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Comment 03 Jan 2019

I had the same thought about playing in the Big 12 but along the lines of "can his offense score against teams that play D?"

From Wikipedia, here's Ok St's bowl results since 2013:

2013 Cotton Bowl Classic Missouri L 31–41
2014 Cactus Bowl Washington W 30–22
2015 Sugar Bowl Ole Miss L 20–48
2016 Alamo Bowl Colorado W 38–8
2017 Camping World Bowl Virginia Tech W 30–21
2018 Liberty Bowl Missouri W 38–33

And their non-conference opponents of note, excluding teams like South Alabama and the Texas State Armadillos (from fbschedules.com):

2018 Boise St: W 44-21
2017: @Pitt: W 59-21
2016: Pitt: W 45-38
2015: No one. Closest is Central Michigan, which they won 24-13
2014: FSU: L 37-31

Pretty few real high rolling opponents on those lists, but there's also only one stinker (Ole Miss was up 41-6 at one point in the Sugar Bowl) and out of 11 games, only two are below 30 ppg.

Overall, I think I'll choose to be optimistic on this hire.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

Meyer said the Buckeyes' shift from RPOs to more traditional running on Saturday resulted from the "hours and hours and hours" of work they spent working on the running game during the bye week.

I usually give coaches the benefit of the doubt, but gotta call BS on this one. A whole bunch of us saw good things coming from fewer RPOs and we all got there without having to wait for the bye OR spend a full day watching film. Coach can do better than this.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

"Mr. Haskins? Mr. Bosa? Hi, I'm Roger Goodell, nice to meet you. Listen, I have a proposal for you. Look at the table in front of each of you. That right there, on each table, is what $100 million looks like. It's yours. All you have to do before you fill a pool with it and start swimming is to stay healthy between now and April. Completely healthy. No rolled ankles, no chipped teeth, no ingrown hairs or athlete's foot. 100% healthy. Now, you have a choice.

Option 1: train in a controlled environment that will hone your body so that it can perform for NFL teams, with proper nutrition and highly personalized and focused attention. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about classes anymore.

Option 2: As long as your grades are up, continue playing with the Buckeyes, for free, against competitive opponents who aren't at your level athletically and have been known to take cheap shots at knees, run the risk of breaking or tearing literally any part of your body, maybe sustain serious head and back injuries, all while performing in front of fans some of whom aren't above throwing snowballs stuffed with batteries at you. Oh, and remember, if any one of 32 team doctors turns up an injury, you can't have this money any more.


Any coach/team/fan/school that DOESN'T support that choice is selfish and needs to reprioritize.

Comment 10 Jul 2018

I confess that I almost went to Michigan for undergrad. OSU was much more affordable, though, so I made the financial best decision to go to Columbus. 

I confess that I think the FBI told Tressel to stay quiet about the investigation and that more than anything is why he lied to the NCAA. 

I confess that I think we're better with Meyer.

I confess that I stayed on the JT bandwagon almost entirely because of his 2014 season. I kept hoping he'd find that magic again and, except for Penn State, he never really did. 

I confess I'm crazy excited for Dwayne Haskins but I'm also a little sad to miss the competition with Joey B.

I confess that this list of confessions has gone on for too long and so I'm stopping now.

Comment 10 Jul 2018

You're absolutely right that Buckeyes are everywhere. A few years ago, I was driving through SoCal and stopped at a light behind a car with an OSU window sticker. I turned to my wife and said we should put up the "O-H" - and gestured along with the comment - and the guy must have seen me in his mirror because he immediately responded with the "I-O."

"O-H" is the surest way to turn a stranger into an insta-best friend. We should all embrace it.