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Comment 12 Oct 2014

I saw him at O patio the week he got the suspension extended, so idk how much treatment he is actually doing. He wasnt drinking, but still out. He's still in school though

Comment 03 Oct 2014

And i think older people that talk shit to college aged kids are douchebags. Especially to their face. Those Ohio State fans are assholes too. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Talking shit to kids to their face when they cant respond without looking bad is not the same as saying Devin Gardner sucks at all.  I honestly dont care that this guy did this, but it just makes me think he is a pretty shitty person if he can get off on talking shit to kids who play amateur sports. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Real great of this guy to come and talk shit to a bunch of 18-22 year olds. I hope he feels good about himself

Comment 02 Apr 2013

Along with a jump shot, if Sam puts on some more muscle over the off season as well he could be dominant around the rim

Comment 26 Mar 2013

I am nervous as hell for this game.  Arizona has great potential and we are playing in what will be basically a home game for them.  Hopefully Amir and Evan slow down Tar-idk how to spell his name and Craft and Scott can slow down Lyons.  If that happens and we continue scoring we could be okay

Comment 11 Mar 2013

Everyone arguing against Ryan saying all he did was meet expectations.  Did Matta exceed his expectations?  We were ranked top 5 in the country at the start of the season.  What both of these coaches did were amazing.  I dont like Ryan but to try and say Matta deserves it more is not very true.  

Comment 10 Mar 2013

Went to high school with Brandon, want to see him succeed but I am more than happy that was the last time we are playing him

Comment 10 Mar 2013

if we lose first round id expect a 4. If we get to the championship or win and teams ahead of us lose, i can see a 2-3