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Comment 08 Apr 2019

They just need to have the basic fundamentals drilled into them. Take care of the ball, hit your foul shots, and have situational game time smarts. They'll have the talent. Now I hope Coach Kent has learned to call a time out before the other team scores 15 points on a run. 

P.S. Teach Washington NOT to play 1 on 5 ball

P.S.S. Let Ahrens shoot the ball more....

P.S.S.S.  Jallow is the man if he learns to drive to the hoop with authority or back out as needed. 

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Perhaps Holtmann will take a look at Zach Loveday out of Gallipolis. Kid is a 7-footer who knows how to shoot and dribble the ball for that 2020 class.  Reminds me of Cody Zeller from the Hoosiers a few years ago....

Comment 31 Mar 2019

After what I witnessed in that Virginia-Purdue game with the officiating, it's all corrupt as far as I'm concerned. The NCAA should launch an investigation and vacate that Virginia "win". I'd also look at imposing heavy fines and suspension on that particular crew. There seems to be no question that they appeared to be in the tank for the ACC. 

I feel exceptionally bad for those Purdue kids and their fan base. Carson Edwards was on fire.....and to have that game taken away from them was a basketball atrocity. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

"I am thankful we have Holtmann at the helm "

Are you friggin serious? Your "coach" doesn't even teach how to stop a cross-over dribble drive to the basket let alone know what a time -out looks like after a 15-0 run by the opponent. Houston had at least 5-10 straight drives to the basket for easy, unchallenged lay-ups, and even though Ohio State had the bigger team, got pounded in the paint 34 points to 8. THAT is totally unacceptable. Maybe if "coach" teaches them how to play defense down low, they'll win these types of games. 

Totally disgusted by coaching. Pedon should take over.....

Comment 21 Mar 2019


Buckeyes have 13-20 turnovers for the game, Wesson has two fouls by the 15:00 minute mark of the FIRST half, 3-point shooting is below 30% and Buckeyes choke at the foul line hitting less than 70% from the stripe....

Iowa State  85

Buckeyes 61