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Comment 11 Jan 2020

Totally agree.....Come on Holtmann, get your head out of your *** and get a rotation that makes sense. STOP punishing kids for a SINGLE lapse. That's worse than Bobby Knight.

These kids can't go a full 40 minutes man to man defense as youth is a problem still. What I seen today was a circus and except for just a few flashes of real basketball, an almost complete comedy show. 16 turnovers again.

Holtmann needs to mix up his defense and go zone. Play Diallo in the middle and move him side to side. At least he knows how to do that much. 

Total FUBAR...

Comment 10 Jan 2020

Huh?......Day failed to recognize the holes in his defense, particularly the linebackers and made no adjustment or substitutions there. 

Evidence is Lawrence running straight up the middle and untouched for a 69-yard TD thru a hole that a tractor trailer could drive thru. I seen the LB weakness early on and I'm not a coach. Day also puckered up in key situations with his play calling under pressure, and Gene Smith grades a major F as well for not backing up his kids and not challenging the theft of that playoff game by the SEC refs and replay booth in Alabama of all places......

Wait until next year say all the homers....!!!!......lol.....what a joke...

OSU had one of their best teams of all time with an NFL ready secondary and still couldn't win.....

Comment 08 Jan 2020

Too much over-passing and bonehead turnovers. If you have the OPEN shot, TAKE IT!!.....I've noticed lots of hesitation on the perimeter and that reeks of lack of confidence. SNAP out of it and relax guys. You all know how to play ball so just have some fun and play your best. 

Why isn't Holtmann playing Diallo?... I know he may be "raw" as they say, but just his presence in the paint is enough to alter some shots. Come on Coach, play Diallo.....that's how he gets the experience he needs is by PLAYING!!

This team is just "thinking" too much out there....stop it.....have some fun and let it fly.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

What a clown show......the guard play was HORRIBLE and those turnovers were like something middle school kids do. Holtmann needs to fire into these guys and get their heads out of their ******. Holtmann reminds me of Clark Kent. Come on team....I know you're a player down but you have to learn to play SMART and keep your composure. That starts with the coach (rotation) and the guards. Please show up in Maryland and play a solid game. If you do that, you're chances are good for a W on the road.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I've already stated many times the bias and corruption needs to be confronted but no one OFF the field has made any kind of motion to that end. It will continue if not confronted ........

Comment 02 Jan 2020

It was classless on Saban's part but to see TTUN get their *** kicked is always a joyous moment....

Comment 02 Jan 2020

"Instead, the heartbreak has sent many of us spiraling into finding a motive for bad officiating, a naturally occurring phenomenon in every sport."

I call BS. I will NEVER accept that statement as just something to roll over and play dead on. Those refs, or any official needs to be held accountable and have REAL consequences for what they do. It's one thing to slip on the football field or be boneheaded in play calling, but it's an entirely different issue when all indicators point to deliberation or corruption like the Fiesta Bowl.... That seemed to be quite blatant and should not stand....EVER.  Enough is enough...

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Debate it all you want and it doesn't change the fact that OSU was robbed and most of the nation knows it. Take away all the bonehead plays and play calling and if the correct call is made, OSU still wins at 30-29. The TD reversal was the game.

Of course OSU will whine and raise their fists and say 'wait until next year"....blah blah blah...etc etc etc.....won't do any good though as that idiot Swinney and classless team of his is laughing at OSU as a joke. They know OSU will raise no kind of protest or even legal challenge of any kind. Those SEC refs and the replay booth in Birmingham got the game they wanted by highly suspicious call(s).

Someone needs to go to bat for the OSU kids OFF the field. They work their asses off for 11 months and then have an SEC ref take away all their dreams and what they worked for on one mindless, idiotic call. Corruption needs to be confronted. Enough is enough.