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Comment 15 Jan 2018

"The resources Gene Smith has at Ohio State makes it virtually impossible to be a bad AD."

BINGO............finally someone who gets it. FANTASTIC comment on a very "homerous" thread.....(is homerous even a word? if not, I take credit.....lmao)

Comment 15 Jan 2018

"As Buckeye fans are aware, Bates-Diop and company aren't just beating teams, they're dominating them, outscoring opponents by an average of over 17 points-per-game in Big Ten play."

I think that streak ends against NW though I believe OSU wins a close one. Potter needs to step up and be the leader on that 2nd unit. Kid is tall, has solid talent, and can knock shots down from anywhere on the floor. He seems to play soft, and I know if he just had a more intense attitude when he's out there, he can take over a game. PLEASE keep shooting that hook shot in the paint as it's unstoppable. Jallow should be more of a driver to the basket. He seems to rely on the outside jump shot too much. He's quick and has talent so he should be getting some sam thompson slam-a-jams. Young needs to take his shots when open as that's the only way to build his confidence, and A. Wesson looks lost out there many times, tho I know he's a good player.

Comment 13 Jan 2018

Purdue and MSU are the two to beat for the title, but TTUN is a certain contender after today's win. If OSU stays healthy and plays smart going forward, they are the wild card team in the standings. Games on the road for the Buckeyes in the next few weeks will tell the story, especially at Purdue.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

You mean Nicky's 2011 repeat bowl title against LSU, or their sanction bowl title in 2012, or you mean the committee changed the rules bowl title in 2015, or their "just because" bowl title in 2017?

They should have never been in any of those games...

Comment 12 Jan 2018

That is uncanny that you just made that comparison with pick pocket Craft. I thought the same thing though Craft was in a league all his own on defense. However, if you watch Dakich's jump shot from the outside, the way he flips his right wrist when letting the ball go is vintage Craft....He's also not afraid to drive the lane among the trees. I'd like to see him do that more.

Great post.....