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Born in Columbus, raised in Florida. Scarlet and Gray runs in my veins. Would have it absolutely no other way. GO BUCKS!


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Comment 02 Mar 2018

.... "I have a feeling the staff was well aware this was going to happen, and quite frank, okay with it."

Maybe I'm not understanding your comment correctly? Or my awful wording was finding the surface. Either way. Report retracted and Booker may be here to compete after all!


Comment 02 Mar 2018

I don't think anybody did YB. I did notice his inability to cover the read-option and I'm sure that led to his benching. Gotta have faith in UFM and what they see in these younger guys. The changes at the latter half of the season seemed to pay off!


Comment 02 Mar 2018

At first glance it's frightening isn't it? With the late season changes that were made (after the Iowa game) at the linebacker position, I have confidence in this playing out well. Obviously, the coaching staff cannot force him to stay, but UFM's (psychology degree) ability to relate to players and transcend his role/vision for them is second to none. I have a feeling the staff was well aware this was going to happen, and quite frank, okay with it. Interesting to see who steps up to fill the depth.


Comment 01 Mar 2018

C'mon man... His professional resume is one thing. This is recruiting. If you're going to list the players you developed over the years, then why not list those player's accomplishments? Start with putting the rival records those players held during their years at OSU. That wouldn't look too good would it? Showing some of the players he developed are 4-0 against the team he is now trying to receruit forr. It's a redundant, and stupid, to say the least.

Go B U C K S!

Comment 08 Dec 2017

Not at all.

Matter of fact, I don't comment too often. It kinda just takes a prick like you making an ill comment about a young man who is pursuing his dream. If you want to disagree, that's fine. But why portray it in a way that is offensive or derogatory to someone who just committed time out of his life to our fandom?

People aren't down-voting you for going against the grain, they're down voting you for making stupid comments.

Comment 08 Dec 2017

I see where you're coming from with the BOOM possibly losing its "explosiveness". But I think with so many high quality recruits coming in, we conformed to thinking a BOOM represents 5 stars. That's incorrect in my opinion. BOOM represents a young man making a decision to give his collegiate career (and hopefully his lifestyle) to The Ohio State University. BOOM represents a young kid striving to become a man through the likes Scarlet and Gray, The Game, and names that start with Woody, Bruce and Archie. BOOM is more than being highly recruited Auburn, Alabama and Georgia (I couldn't care less about those schools or what the hell they do on their recruiting trails, I'm all about tOSU!)

If you watched the video, the kid has talent in the pocket and delivering accurate throws. If he sits behind talent for three years, then so be it. We still decided to offer him a scholarship and he decided to accept it. 

That's a fucking BOOM if I've ever seen one.