more frustrated I've gotten with what transpired in 2015 as the full level of how talented that team was has come to light by the success of many of those players in the NFL. This year has felt much the same as that one did. Such a talented team that underachieved due to inconsistency at the most important position on the field. I like JT, he has been a fantastic ambassador of our program, he's tough as nails, and would give anything for this team, I just havent been convinced he was the best answer at QB for us this year. The offense has looked more lively with haskins in the game even if he's playing with the twos.. We'll certainly learn more about him next year... And in the same vein (speaking of 10 year windows) that 2007 team I thought was a good, not great team that if not for one of the craziest final weekends in college football we wouldnt of gotten into the championship game, LSU was a juggernaut and it looked like we were gonna get waxed, we got waxed. Time did nothing to that perspective tbh...

Comment 17 Sep 2017

I agree with you, the offense just clicked with him out there. My only issue with what I saw on that drive with haskins was you see when he carries out his fakes post hand off he looks back and watches the ball carrier which nullifies the whole point of a fake. Small very fixable complaint. But Im ready to see a lot more of Dwayne..

Comment 13 Sep 2017
  • Play offense like we're trying to rip out the other teams throat
    • throw some 50/50 balls
    • Get out of the patterns of 1st and 2nd down always being either run/run, pass/pass
    • if the running game is working, pound it until the other team shows they can stop it
    • show some plays that dont look like variations of the same 4 plays
    • show some new player personnel wrinkles; wildcat, backfield with weber and dobbins, haskins package, demario, awkward formations, end arounds, etc.... Do things that are actually going to put the opposing team off balance ffs
    • If youre going to keep JT in then he needs to either pull the trigger when he's out there or sit out a few series to develop some urgency (as michigan has done with speight) no more hitching and stepping up. Drop and let it rip thats the only way this passing game is going to get any kind of rhythm 
  • Play Defense like we have some of the best athletes in the country
    • Ditch the soft zone that let oklahoma tear us up most of the game
    • if our LBs cant cover then start blitzing more have our DBs jam at the line and create some disruption in the passing game either make the other team throw quickly under duress and out of sync or create enough pressure that the the deep ball isnt viable
    • if the arnette/sheffield combo cant hang see what wade and okudah can do
  • Other Notes
    • Play with urgency in the first half
    • go for it on some 4th downs
    • No more excuses, either show up to play or ride the pine. Get creative on offense and/or work with the personnel strengths of this team
    • Body language: from the top down this team has no swagger (Right now), when I was coached by Clay matthews Sr. he taught us to approach everything with enthusiasm from sprints to repititive drills to game day. We'd talk about how false enthusiasm as a group will turn into real enthusiasm, he was right, it works; act like we're the best team in the country and we might start playing like it. 
Comment 10 Sep 2017

I'm with you on this. We have all of the same fundamental issues we've had for the last 2 years. JT is a 5th year senior there's no corners left for him to turn in his development. The brighter the lights get the more unimaginative our playcalling gets, the difference in playcalling between the two teams last night was JARRING. After last year and a full offseason theres nothing thats indicating to me that coach studarwa can turn the ship around on the offensive-line in the ways that warriner was able to. Its funny the only way this team with its current personnell makeup might actually compete at the highest level was if we went back to straight up tressel-ball. 

All these people grasping for straws that this is going to be a redux of 2014 are delusional. Theres no cosmic force trying to repeat history for us. We're a fundamentally flawed team thats going to be lucky if we only lose one more game unless we make MAJOR changes. The only realistic comparison to 2014 we can make is this; the only way this team has a chance to win a natty this year is if JT gets hurt. Clearly Meyer has the blinders on with JT and wont make a change unless his hand is forced.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

With the now confirmed departure of curtis samuel, I think dobbins has a big opportunity to spell McCall at H-back, a lot of people point to KJ Hill, but I think KJ starts getting more run as a true WR with Brown leaving to the NFL. I think from on offensive standpoint dobbins might have the most potential to make a meaningful impact this season.

Comment 17 Sep 2016

my roommate is an OU alum, and I've been progressively harrassing him more and more as the week has gone on

Comment 04 Aug 2016

I agree weber stays under 1000 yards

Hooker becomes the 2nd best player on this defense not name raekwon

we beat oklahoma, and lose to some one in B1G play

The offense averages more PPG AND margin of victory than last year

Comment 02 Jun 2016

1) OSU football

2) Music. I'm on the westcoast so I go to a ton of festivals out here, always a fantastic time. Any time Eric Prydz plays im usually there as well, as I run with a group who is similarily fanatical in the way that you are about phish (I've seen him 5 times in this calendar year).

3) Surfing

4) Cooking

5) Building things: Im a product developer by trade, but I just love making things, pretty much have made all the furniture in our house.

6) Clash of clans, hard to not be passionate about what youre good at :p

Comment 11 Aug 2015


Also to add on, a lot of people are late bloomers if your not in the "man amongst boys" category by the time your a junior in HS you will pretty much fly under the recruiting radar, unless you set the world on fire as a senior. Pretty sure jared abbrederis was a walk on as was wes welker.   Personally I played with Clay matthews in HS and he was given a preferred walk-on designation at USC mostly because his pops was a stud there; there was literally nobody recruiting him in D1, and none of us who played with him in HS had any clue that he was going to get any playing time, let alone become the player he became. I think most walk ons dont have the measurables that people like to recruit but can play when the lights are actually on.. every walk-on goes because they think deep down they can hang and if the right set of circumstances arises they may get to actually show what they can do

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Its Miller and its not that close.

I think any easy way to think about athleticism is, how do there physical tools translate over a wide range of sports + where on the spectrum do their superlative skill(s) that player possesses land.

Miller could be functional in just about any sport, and his agility (his most superlative attribute imo) is borderline barry sanders.