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Comment 30 Apr 2020

I don't totally disagree. This is going to create problems within locker rooms, though. A hot shot freshman QB that loses his veteran line in the off season will also lose his marketing appeal when he's getting sacked and tossing picks. That'll affect his mindset and the relationship with his O-line. Or the egotistical WR who publicly blasts his QB for costing him an endorsement deal. Or the asshole linebacker who walks into the locker room flaunting all the money his teammates aren't making. 

Money creates problems between friends and family. It's naive to think there won't be problems on a team. 

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in the US and yet we all still eat, too. Some things you have to do. Other things, like going to bars and watching sporting events, you don't. Scaling back one's habits to slow the spread of a highly contagious disease while health officials figure out a way to deal with it seems like a reasonable ask to me.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Well, technically that's true. Ohio State had no more time to score after the interception whereas if it wasn't intercepted, they would have had at least one or two more chances. That play ended the game and so we lost the game on that play. Now, was that the *reason* we lost? No. We lost because we had fewer points than Clemson did at the end. 

Why did we have fewer points than Clemson, though? Because our plays got erased and Clemson's did not. I understand your point, I really do. One play among hundreds does not decide a game. However, the BIG ones have a disproportionate effect. Big plays against great teams are rare and when one team has theirs erased, it's fair to say that those erasures go a long way in deciding the outcome.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Not to get in the way of your exchange with 3M, but think about it the other way. After Lawrence's 60-some yard TD run at the end of the first half, Clemson got 7 points, yes, but they also grabbed the momentum. Their sideline went nuts. They went into halftime closer than a single score. Now imagine all that emotion gets reversed because the refs made up a reason to take away that play. Now instead of a 2 point deficit, it's still 9 points and they're back on their side of the field and it's (I'm guessing here) 2nd down and 10.

Then later in the game, after Etienne takes his 53 yard pass to the house, the refs again say "No, bring it back, uh, illegal block in the back by the ball carrier." Big play gone, points gone, emotion goes from crazy high to crushing low.

That takes a toll on a team. You fight, you scrap, you push through injury, you prove that you're AT LEAST just as good as the other team if not better, and time after time the zebras make shit up to take away your biggest, most impactful plays. CAN a team do it again? Of course. But when two teams are equally great and the refs artificially hamstring one of them by eliminating their biggest plays while letting the other team's plays stand, it's garbage to say that doesn't impact or even decide the game. It does.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

I had the same thought about playing in the Big 12 but along the lines of "can his offense score against teams that play D?"

From Wikipedia, here's Ok St's bowl results since 2013:

2013 Cotton Bowl Classic Missouri L 31–41
2014 Cactus Bowl Washington W 30–22
2015 Sugar Bowl Ole Miss L 20–48
2016 Alamo Bowl Colorado W 38–8
2017 Camping World Bowl Virginia Tech W 30–21
2018 Liberty Bowl Missouri W 38–33

And their non-conference opponents of note, excluding teams like South Alabama and the Texas State Armadillos (from fbschedules.com):

2018 Boise St: W 44-21
2017: @Pitt: W 59-21
2016: Pitt: W 45-38
2015: No one. Closest is Central Michigan, which they won 24-13
2014: FSU: L 37-31

Pretty few real high rolling opponents on those lists, but there's also only one stinker (Ole Miss was up 41-6 at one point in the Sugar Bowl) and out of 11 games, only two are below 30 ppg.

Overall, I think I'll choose to be optimistic on this hire.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

Meyer said the Buckeyes' shift from RPOs to more traditional running on Saturday resulted from the "hours and hours and hours" of work they spent working on the running game during the bye week.

I usually give coaches the benefit of the doubt, but gotta call BS on this one. A whole bunch of us saw good things coming from fewer RPOs and we all got there without having to wait for the bye OR spend a full day watching film. Coach can do better than this.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

"Mr. Haskins? Mr. Bosa? Hi, I'm Roger Goodell, nice to meet you. Listen, I have a proposal for you. Look at the table in front of each of you. That right there, on each table, is what $100 million looks like. It's yours. All you have to do before you fill a pool with it and start swimming is to stay healthy between now and April. Completely healthy. No rolled ankles, no chipped teeth, no ingrown hairs or athlete's foot. 100% healthy. Now, you have a choice.

Option 1: train in a controlled environment that will hone your body so that it can perform for NFL teams, with proper nutrition and highly personalized and focused attention. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about classes anymore.

Option 2: As long as your grades are up, continue playing with the Buckeyes, for free, against competitive opponents who aren't at your level athletically and have been known to take cheap shots at knees, run the risk of breaking or tearing literally any part of your body, maybe sustain serious head and back injuries, all while performing in front of fans some of whom aren't above throwing snowballs stuffed with batteries at you. Oh, and remember, if any one of 32 team doctors turns up an injury, you can't have this money any more.


Any coach/team/fan/school that DOESN'T support that choice is selfish and needs to reprioritize.