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Comment 18 Apr 2020

"ESPN’s latest mock draft didn’t have him getting selected,"

Kaleb Wesson isn't ready for the NBA.....the amount of close in chippies he missed under the bucket this year validates that. He's not strong enough YET to go toe-to-toe with those big bodies in the NBA... He needs one more season to improve his play and his draft stock.

Comment 15 Apr 2020

The.........BEST....unis they've ever had..........^^^^^^^^^^.........Can't fathom why they're abandoning the orange pants this time.....

Comment 08 Mar 2020

If OSU has 10 turnovers or less for the game and hits around 45% from behind the arc, they will have a real good chance at winning this thing, regardless of the Winston ceremonies and all the fluff that comes with senior day. Show up, play smart, hit your foul shots and let's see what happens.

Just don't get blown out............that is soooooooooooooo embarrassing on national TV

Comment 08 Mar 2020

"His ability to penetrate is not only creating scoring opportunities for himself but for teammates as he willingly looks for kickouts and dump-offs to open teammates. He's also improved his effectiveness working off high ball screens, often leading to productive two-man action with Kaleb Wesson."

Exactly what a solid point guard is supposed to do. His floor recognition during the game flow is getting much keener. Well done CJ...

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Now....there's a novel idea......using the tight ends more.....wonder why it took 52 years to figure it out since 68...

Comment 02 Mar 2020

Game ball to CJ Walker.....Although Duane lit UM up from behind the arc, Walker had a solid game and played like a point guard SHOULD. He had a few crossover drives to the basket but also did some real NICE stop and go's with that 10-15 foot jumper, and that was available ALL DAY LONG. Glad to see he finally recognized it in real time. That is playing with excellent basketball IQ.

Uh, hey Holtmann, you might want to advise Kaleb to defend the paint just a tad more instead being a defender 30 ft away from the bucket where a guard usually defends.....You're fortunate he didn't foul out....

Comment 29 Feb 2020

They shot 56% from the field for the entire game and we only lost by 9......I do not call that a blowout...They had to shoot out their *** at home to beat us....I like our chances against them on a neutral court......Indy?

Comment 24 Feb 2020

Everyone speaks of the USSR - USA game as the difference to the final gold they won, but I beg to differ.....

In the opening match against Sweden, trailing 2-1 with 27 seconds left in the game, Bill Baker slapped a 35-foot shot into the net for a game tying goal that ended in a tie at 2-2 with the Swedes......that was a major springboard for Brooks' young squad....

They never looked back on the way to the final Gold medal...beating everyone in their path including the heavily favored Russians...